August's Patreon Release: Get ready for the spellbinding Wizards' Guil - Raging Heroes

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August 02, 2021 2 min read

Cast magical spells with our Wizards' Guild from our August's Patreon release

The latest release from Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is bringing the Wizards' Guild!

Available to Download, Print, Paint, and Play Right Now!

August's release is a full of powerful Wizards, Mages, Witch and a stunning Elementalist!

Wizards are supreme magics users. They possess a wide array of magical spells and capabilities and use them to hinder their enemies on the battlefield.

Powerful wizards have the abilities to cast spell that can strike broad area, alter substances and living things' form. Their mightiest spell can even kill their opponent with a single word.

The power of Magic attracts apprentices that learn to cast spell through years of practice and countless hours of study.

Sel-Zelian, the Combat Mage will be perfect for back alley nightly encounters in a seedy city, while Makarian the Venerable Archivist will make for a very cool riddle-cracking sequence, or as a boss who looks deceptively weak but wields immense powers and secrets.

Portal Jumpers can teleport across great distances and move around the battlefield with ease and dodge any attacks.

Use the cunning mimics to scare your very overwhelmed Apprentices because a good game should also be the opportunity to have a few good laughs, funny characters and manic situations! Join force to combat Sagatoth the Earth Golem. Can’t have wizards without a Golem for sure!

Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is driven by its incredibly excited and supportive community! Every month they ask their community for feedback, recommendations and ideas on the types of models they want to see!

The Community has been really excited for the previous months of Greek Mythology, a requested a follow up with Egyptians, Vikings, Paladin Knights and now Wizards!

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Leader & Overlord Tier

August’s collection brings with it one of the largest number of miniatures in any Patreon subscriptions from just $10.

In the Leader tier you’ll find an all-powerful line up of Mages, Merchants, Witch and Monsters with a breathtaking centerpiece. 

Each model feature an array of exquisite details for a striking end result.

The Overlord Tier also includes amazing units of troops, modular terrain and a tier exclusive miniature for just a $6 add-on! Enough models fill out an entire army or a full RPG adventure for less than the price of a single physical miniature! 

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