TGG2 - UPDATE#21 - 5 Hours Left + Bonus Unlock + Kraash in 3D + Nearly 300 Sculpts! + The '3 Faves' Challenge

Less than 6 hours left to go, and we still have new stuff for you :)

Bonus Unlock

Everything is awesome! Everything is great!

OK, we may have been listening to the Lego song too much, but we do think that optimism begets happiness! 

And look what just happened: the team did a putsch and overruled the campaign manager. 

So boom! Bonus unlock, because the team WANTS TO DO THAT ONE (no double entendre meant).

So here we go: Sister Trematta SF is now unlocked!

3D-Sculpted Kraash

And look what just came in from the 3D sculpting team:

We hope you like it :) Please keep in mind that we will likely do additional touch-ups before it goes out for 3D printing.

WOW – Nearly 300 sculpts!

So, in just 15 days, look at all that's been accomplished! In total, there have been 300 sculpts unlocked! This is totally amazing!!!!!!! (cue the Lego song in French)

Larger size image link:

We thought it would be handy for you to have all the concepts in one place for quick reference, so we've made this big chart wit everything that's been unlocked to date. (We'll of course update it later for the last unlocks).

The '3-Faves' Challenge

Just a few more hours!!! So we thought we'd kill 3 birds with one stone: Spread the word one last time, find out about your favourite TGG2 models, and find out about where you like to hang out.

So here's The '3-Faves' Challenge:

1- Go through the Pinterest TGG2 board and CHOOSE your 3 favourite models (

2- SHARE these 3 images on your favourite social network, blog, forum, email, ... 

3- Come back on the TGG2 Comments Thread and tell us WHICH 3 images you shared andWHERE you shared them.

Ready? Let's do this!!!!!

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