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2020: The Year That Was!

January 20, 2021 2 min read

2020: The Year That Was!

Last year was not what we had expected it to be when we sat down and made our plans, just like everyone else around the world.

Our team worked incredibly hard to continue designing, releasing and shipping the same standard of epic miniatures despite all the unexpected challenges we have all had to face. And we are, as always, extremely grateful for and humbled by the support from our community at every step of the way!

Raging Heroes

Over the last year we brought in reinforcements for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy, unveiled their fallen with the Corrupted Sisters, saw the invasion of the Blood Tribes and an expansion of Dark Elves with the arrival of the Servants of the Spider Goddess. Dark and devious creatures of all types manifested in Pirate raiders, stealthy Thieves, and the weirdly wonderous Carnevil Circus.

 Missed out on any of these releases? 
Use the images below to check them out!


 Heroes Infinite

We also Launched our Patreon and MyMiniFactory store, with our first month’s release in April hosting the dread Pirates of the White Sea!

Our brilliant community grew as we quickly reached more than 3000 patrons.

Over the subsequent months we delivered all manner of villainous creature from The Lair of the Spider Goddess, and Thieves of the Shadowsands Guild to mighty heroes like the Summer Fairies from the Enchanted Forest, and Angels from the Empyrean!

Want to check out our Patreon releases?
Use the link in the image below!

Our latest release sees mysterious Elves, vengeful gods and forgotten monsters of all types rise from the Kingdom of the Depths to show their mastery of the seas.


Need a force to go up against these sea dwellers? What better band of deadly miscreants than the Pirates of the White Sea. If you missed them back in April then they are available through MyMiniFactory, along with 3 other collections; Thieves of the Shadowsands Guild, Summer Faries, and Serveant of The Spider Goddess!





Keep your eyes on our website over the coming days as we take a deeper dive into 2020’s releases and what it means for each faction!

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