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novembro 23, 2023 5 Min Read

Hey there, folks! Buckle up because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through our Sci-Fi Sisters range.

Picture this: Tarantino and Guy Ritchie crash a 16th-century art gala, grabbing a bit of this, a dash of that – we're talking Flemish painters, Elizabethan glam, Gothic spires, and Renaissance masterpieces. Now, mix in the gritty streets of Latinex LA gangs, the holy pop sparkle of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, tattoo art, and the wild high fashion of Gauthier, Galliano, and McQueen.

What do you get? Our Sci-Fi Sisters – a collection that’s as much high art as it is high-octane action.

Launched as part of our wildly successful Kickstarter ('The Toughest Girl of the Galaxy - Part 2' back in 2015), this sci-fi sisterhood (or, in latin, sororitas) has since expanded, becoming our best-selling army, capturing the hearts of gamers and painters alike.

Let's delve into what makes these miniatures not just resin miniatures, but true works of art.

The Sci-Fi Sisters range stands out with its nearly all-female cast of characters, recently joined by a few formidable male counterparts. Each model in this range is a testament to our commitment to quality and uniqueness, perfectly blending badass vibes with an air of elegance that's rarein the gaming world.

Let’s discover a few of them. Note: this range is MASSIVE!

A Rollercoaster of Art and Attitude

Let's start with the core of our army - the Exemplar Troopers. Redesigned two years ago, these troops are more than just basic infantry; elegant, fierce, and ready to rumble. Each figure is poised for action, embodying the spirit of the Sci-Fi Sisters with every meticulously sculpted detail.

And then, there's our customers’ all-time favorite - the Daughters of the Crucible. Inspired partly by street gang culture and the tattoos that go with it, these characters are the epitome of charisma and badass. They are sold as elite troops but in fact, each one is uniquely posed and outfitted like a heroine stepping out of a Tarantino flick, swords in hand, attitude cranked up to eleven.

It’s as if they strutted out of a 16th century comic book, picked up some ink in a tattoo parlor, and walked onto a Hollywood set.


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Zaphiriel, the Ascended Resurrectrix Angel is a celestial marvel that left everybody in awe when she was released. Inspired by classical Renaissance art, this figure brings an ethereal grace to your collection, a piece that transcends the boundaries of mere gaming miniatures.

Sister Ardanna, with her Joan of Arc vibe, and Arthenya VI the Archpapess, inspired by Elizabethan elegance, are not just leaders but icons. They’re rocking the neo-gothic look like they're on a Paris runway, but with a vibe that screams “battle-ready”.

The Icariates Severors (with guns and swords) and the Ablazers (with all guns blazing) stand as angelic warriors, each version surpassing the last in finesse and detail. 

In the heavier troops department, Anthea the Just shines as a beacon of valor among her fellow Crimson Redeemers, who are a mash-up of medieval chivalry, Gothic drama, and LA-style Cholas, all rolled into one.

The Davidians are some of our most popular troops, mixing sexyness, unbreakable faith and crushing battlegear. They are led by the indomitable Rythali-in, the Expiatrix, whose allure is as dark as the Davidians are radiant.

Doralys is the virgin oracle, a psyker saint. Despite her simple look, she radiates mystery and power. She is a subtle show-stealer in her own right. And a customers’ favorite for sure!

Then step right up and feast your eyes on Sisters Reyallia and Zaraya. Reyallia's not just swinging a flaming sword; she's setting the whole scene ablaze with her regal fiery presence. And Zaraya? She’s the calm in the storm, a serene priestess with unfazeable coolness, adding a dash of tranquility to our high-octane lineup.

Time to Pray 

Santa Dolores, now she's a sight to behold. Imagine the Renaissance statue of a female ghost trapped between life and death, killing it at psychic warfare. She is historical elegance meetsing sci-fi badassery, wrapped in layers of Gothic drama.

The Knights of the Chalice are your ultra heavy troops. With their detailed shields and hammers, they bring a sense of medieval grandeur, each of them bursting with crushing might. They’re bold, they’re brash, and oh-so-cool. 

The Machines of Prodigy and of Theodicy aren't just your average bots. With their gothic intricacies, these mechs become flamboyant walking gothic reliquaries. They add a totally unique mechanical flair to our range.

Selenia the Scout and Cerixis: as much as Selenia is a light-footed scout with style, Cerixis is the heavy hitting big boss of the elite Vanquishers. These two? They're more than game pieces; they're heroes with their own stories, exemplifying the range's diversity in roles and characters.


But let’s get back to the über-popular Daughters of the Crucible.Do you know that these ladies are available in a special 'Day of the Dead' version? They are also available in the totally epic 'Out of Hell' packs flanked by an insane gang of bike-riding nuns that would make the ghost rider look like a toddler on a tricycle.

And for anybody looking for a larger-scale model, Esperanza Espinoza, the leader of our Daughters of the Crucible is unmissable in her collectible 75mm edition, ready to bring your paint brushes near spiritual enlightenment :)


So here is your first background look at the Sci-Fi Sisters range. It's not just about miniatures; it's a wild, pedal-to-the-metal fusion of history, art, street culture and pure cinematic adrenaline

The Sisters of Eternal Mercy are simply perfect for gamers, painters, and collectors who love their history with a side of edge and their fashion with a touch of fantasy.

Until next time, keep gaming and keep creating!

Drop by our site and grab a piece of this crazy, mystical elegance-meets-action-hero world.

And hey, stay tuned for more, because in our universe, the next surprise is just around the corner. Catch you later!

Let me know which ones tempt you the most! 

PS/ If you want to see a bit more, take awalk through the Sci-Fi Sisters collection with Benoit, Raging Heroes' Co-founder and Creative Director

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