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Seeking new ZBrush artists

June 02, 2011 1 min read

We are currently seeking new Zbrush artists for the two jobs below. If you believe you can meet our expectations please use our contact form and provide us with
- a link to your portfolio
- a summary of your past experience
- phone or Skype info (please tell us in which country you are located).

ZBrush Generalist, located in Montpellier, south of France:

You are a junior artist able to do the following:
-    Sculpt comic-like anatomy
-    Very precisely follow a creative brief
-    Prepare files for 3D printing (with Magics software)
-    Develop specific skills by yourself using tutorials and so on, as required
-    Participate in the development of production workflow
You'll have to create basic sculpts, prepare files for print, and develop a production workflow with our art director. You'll have regular freelance work with our company.

Zbrush Sculptor

You are a talented sculptor with the ability to create sculpts that match the quality and style of our previous pieces.
You have already worked with 3D printing and you know and understand how to create sculpts that are easy to 3D print.
You're familiar with Fantasy and Science Fiction universes like Warhammer, Warmachine or Warcraft and understand their visual codes.

You'll have to sculpt fully detailed figures as the ones you can see on our website. Depending on the job, you may be asked to prepare them for printing. 

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