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First of our 10 Blood Vestals

March 20, 2012 2 min read

The positive feedback we've received after our first two Blood Vestals teasers has exceeded our expectations, and we're doing all we can to make sure that these new releases meet your needs as best as possible.

We will continue to upload new images throughout the week.
You will find below a comprehensive response to questions that have been asked on our blog and on many forums about these minis.
Please note that pre-orders will start this week.

First, here is a brand-new image of one of our 10 different Blood Vestals.

"What's the scale?"
This has been the most common question. Initially we were thinking of going with 30mm because it seemed to be a good size to please everyone but apparently, most of you want 32mm. Therefore, the scale will be 32mm.

Edit :  the latest comments here make me think that we were right on our first take... Better be closer to 28-30mm to maintain cohesion with other Fantasy minis.
I guess that maybe it's the Sci-Fi gamers that are into 32mm scale and got us confused? What do you think? Please comment below.

"Can we have a science-fiction version?"
Our biggest surprise was the enthusiasm from sci-fi gamers. We had thought that the blood Vestals would be of interest to Fantasy fans… Boy, were we wrong! And so, we seriously thinking about a SF version for these ladies. But we shall need your help. We'll post a quick survey to gather your thoughts and suggestions and what your needs are, and post in on this blog later on this week.

"What material? What options?"
Obviously, many of you want plastics because of its modularity. Unfortunately, this is beyond our scope at the moment, as the start-up cost for a steel mould for plastics runs around 10 000 Euros… But we are actively seeking alternative solutions for the future....

And so, our Blood Vestals will be in white metal, which remains for now the most efficient as well as cost-effective solution for them.

Some have also wondered about the possibility of multi-poses. While this is often interesting for certain types of figurines, particularly for armoured characters, pre-defined posing is a good option to help ensure fluid and elegant movement for characters with minimum clothing. However, we know that you want maximum flexibility and that's why we came up with 10 different poses to help you create much variety in your army.

The Fantasy version will not have optional weapons in order to maintain pricing as low as possible.

For the SF version however, we are thinking about offering interchangeable arms for each mini. We expect this to up the final price by about 1 Euro per model, so 5 Euro per box. It is therefore important to learn for you whether you prefer to pay less or have more options.

"How much? Can I pre-order?"
We are frantically working to finish everything before we open pre-orders and announce pricing.
We expect to do so later on this week.

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