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April 23, 2019 1 min read

  1. New Sisters on a rampage: The Crimson Redeemers

    We know you were waiting for these: The Crimson Redeemers are insanely popular!  We're nearly out of stock from the first casting, restock coming soon but order now to get yours right away! 
    Order yours now! 

  2. Last week to get Easter Collector Kwapeks!

    → Spend 60 Euros or more (under US$70) and get  for free Kwapek & Dragon+ Free Shipping

    → Spend 120 Euros or more (a bit over US$135) and get for free BOTH Kwapek & Dragon AND Kwapek & Egg (+ Free Shipping too). 

    Order now to get started. Kwapek(s) will be automatically added as you add items to your cart.

  3. Jailbirds as Necromunda Diorama in the Painting Group

    Matthieu from Montreal shared a great diorama in our Facebook group featuring our famous Jailbirds as Necromunda proxies, check the photos here!


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