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Spirit of the Woods Syl-Iriah now shipping!

September 27, 2010 2 min read

We are really pleased to announce that our Spirit of the Woods Syl-Iriah miniatures start shipping this week!

Syl-Iriah is an impressive and beautiful addition for any wood-themed army. She is the embodiment of the forces and magic powers of the forest. Her unique silhouette stands out on the battlefield and commands attention.

As every Raging Heroes miniature, Syl-Iriah comes in two different versions and she is loaded with alternate accessories:

Legendary Syl-Iriah is perfect to represent the avatar of a goddess character or to be used as a count-as for any large monster/creature in your army. She towers above the battlefield 170mm high and can fit on a 40x40mm base.

Heroic Syl-Iriah is certainly the most impressive character to lead a footmen unit. She can be used as a sorceress or as any supernatural warrior. Standing 100mm tall and fitting on a 20x20mm base, she can also make a very elegant and striking general.

Both Legendary and Heroic version come with three left arms and three right arms, and so Syl-Iriah can be equipped with two swords, a lance, a magical staff, a harp, and a bow.

Both versions are excellently cast in high quality white metal from one of Britain's top foundry. The miniature's parts are quite easy to assemble thanks to well-placed locators. We will add an assembly chart on this site in the next couple of days.

Also, stay tuned for our next upcoming release : Heroic and Legendary Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadow (for Dark Elf, Chaos and Vampire armies) are currently in production at the foundry. You can still take advantage of its pre-order prices, but they won't last much longer…

Here are Heroic and Legendary Syl-Iriah side-by-side:

Here are images of the cast of Legendary Syl-Iriah:


Here is a photo of the cast Heroic Syl-Iriah:

For more images of Heroic Syl-Iriah, scroll down two entries on this blog.

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