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Updates on new minis

February 16, 2010 3 min read

We’ve just replied (for each blog entry) to the various comments that were shared on preceding blog posts, and we thought it might be easier for some to read them all together in one place, so here goes:

Vampire Lord
Yes, the vampire lord is a more massive model. We wanted to have a mini that stands as a legendary character and towers above its own army.

We will post renders with the bat head this week. From what we’ve seen so far, the sculpt with the bat head looks really awesome.

We are also finishing the Dark Elf version. We understand the concerns about the “bulkiness” of this version. The Dark Elf version was requested on several forums, and so we’ve adapted the mini to oblige. In fact, the Dark Elf will have a completely different set of shoulder armour that will make him look less massive.

We are still pondering how we will offer the various options of this kit because currently, there are three heads, three weapons, and two sets of wings in the pipeline! We think that offering two sets of wings in the same package might raise costs, but we’re seeing if we can avoid that with our suppliers.

Concerning the size of the model, the 28mm will actually be about 30mm (from eyes to heels), but that’s taking into account the fact that he is slightly leaning forward. If he were standing up straight, he would be closer to 32-33 mm. The total height with wings will be about 14cm.
Double that for the 54mm version.

Dark Elf Lord head
We are currently finishing the Dark Elf version. It will have a different set of shoulders to make him more slender. also, we felt that the bat wings did not really fit this character, and so we designed thorn-like wings which I think you’ll enjoy. It fits more accurately the cruel and sadistic nature of the Dark Elves while keeping the volume of the original design.

Asharah on her Dark Pegasus
Regarding the basing of the Dark Pegasus: for now, it is intended to stand on the tip of its lower wings with a base sporting a ground element (fire / smoke / rock outcropping) that will run up the tip of the wing.

Regarding the mount options: everyone seems to agree that we should go for a light horse mount first. So we’ll go for that first and for future releases, we’ll probably create an alternate heavy mount option.

Regarding equipment options: a heavy lance is indeed mandatory for this kind of character. For another shield, we’ll have to see if it makes sense, as our master caster is not sure he can cram all our accessories in a single mould ;-) If possible, we’ll try to make all the Asharah weapon options interchangeable between the mounted and the footman version, but alas, there are no guarantee on that at this point in time. But in any case, it shall be fairly easy to accommodate them with very little conversion work.

The idea of making a Wraith King on his Dark Pegasus is very seducing indeed! We’ll keep that one in mind and see if we can fit it into our production schedule.

Same thing for the kind of demonic lion steed: also, you may have read elsewhere that we’re planning a Manticore to be done in the next few months. We’re thinking of scaling down the Manticore’s body and make it into a horse-sized mount.

Finally, for the 54mm version, we will continue to see what can be done. However, we are less familiar with the 54mm collector community, so if you can point out to us the forums and community where we could introduce our 54mm versions, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Spirit of the Woods
As you have probably already read in another post on this blog, your comments on alternate versions have been taken into account and we’ve decided to create a full line of Spirits on various themes. We’re even contemplating the possibility of creating a game around them, and have already made some progress to that effect!

Concerning the Spirit of the Woods, right now, she will come with two swords (one for each hand), a magical staff, a lance, a small harp, a hand casting a spell, and possibly, if there is room in the mould, a hand holding a magical orb. There is no plan for an alternate head, except perhaps a mask made from the skull of a dead forest animal, if we can make it fit on the already sculpted face.

Yes, the plan is to place the Spirit of the Woods 28mm version on a 40mm square base.
But we are also definitely working on the idea of a much smaller version that would fit on a 20×20mm base.

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