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Update #92: And the Shipping of the First Wave Continues...

July 12, 2014 6 min read

In this Update:

• Shipping is in progress
• Shipments to Drop Ship Locations
• Fun with Flags
• A quick note about spin-cast resin
• Your feedback on the first shipped TGG
• About the sculpting
• More numbers...
• Compete for an extra mini...

Shipping is in progress

First of all, and because that's probably what you're most interested in, the TGG parcels have been going out into the world ever since the close of the Pledge Manager, and we are also beginning to see some great reviews about them. This makes us very happy, as we are doing everything we can to deliver the best possible minis to you! Scroll down to read a few comments...

→ Preparing a parcel

→ Preparing a parcel

When a parcel ships out, we send you an email that lists the content of the parcel and gives you its tracking number. All parcels bear a tracking number and are shipped out with the French Postal Service and so, they will be delivered to you by your country's postal service.

The minis are carefully packed in small, sturdy boxes, together with 25mm round black bases, and a bit of reading material and also, a little bonus goodie or two... In very few cases, the minis may be packed in blisters instead of boxes. The box is then placed into a white polypropylene (plastic) un-tearable/tamper-proof envelope/bag designed for postal shipments.

→ TGG security seal and postal bag

→ TGG security seal and postal bag

Shipments to Drop Ship Locations

Parcels for the backers who chose the Drop Ship locations will not ship until the middle of next week, because there was quite a bit of info to sort out. The job was unexpectedly complicated by the fact that quite a few backers forgot to mention which Drop Ship location they wanted. We also had to contact the backers who had picked Drop Ship locations with less than 3 backers, to make adjustments. We have now received most replies though, and so we're already beginning to prepare those parcels, although you will only receive a shipping notification when they all leave for the Post Office.

For those who are curious, we have updated the list of Drop Ship Locations with the number of backers per location.

→ Quality control and picking

→ Quality control and picking

Fun with Flags

Did you know that you are part of a global community of nearly 3000 TGG backers, spread out over 53 countries?! Or is it 52? For some reason, Jersey is counted as a separate country from the UK...

Here's the list:

• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Brunei Darussalam
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Guadeloupe
• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Ireland (Eire)
• Israel
• Italy
• Japan
• Jersey
• Korea, Republic of (South)
• Latvia
• Luxembourg
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Peru
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Russia
• Singapore
• Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
• Slovenia
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• United States

A quick note about spin-cast resin

We know that the quality of the spin-cast resin was a concern for some of you, but all the comments we're receiving are extremely positive.

Just a quick reminder however, that no matter what, resin is resin. Therefore, a few tiny bubbles here and there are bound to happen. We do carefully inspect each mini before packing it and if there are bubbles, we make sure that they are minor and easy to correct, and that they don't mess with the details of the sculpt.

That being said, the first emails and internet posts of backers who have already received TGG Rewards are starting to show up! And we couldn't be more happy with them! Just read on...

→ Ready to go into the postal bag

→ Ready to go into the postal bag

Your feedback on the first shipped TGG

Even if we did everything we could to give you the best possible work, we have to admit we were holding our breath because, well, you know, the TGG are a bit like our babies taking their first steps in the outside world :)

So here's a sample of recent comments:

"hello there, i have just got home from work and pound a parcel in the house, which i have opened, and all i can say is... it was most definitely worth the wait!!! one shot blondie is now too hot blondie, the lulus are exquisite, mad nurse bernadette is awesome and the rest of the package follows suit. many many thanks for the hard work and for the lovely miniatures. You guys / gals rock." - M. Russell (via Facebook)

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the First wave of miniatures I've received. The quality is excellent and each mini is full of character, well worth the wait." - S. Chambers (via email)

"Just received the parcel and it's magic! The minis are magnificent, the details are incredible! Thank you again for your work!" (Translated from French: "Je viens de recevoir le colis, et c'est magique ! Les figurines sont magnifiques, les détails hallucinants ! Encore merci pour votre travail !") - JB Masson (via email)

"They look fantastic, really crisp and the scale is nice." - Atreides (via the KS Thread)

"The quality is very much there. The resin compares to FW's, minus the holes. OK, maybe I'm not being fair because I've never had issues with FW, but I know it's not everyone's experience." (Translated from French: "Effectivement la qualité est au rendez-vous. La résine est comparable avec celle de FW, les trous en moins. Je suis un peu mauvaise langue je n'ai jamais eu de problème avec FW mais ce n'est pas le cas de tout le monde... Bref c'est du très bon matériel") - Akeron (via le WarFo)

→ Bags and bags like this one go to the post office everyday

→ Bags and bags like this one go to the post office everyday

About the sculpting

You'll probably notice that there are no new sculpts in this Update. Right now, for us, it is regrouping time. We worked had to present as many sculpts as we could before closing the Pledge Manager. However, between the time the sculpts are shown to you and done from an artistic point of view, and the time that they are ready to go to the 3D printer, there is still a lot of additional work to be done.

Preparing the sculpts for 3D printing is an extensive process. I won't go into the nuts and bolts as it's quite tedious, but briefly, this is when we have to fuse all the parts of the sculpt together. Then, we split them according to the casting plans. This, in general, includes video chat conversations with the foundry to check what will work best. It's also at that time that we create and put the ball-joints in place for the multi-part minis, and also make sure that all the parts fit well together.

We then export the files in a format that is readable by the 3D printer, and make sure the scaling is correct.

In many cases, we first make several test prints to make sure everything is right, and do the necessary adjustments as required. As you can guess, this can take a lot of time (and it's pretty boring, too!).

Of course, this process has been going on throughout the year, but as we recently sprinted to present many new sculpts, there are now more minis than usual to process in this manner, so the bulk of our time is occupied with this, before we finalise the last remaining sculpts.

And so, to summarise, here are the remaining sculpts:

• Kiki Bulldozer (JB), the JB Mecha, Parker (JB), and Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE) are nearly done but still pose some artistic challenges which we are currently working on.
• There is also the Yaga Arushka (KST), for which we want to make a new version, and Baba Yaga (KST), who just requires a few touch-ups. • We have not yet shown you the IE and KST Trikes, but they are already virtually finished.
• The Freebies Ash (JB), Nertha (IE FF), Jaheda Kano (KST), and Nurse Karoline (KST) are almost finished too.
• That leaves the Cyberzombies (IE), and the Freebies W101 (IE), Lucky Lucy (JB), and Kristina Karlstein (IE), which still require more sculpting work.

The order in which the above minis will be finished will depend on the level of completion at which they are at, and the availability of our sculptors during the summer, as many of them are freelancers, as well as what makes the most sense production-wise at the foundry.

More numbers...

The Pledge Manager numbers are now in!

Can you believe that, thanks to you, over 85,000 TGG items are in the process of being produced? That's right, 85,000!

That's a whole lotta minis!

→ Tons of TGG girls getting ready for shipping

→ Tons of TGG girls getting ready for shipping

And that's how many bases?

Well, true, that's also a whole lotta bases too!

Indeed, while several TGG items only have 1 miniature and therefore only one base, each sniper unit contains 3 minis and so that means 3 bases, each trooper box means 5 bases, and so on...

So, pray tell, what's your best guess? How many bases should we have purchased to match these 85,000 items? Hint: It's a 6-figure number...

The backer with the nearest guess gets a bonus TGG mini!!!
Just put in your best guess/calculation/lucky number in the Comments below!

→ Pre-packing the plastic bases

→ Pre-packing the plastic bases

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