Cyberwolves now on pre-order!!!

::::::Initiate data transmission::::::
::::::Sector Alpha/Phy/Centaury/B42Z330
::::::System Venturion / Giant frozen planet Arkaniah6:::::::::::
::::::Scouting report / Captain Kalisar:::::::::::::::

Deployment team decimated by local life form.
Four giant cybernetically enhanced wolves butchered 38 soldiers in 3 minutes.
Beasts are gigantic. Seem pretty much immune to weapons.
Never seen such ferocity in animals before.
Only 3 survivors in our ranks.
Suggest orbital strike before further exploration.
::::::End data transmission::::::

The cyberwolves are now available for preorder.

The Pack of 3 Cyberwolves features a running cyberwolf, another one that is jumping, and a third snarling one. The Pack Leader is larger, haughty, and perfectly suited for a hero.

Each wolf is made of 5 parts and has rider legs attached to it.

Pre-order pricing is limited to the first 100 units and is subject to change without notice (see details below).
Get yours before it's too late !
We expect a massive demand for these minis, so you may want to hurry to get yours fast.


Save 7€ when you get the Pack of 3 + Pack Leader: 86,90€ 79,90€
Use this coupon code when you check out: cwolveslaunch
Hurry: Offer ends on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)…

More details below…

Please follow the links for more images: Pack or Leader.


We've now received the 4 Cyberwolves 3D-print masters and frankly, they look seriously badass!!!
As always, it is hard to get a precise feel of the bulk and size of a miniature when working on it on a computer screen… but by Jove, these wolves are actually huge!!
In fact, we think they are exactly the right size, but they sure do make for an impressive cavalry on the table!

Each wolf is designed for a 60mm round base, is made of 5 parts and has rider legs attached to it.
There's a Cyberwolf Pack Leader, and a Pack of 3 different Cyberwolves (jumping, running and snarling).


On the pics that we'll post in the next few days, we'll feature several size comparisons but even that way, the pics hardly do them justice in terms of size and physical presence.
The gang of four is to the foundry this Monday. This means that we will start to ship orders in about 3 to 4 weeks.


It's always a bit challenging for us to come up with a pre-order price since the foundry is not able to give us a precise quote before having already worked a few days on the masters.
So pre-order pricing is 59,95€ for the pack of 3 wolves (jumping, running and snarling), and 26,95€ for the pack leader.
Jumping, running, and snarling wolves also sold separately for 22,95€ each.

This pricing is limited to the first 100 units and is subject to change without notice.

Please note that to keep prices down, we decided not to create and include resin bases that would have upped the cost of the final kit, as we know that you can easily source round 60mm plastic bases at a lower cost elsewhere…

So tell us... How will YOU use the Cyberwolves?

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