Raging Contest DAY 10/14: WIN Iron Storm Command/Troop - Raging Heroes

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January 26, 2016 1 min read

Raging Contest DAY 10/14: WIN BOTH the Iron Storm Command Group - bit.ly/IronStormCG and the Iron Storm Troops - bit.ly/IronStormTR from the Iron Empire.

It's contest day 10 and if it was a rapper it would be 2Box... you know, like 2Pac, right, get it? Sorry.

Anyway... awful jokes aside, today we've got 2 boxes up for grabs! Both the Iron Storm Command Group and Iron Storm Troops boxes feature our multipart, ball-joint assembly system miniatures, giving you a huge range of assembly options and making them a great choice to build up a new squad or a complete army.

To enter, follow the links, bit.ly/IronStormCG and bit.ly/IronStormTR, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment (on both links) where you tell us which game you'd use these minis in.

Really bad at waiting for stuff? Want them now? Well, not only are they available to buy now, they're also 10% off until Jan 31! Fear not though, if you end up winning them, you’ll get a store credit for double their value! Yes, double! Check out our page bit.ly/RavenJB to enter yesterday's contest and check back tomorrow for a new model to win!

The winner will be selected in the week of Feb 8, 2016, please read the thecontest rules here.

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