Flash sale and secrets of Ivanka and Asharah SF

Edit: We've just added a new combo to the sale: 1 Ivanka + 1 Asharah SF + 1 Asharah Heroic (Fantasy)

Here's a unique opportunity to get Asharah SF and/or Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova at a discounted price. We are having a flash sale!
Save 10% on the following combos, from now until Friday the 14th.

Here's how it works:
—>  4.00€ off on 3 minis combo: 1 Ivanka + 1 Asharah SF + 1 Asharah Heroic (Fantasy) 
       35.35€ instead of 39.35 €

—>  2.50€ off on 2 minis combo: 1 Ivanka + 1 Asharah SF 
       23.40€ instead of 25.90 €

—> 3€ off on 3 Ivankas
       32.95€ instead of 35.95€

—> 3€ off on 2 Asharah SF
       24.90€ instead of 27.90€

Your package will be dispatched in the mail no later than Monday afternoon (October 17).

The dirt...
Oh, and for those of you who want more details about the birth of these two ladies, here's the dirt:

• The face of Ivanka was inspired by Angelina Jolie, while her pose comes partly from a Sin City publicity still of Jessica Alba.
• The phrase embroidered on Ivanka's coat is written in Serbian, in Cyrillic characters, and it states her motto: "Strike while the iron is hot".
• We spent some time perfecting the smirk on Asharah's face. We wanted her to express her amused arrogance, something like: "Yes, go ahead, make my day!". We're pretty happy with it.
• The heavy guns of the two ladies sport round magazines, inspired by the old Thompson machine guns from Al Capone's days.
Ivanka's cap is inspired from the Napoleonic Hussards and the 20th century Polish officers' caps.
Ivanka's last name is based on a famous, very hard to kill, movie character from the 80's. I'm sure you can figure out who he is…

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