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Machines of Theodicy Pack (SoEM - SF)

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Box includes:

These 3 Pulpits and their driver are all finely crafted in resin and stand 85mm tall. Scale is 35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 3 x 50mm round base.

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→ Here's a quick guide on how to assemble the pulpit with the pilots:

→ And check out this cool blog article on assembling one with magnets!

The minds of the Sisters' Psychers and Seers constantly travel into labyrinthine fields of time and mental energy. It is not rare that, on these intense and dangerous journeys, they get exposed to extremely disturbing stimuli. These powerful experiences eventually wound and brand their minds so much that they then need very special treatments to try and hope for an uncertain recovery. To do so, they are placed into Triptychs of Soul-Healing. The Triptych acts as a sarcophagus blessed with many engraved prayers: it isolates the Psycher from the perpetual storms of external thoughts, visions, and energy fluxes constantly assailing her.

However, in times of dire needs, the Sisters will mount the Triptychs on War Pulpits, and then, open them! Opening the Triptych shocks the Seer so much that her brain instinctively lashes out in a shock reaction that increases her power tenfold for a short period of time... long enough to win a battle.

These Triptychs-equipped War Pulpits also carry a special 'Flail-Censer' heavy weapon that allows them to charge even deeper into the fray so that the Psychers can unleash their fury at the shortest possible range.