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5 Unboxing Videos by Gray Primer - Sisters of battle 40k proxies

July 23, 2020 3 min read

5 Unboxing Videos by Gray Primer - Sisters of battle 40k proxies

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5 Unboxing Videos by Gray Primer - Sisters charging!

If you want to get a closer look at our Sisters of Eternal Mercy range, Nick at Gray Primer recently featured 5 unboxings on his channel, presenting them as Adepta Sororitas Proxies for Warhammer 40K.


The host about wargaming and Raging Heroes

But first of all, let's meet our host! Nick started wargaming back in 1989 with the second edition Blood Bowl " It was where it all began, with that amazing expanded polystyrene pitch and rich lore. I remember cycling 10 miles to buy it from the one store that sold it near my home in Northern Ireland. I was completely hooked and must have looked at the images in the rule book and handbook thousands of times, and 30 years later I still own that game. " From there he then dabbled in Space Crusade, Heroquest and Warhammer 40,000. " Even back in the early 1990s the available range of miniatures and games was dizzying! "

It was years later that Nick would start his channel, Gray Primer. " After taking a break from the hobby for several years, I rediscovered it as an adult and

I found the act of building and painting models to be incredibly therapeutic.

With being away from the hobby for so long, however, I needed to re-educate myself!  I discovered that YouTube was a great teacher, and I could quickly learn about new techniques, get buying advice for equipment and miniatures, and even experience the virtual thrill of unboxing some cool new game or miniatures kit!
After a long time of only ever taking advice from YouTube I figured it would be good to give something back! So, in December of 2019, I launched the channel and have been releasing a new video at least once a week ever since.


Discovering Raging Heroes

" Raging Heroes first caught my attention in a Facebook ad.

I'd never seen miniatures like them in my life - the windswept hair and cloaks, the ornate armour and weapons, the drama and power! I'd also never seen so many incredible female warriors in one collection, or so much personality and attitude captured in pin-sharp resin.

They blew me away, to be honest, and I've spent many hours on ragingheroes.com debating which ones to put in my wish list!  "

Finally we asked Nick what he would like released by Raging Heroes in the future. " Anyone who subscribes to my channel knows that I love tanks of all kinds. I've seen the incredible job your team does with walkers and bikes, and I'd love to see what you can do with some heavy metal, rolling armour! "



1 - The Vanquishers

And now, time for the reviews! Let's start with the mighty Vanquishers.


2 - The Davidians

Next: our famous Davidans and their shockswords!


3 - Exemplar Sisters

Our famous sister regular troopers, the Exemplar Sisters.

4 - Crimson Redeemers

Next on the list: these outstanding crusaders, the epic Crimson Redeemers!



5 - War Pulpit

And last but not least, featured in a "tank weekend" on the channel, our big sister war machine, the War Pulpit.




Subscribe to Gray Primer channel here!
Subscribe to Raging Heroes channel there!

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