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January 28, 2016 1 min read

Raging Contest DAY 12/14: WIN Punky, Army Standard (JB) | Raging Heroes - bit.ly/PunkyJB

It's Day 12 of the contest and there must be something in the water, because things are getting nuts!

The Jailbirds are a rowdy bunch of fearless, bad-ass warriors with nothing to lose. When this wild force heads into battle, it takes a special kind of crazy to ride at the front, carrying the army's standard into the heart of the action... and that's exactly where you'll find Punky!

To enter, follow the link bit.ly/PunkyJB, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment where you tell us which unit and game you'd use her in.

Don't want to wait for her? Well then buy her now with 10% off until Jan 31!

But what if I buy her, then I win her? Well, then it gets even better. If you win, you’ll get a store credit for double her value. Yes, double!

Check out our page bit.ly/Jaheda to enter yesterday's contest and check back tomorrow for a new model to win!

The winner will be selected in the week of Feb 8, 2016, please read the thecontest rules here.

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