Lady von Stroheim planned for coming Kickstarter

posted February 14, 2013

Edit June 4th: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

Here is Lady von Stroheim, who is part of the upcoming Kickstarter starring the Kurganovas' Shock Troops, coming this month:

As you can see on this image, we've planned a little twist for this Kickstarter, which is intended to feature not only the Rambettes (heroines and units), but also, if we reach the right stretch goals, their nemesis: another female faction with Nazi overtones and dark cyber technologies.

So you're in for gas masks, long coats and cyber implants...

We'll soon provide more background info for these two factions...

What's coming in this Kickstarter?
We've planned many special characters, as well as multi-part kits that will allow you to create most or all the units you may need for a full army, that will be usable in many contexts or game systems.

If you haven't had a chance to read through our previous Q&A's (see our previous blog entries), this will include at least one mecha, and some sort of motorcycle unit.

Should the Kickstarter reach high enough goals, you'll have the possibility to develop two different armies, the Rambettes and the Nazi Ladies, or mix-and-match them in the same army, if you are so inclined.

So, what's taking so long?
As you probably know, there's quite a bit of administrative and logistical stuff to sort out before launching a Kickstarter so we're hard at work getting all our ducks in a row. But we started talking about the Kickstarter ahead of time to make sure we could hear back from you and make the necessary tweaks before launching the project.
So anything else you want to share with us, please do, we're listening.

What about your two other Kickstarters?
We'll have more info on the Dark Elves and the Sisters of Eternal Mercy Kickstarters in our next post, but do rest assured that these are coming along quite nicely...


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Or the French version:

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  • Love this model,can’t wait to buy one.

    Posted by Greendestiny on June 19, 2013

  • Looking awesome, try not to make them too 40k please as i want to fit in with some Privateer Press stuff please =)

    Posted by MoN4RcH on May 19, 2013

  • I have to disagree with some other comments; use plastic as much as possible! Multi part plastics are of amazing quality these days, and offer the gamer/collector unlimited variety and most importantly, at a reasonable price.
    IMO, the price-point will be crucial. If they are affordable, I’m happy to spend $100’s on an army. However, if the kurganova’s price is anything to go by, it looks like the gaming community may be disappointed.

    Posted by cyborg on March 06, 2013

  • keeps getting better and better – but please please please NO PLASTIC
    I could just about accept the basic
    multi part troops being resin as long as all the characters are metal

    Posted by kev on February 22, 2013

  • totaly agree with sGiilsgaard

    Posted by boink on February 17, 2013

  • I agree with some of the other comments – Nazi is NOT the word to use if you want succes, Prussian – long coats – optional gasmasks – yes yes yes, please launch KS right now, cant wait any longer. Just keep the news coming. :-)

    Posted by sGiilsgaard on February 17, 2013

  • I was looking forward to just one army. Now there are two. One thing that you should consider changing may be what side her sidearm is on. I would figure it would be on her right so she can shoot in addition to hacking and slashing. I look forward to seeing what a line trooper looks like for either army.

    Posted by Dicrel Seijin on February 17, 2013

  • Well, I am a German myself and yeah, It is more prussian as nazi but as it’s common to put them on the same level I am accustomed to it. It is also not that wrong, since both time periods go hand in hand with each other, the spiked helmet changed to the steel helmet in the middle of the first world war but the spiked helmet was seen in the society to the 30s or even 40s. So both styles, the prussian and nazi style are connected but not the same. So the objection is right but I don’t think it is that important but maybe it interests the one or another to grapple a little bit with history. I.e. that Hugo Boss produced uniforms for various organisations like the SS and the Party, in the fashion topic.^^

    Posted by WolfStark on February 16, 2013

  • First love the concept and highly anticipate the KS. Love the design of the uniform and the pose… and that brings me to a point:

    Maybe it is a German thing but there is a history before those 12 years in German history and the “Nazi overtone” is maybe not the luckiest choice of words for a clearly Prussian design.

    Posted by GermanGuy on February 16, 2013

  • Thanks for the banners, I’ve already put one at the top of my blog.

    Also I’m looking forward to more info on the Dark Elves. And to the kickstarter itself, of course. :)

    Posted by Rowena on February 16, 2013

  • Love the style but I think perhaps drop ‘Nazi’ for simply german or World War.

    Posted by Zoatibix on February 16, 2013

  • labeling it nazi overtone is wrong, the pickelhaube was used by german forces until the end of the first world war, but not by the nazis.

    Posted by blubb on February 16, 2013

  • great looking character.
    like a lot that they will get the striking german uniform appearance.
    just cross my fingers that the gasmasks will be optional and not modelled into the figure.

    would be a pitty to change all the heads and then swap back the headgear.

    Posted by Sharkey1807 on February 16, 2013

  • And once again you choose the precise thing to get my interest further. Definately want these (Lady Stroheim at the very least) A nazi cyborg named Stroheim…I have this odd idea I know the source of your inspiration…

    Posted by Mahavira on February 16, 2013

  • also can we have the option to
    have the girls with or without the gas masks

    Posted by Andrew on February 15, 2013

  • looking forward to them been in need of an expansion for my Sisters
    and please please resin or plastic as my carry case is already at a horrendous weight

    Posted by Andrew on February 15, 2013

  • You’re definitely on the right track here – looking forward to the KS.
    and since you’ll see this a lot from me, I’ll start early : Valkyries! Valkyries! Valkyries!

    Posted by John D on February 15, 2013

  • not to put a downer on anything but if this fails to reach it’s goal will the other 2 kickstarters be shelved.Obviously i hope it all goes according to plan as i have put alot of hope into these projects and suggestions,and like everyone else the wait is killing me.

    Posted by Paul on February 15, 2013

  • Are you aiming for plastic? or metal/resin models?
    I’d like plastic, it might be allot more expensive to get the molds etc but the production costs are lower and it’d be a good investment for the future.

    Posted by MadCowCrazy on February 15, 2013

  • I so badly need a couple of squads of these girls, I am picturing all my elites as units of these Babes, so please make sure we can have some weapon options as well as leaders. sign me up!!!!!!

    Posted by mike on February 15, 2013

  • I am sick at the moment, so the news came just about at the right time. The picture was enough to feel better in an instant. I like every aspect of Stroheim, starting from her name over her pose to her head, I am especially liking that. The long filter screams for the evil behind the two black, deep low-lying eyes.

    I am so looking forward to both factions, it is a great shift I wouldn’t have thought but absolutly fitting (and looking at the Kurganovas, she is also fitting for them). Thumbs up to you guys. Take the time you need, I will be there when the kick starts.

    Posted by WolfStark on February 15, 2013

  • Awww yeah! Just a quick question what will the pledge levels be like?

    Posted by martin on February 15, 2013

  • I love this idea!! Do you plan to expand the kickstarter upon reaching some stretch goal or simply add some more buyng option for the miniatures?

    Posted by Ivano on February 15, 2013

  • im throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening

    please take my money

    Posted by Aaron on February 15, 2013

  • Sweet mother of mercy! Multiparts!

    Posted by Wolf Wings on February 15, 2013

  • “Lady von Storheim” looks like I.WW ;)

    Posted by Eorl on February 15, 2013

  • Two armies??? Sci-fi Nazi chicks? I hope you get all your behind the scenes stuff worked out soon, I’m READY for this KS to start!

    Posted by The Inner Geek on February 15, 2013

  • Incroyable! I hate to say but my son and I will be in for…both.
    Love the second faction as much as the first.

    Posted by Kev on February 15, 2013

  • We could not wait any longer!
    Go! Go! Go!

    Posted by eisenlunge on February 15, 2013

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