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What have we been up to?

November 17, 2011 1 min read

Some have quite rightly been wondering why have we not posted any recent updates? Truth is we've been crazy working on getting 10 new minis out, but it's taking a lot of hard work! We've also been expanding our retailers' network, now over 50 shops in 13 countries! And we're gearing up to our move into new offices on December 1st.

So, about the minis... The first one due out is one that many have been asking for a long time: the re-edition of the very special Flag Bearers Eleriel&Alaniel. If you've read their background on our the Eleriel&Alaniel Limited Edition version, you already know that these two are twin sister elven princesses snatched and enslaved by Asharah. This new version benefits from a completely resculpted new flag and the incredible level of sculpt crispness that you've come to expect from Raging Heroes! 

We just received the master yesterday. It's always a special moment to finally hold what until now has been a virtual sculpt. And this time, we've been even more impressed by the size and the presence of the mini. We'll add images in the next couple of days.

But things may change for Asharah as we are about to release the miniature of Eleriel and Alaniel's mother, the elf queen, riding atop a magnificent Phoenix. 

Stay tuned for more info on the other minis we're currently working on: the Seven Sins, the CyberWolves, and more...

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