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May 26, 2021 2 min read

Get extraordinary miniatures to build your perfect Mech army!

With this week's new Codex release you, like the rest of us, will be frantically tweaking your army list, adding new units, and looking for the ways to build your army to look exactly how you want it to! 

Or maybe now is the time you've decided to start collecting a mech army and you want to make your force stand out. A custom army that looks amazing and is great fun to build, paint, and play with!

We've put together a collection from our awesome range of minis. Models that work as amazing proxies for any battlefield role in your army, making your force stand out on the tabletop!



 No Mech army would be complete without huge hulking war machines striding across the battlefield!

 The Iron Empire Mecha is the perfect blend of awesome firepower and unknowable technology! Ready to lend its intimidating frame to your force!


Every army needs steadfast, heroic leaders to command troops from the front line and in the thickest of the fighting! 


 A Necro priestess, a Lieutenant, and a Sorceress give your force tons of flexibility and look like the mighty warlords that you need!


Enhanced Troops

Your force will need some rank and file soldiers, rushing forward to secure objectives and take the fight to the enemy!


For a mech army not just any troops will do. Excoriators are cybernetically enhanced warriors, installed with deadly efficiency... and some massive weapons!


Elite Support Units

The technological advancements of a Mech force unlocks many weapons, as strange as they are dangerous. The most elite units get access to the most destructive weapons, able to tear down entire units, or armoured vehicles! 


Cyber Zombie Bodyguards can be armed with cannon or gatling gun, with upgraded neural capacity and incredible targeting ability they pack a punch!


Let us know if we've missed anything. What parts of our range would you use in your mech army?

Check out the full Featured Collection today!

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