It’s a special time of year, and for that we have some fantastic holiday specials for you: X-Mas Packs with killer discounts (up to 20% off!) featuring several unique models that won't be available again before several weeks/months. 

Wondering what’s on sale?

The KST X-Mas Rebellion Pack has the following unreleased models:

  • Baba Yaga, Soul-Weaver Matriarch
  • Arushka, Yaga Soul-Weaver
  • Sashenka, Yaga Soul-Weaver
  • Svetlana, the Light of Freedom

The KST High Command Pack includes the following unreleased models: 

  • Aleksander Kurganov,Chief Commander of the KST 
  • Ivanka Kurganova (Snow version), Battalion Commander
  • Commander Elektra Eisenstein - Armored Division
  • Ludmilla Magdanova, Strategist 

The Iron Empire Necro Force includes the following unreleased models: 

  • Lady Sigrith, Great Embalmer
  • Nepharya, Necro Priestess
  • #42, Cyber Zombie Bodyguard

The Jailbirds A-Team Pack includes the following unreleased models:

  • Box of 3 different Jailbirds Snipers
  • 3 Motor Bikes with with 3 different Riders + 3 alternative heads + 3 alternative arms
  • Jailbird Trike with 2 Riders

And the Xmas Mini Minis’ Pack offers a whopping 21% discount for all the awesome and adorable mascots, kids and minis! If you've been wondering how to get your kids or your spouse into the hobby, this pack might actually do it :)

Get your hands on some incredible minis to collect, paint and play your favourite wargames with! These models are fantastic as characterful compatible proxies in your Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Infinity or Malifaux forces.

Grab them now before the season ends and these packs disappear from the shop!

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