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April 06, 2020 2 min read

🏴‍☠️First images + Benoit B-Day gift to you: 🎂 All is being UNLOCKED for Pirates of the White Sea!!!

So last Sunday was Benoit's B-day, and he decided to unlock all the miniatures scheduled for Pirates of the White Sea, for many reasons. Here's an excerpt from his post (full version here) :


We all want to see this stuff come to life!
And April 5th (yesterday) was my birthday! 

So this is my gift to you: consider all the miniatures that you’ve seen in the trailer and in the images we’ve shared these last few days UNLOCKED and part of the April 2020 Pirates of the White Sea Release!

You will be able to access the STL files for Bonnie by the end of the day tomorrow, by following the download link you’ve seen in yesterday’s post (for Patrons only), in Pirates of the White Sea>Unlocks. The other files (for Li’l Lolaand for the Pirate Ship perched on its own new humongous Mega Crab) will all be uploaded for you as soon as possible, as we still need to do a bit of work on the STL exports first.

I hope that this will give you as much happiness and fun as we’ve had designing and sculpting these models! Hooray !!! 

Read the full post here.
More details coming soon, but for now here's something else, very exciting...

Heroes Infinite: the first images of prints and more!

It's extremely exciting and rewarding to see the first images that some of you have posted of your prints and even your screen grabs of your printing software! We’ve grabbed a couple to share with you here. Thanks so much for sharing them and guys, keep’ em coming!


Photo from Steven Howland:

Photo from Geoffroy Dupont:

Photo from Touth Anplasthok:

Screen grab from Chris Thompson:

 For more photos join the Infinite Heroes FB Group(just ask to join and we'll accept you ASAP!)



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