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December 09, 2009 2 min read

We were featured on Tabletop Gaming News and on The Wamp in the last few days! It was a great opportunity to join the conversation and give more details about our process:

As most have guessed, and as explained on our website, our fabrication process is based on 3D sculpting. This means that our minis are then outputted in a resin-like material. Sculpting touch-ups are made at this stage to ensure high quality.

The ivory-finish images are 3D rendering of our sculpts. The ones where the minis are in grey are photographs of the actual models.

The best way to see this is to check out Moloss & Minion’s product page. The first 9 images are views of the 3D sculpt. All the others are actual photographs of the real thing. Also, all the images of Moloss & Minion on our Flash banner and in the wallpaper section, are photos of the 54 mm resin master.

We worked hard to locate the best partner to output hight level masters from our 3D sculpts, and they’ve done a tremendous amount of work to meet our standards. We don’t have photos of our actual finished Standard Bearer Eleriel & Alaniel and Heroine Asharah yet, but we’ll upload them as soon as they’re available.

However, we do have photos of Moloss & Minion casts, both in 54 and in 28 mm. These pictures are not masters, they are the actual product you’ll get when your order them. The pictures below are really crude pics, not fancy studio shots, so what you see here is exactly what you’ll get. They were taken straight from the mould and glued in a very straightforward way.

Below are size comparison shots that will help you get a better feel for both versions (see more shots here). These are some quick pictures we took today; that’s why some details appear out-of-focus because of depth-of-field issues. We’ll take some cleaner ones very soon.

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