Rising from the Dead

You may remember Akzeltolt, one of the mini we've presented as a work-in-progress a few month ago. Unfortunately, we were forced to keep him on the shelves as we realized that the kit was very complex to produce. Moreover, we discovered that in his current form, he might not be close enough to what gamers might be looking for. So poor Akzy failed his coming back to life and got right back into his grave.

However, we think the sculpt has amazing potential and so, today, we are asking you about what would be a good way to reincarnate Akzeltolt.

How do you see him in your games?
Would you want him with legs?
What about his weapons?
Do your prefer him as a human-sized character, or as a giant creature?
Just as an undead character? Or also as a demonic creature? Or something else?
We're waiting for your comments and suggestions…

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