Update #104: TGG Freebies and TGG2 Deals!!

March 24, 2015

The TGG Freebies

The last remaining Freebies are being shipped Tuesday and Wednesday. They include all the Personal Wave Shipping (2 and 3 Waves), and the Drop Ships (going to stores). We also had a few problem cases to solve, but we're almost done on those too. If you haven't received a shipping notification by Thursday evening, drop us a note. 

Curious to know what $185 worth of Freebies (retail value) look like? Check out this Open-the-Box video from the DiceMiniaturePaintGuy: 

We hope you enjoy your Freebies too!

TGG2 Special deal for our TGG backers – a free mini!

And here's the special deal we promised you, our first TGG backers: if you chose to come in our our new TGG2 Kickstarter (launching this week!) and pledge at Lieutenant Box level and above, you'll get a free mini to choose amongst our TGG2 Kickstarter specially priced $10 Heroines (a $15 retail value). 

We couldn't have come so far without your continuing support, and so we are happy to show our gratitude by doing this for you :)

Get $200 of Freebies on the TGG2 Kickstarter!

For our upcoming TGG2 KS, there will be $200 worth of Freebies unlocked right from when we launch. As last time, Freebies will be available to all Lieutenant Box Pledges and higher Pledges.

Indeed, we have such strong faith in our project and our backers that, right from the start, we are offering a full set of 15 freebies (Retail Value: $200 !) to all Lieutenant Box Pledges and above.

That's $200 worth of free stuff right from the launch of the Kickstarter on top of the deal you're getting with your Pledge Level!

We will unveil one of them every day throughout the Kickstarter. That’s one freebie a day, whatever happens!

Don't miss out, the campaign lasts only 15 days! (March 25 - April 8)

Start time and Early Bird Pledges

We will again have Early Bird Pledges for this Kickstarter, so we got ourselves a nifty countdown to TGG2 Launch.

Since France hasn't yet moved to Daylight Savings Time yet (happens only next week-end), don't hesitate to check out the exact TGG2 Launch time around the world.

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