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December 31, 2019 1 min read

Oh... My... God !!!

We're so excited to share this one!

After the insane success of the Day of the Dead Daughters, we couldn't resist...You're welcome ;)

Order now the most bad-ass war bikers ever seen on a gaming/painting table. 

"Crucible's Hell Riders have gone through the darker deaths and the most violent resurrections, some of them several times. They come out of the experience as unshakable fighters riding HellBikes and draped in a shroud of strange vibes and supernatural powers. Don't cross the path of these girls... "


They look even better in real life

As all of our miniatures, they look even better in real life! I'm telling you, having these in our hands, they're stunning, full of attitude and crazy details!

We can't wait to see squads of these bad girls terrorising your enemies on battlefields!

And more good news


So, we were about to remove the collector " Day of the Dead " edition of the Daughters of the Crucible from the webshop, but we felt it would be too bad if you couldn't set up your small army of Daughters on foots and on bikes. 

So they are still available for now. 

But Halloween may not last forever...

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