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Actual casts of Syl-Iriah Heroic

September 09, 2010 1 min read

Here are the first pics of Sy-Iriah's commercial casts in her Heroic version. Although this is Syl-Iriah's "Small" version, the miniature is already quite imposing! We will post pics of the Legendary Version (the "Big" one) in the next few days and you'll see why we feel that this miniature will easily dominate the battlefield…

Heroic Syl-Iriah is 10cm / 4 inches tall and stands on a 20x20mm base

The Legendary version rests on a 40x40mm base and is 17 cm / 6,7 inches tall !

These two versions have been touched up by traditional sculptor MIHK's expert hands and have a level of details that will please even the most demanding among you :-)

The casts are extremely good and show very little signs of flash lines, thanks to the superb work of our new foundry which is currently producing all pre-orders.

We actually plan to have these pre-orders in the mail by the end of next week. If you still want to take advantage of our pre-order promotional rates, don't dally, as this sale will end as soon as we start shipping…

We were forced to take the pics below quite hastily manner, sorry about that, we'll post better ones soon…

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