February 11, 2015


Wanted: Sales & Marketing Manager

Raging Heroes produces extraordinary wargaming miniatures that are widely recognised for their high design and casting qualities, and that are sold in over 60 countries.
To continue this expansion, we are currently looking for a


This job does NOT require relocation. You'll be able to work from your own location.

You'll start by auditing our current sales network and increasing its performance. Once targets are met, you'll start to include marketing components in your job.


  • You love selling and exceeding expectations

  • You have a very good feel for people and you feel very much at ease talking on the phone

  • Native English speaker; second language (French, Spanish, or other) is a plus

  • At least two to five years experience in sales and marketing in the miniature industry

  • Autonomous, organized, imaginative and good at spotting and leveraging new opportunities

  • You are active in the community and stay up to date with all trends and news of the industry

  • Social medias and digital marketing have no secrets for you

Key assignments:

  • manage and grow existing reseller and distributor network

  • grow reseller and website sales to meet targets

  • develop and implement marketing strategies to grow brand awareness and product sales

  • direct and supervise community manager(s), guest bloggers, graphic designer

Please send your qualifications together with a few words as to why you feel we should work with you at contact@ragingheroes.com
February 06, 2015

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The Jailbirds Straykids: The Lulus

Life is not easy for the Jailbirds... They are constantly on the run, fighting for their survival. And in their wake follow all kinds of fugitives and survivors. Many of them are very young, lost children who don't have a home anymore, or who never had one...

Who are the Lulus, and how do they fit in the game...

The Lulus are a patch of stray little girls who have become the protégés of the apparently emotion-less One-Shot Blondie. The little girls worship their hero and always try to emulate her, following her wherever she goes. But Blondie always keeps them safe, never letting them come near violent action. And to make sure they are not tempted by real weapons, she has equipped them with inoffensive dart guns that she crafted herself... Of course, we don't want them to be part of the fights on the battlefield. So we decided that in-game, the Lulus will have very specific capabilities. No one will be able to target them, and they will be virtually indestructible. They won't be able to inflict any damage to anyone but they will distract enemy focus, and/or create safe zones around them for the Jailbirds.


Why did we create the Lulus?

There were several things that made us want to do the Lulus. From the very beginning of Raging Heroes, we envisioned a female faction for Fantasy Games that would be made of a religious sisterhood protecting orphans and other stray children. For various reasons, this project has been on the backburner for quite some time. But it came back to the forefront when we started working on our Science-Fiction minis. That's when we decided to do a Sci-Fi version of this Sisterhood army called the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. If you've followed our blog, you probably already know that this particular army is planned for our next Kickstarter (due in late March 2015!!!)... But when we began working on the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy project, one of our intentions was to create many types of feminine characters...


If you look at the entire range of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, you'll see that while many of them are 20-something warriors, more mature characters are also represented, not to mention the matriarch Baba Yaga. And with the Jailbird Division came images from Mad Max 3 with their army of small children who somehow incarnate hope in a world that is in complete turmoil and decay. For us, it was obvious that the Jailbirds would come to cross the path of many survivors and runaways, and that some of them would be children. And we particularly like the idea that even amidst a world of ruins, a bunch of small kids could still grow up and create a better future for themselves and for mankind. Of course, there's also a Peter Pan element, with children opposing Captain Hook and the grim prospects of adulthood... And a bit of the French tradition of the Poulbots, these stray children who used to live in the streets of Paris at the turn of the twentieth century.

In the end, we feel that these little characters bring with them poetry, warmth and innocence in an otherwise dark universe.

Click for larger size

December 30, 2014


Until January 5, 2014: get FREE beer mats for every item you add to your basket!

This Holiday Season, the first few minis from the highly successful Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter are finally available.

Today we're introducing you to a few members of the Iron Empire: Lady Hilda von Stroheim, Mortaria Noctis, Vera Krabbenhöft together with their mascot Jinx, the evil cat ! These are the first 3 heroines of this army released in our webstore.

And save over 16% off all Iron Empire figurines when you get the Iron Empire Character Box 1 (check our "Deals" section for more good deals).

But that's not all!
Buy anything before January 5th and get a FREE beer coaster for EACH item ordered!
The more you put in your basket, the more free coasters you get!
And remember, we offer flat rate shipping, so fill up your basket to your heart's content :)

December 21, 2014

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Very sad news...

The whole Raging Heroes team has been in shock since Friday, which is when we came to learn that our longtime partner Stewart Griffin had passed away this last Monday from a massive heart attack.

Stewart was heading Griffin Moulds, probably the best miniature metal foundry in the world.

We are deeply shaken by this news. Stewart and his work have been key in the process of establishing Raging Heroes as a quality brand. He was also one of the very few people whose collaboration made it possible for us to deliver such a massive project as the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter. If you own a Raging Heroes miniature, there is a good chance that it is partly Stewart's and his team’s work.

Today our thoughts go to his family, friends and coworkers.
We now know that Griffin Moulds will continue, and of course, so will our cooperation together. Our hearts go out to the team in this difficult time, and we know that you will join us in this.
December 15, 2014


Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG) miniatures available now! Meet some Jailbirds

Just in time for the Holiday Season, the first of the much anticipated TGG figurines (from the highly successful Raging Heroes' Kickstarter) are finally available.

Today we're introducing you to a few members of the Jailbirds Family: One-shot Blondie, Yoko The Psycho, Mad-Nurse Bernadette and their mascot Harry The Hippo! These are the first 3 heroines of this army released in our webstore.

And there's even more good news: a brand new website to welcome the TGG. See you there, and stay tuned for other releases!

November 29, 2014

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World Premiere! TGG public release on December 10!

The wait is over! You'll be able to buy the first minis from our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter on Dec 10!Pre-order your minis starting on December 5.


We know that you guys were just waiting for this: we're finally releasing for public sale the 13 first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy models. We will reveal the names and models going for public release starting tomorrow, and every day after that. So stay tuned and be ready next week, as you'll be able to order some TGG for the first time in History on December 5!

If you ask our customer service and social media management what is the most frequent question we receive every day, it's simple: "When are the TGG going for public sale?". Just to give you an idea on how much warmongers around the world are restlessly waiting for this collection.

Meanwhile, we've already delivered a good chunk of TGG figurines to our awesome Kickstarter backers, and we've already received some pretty awesome feedback on them. To say we're excited is putting it mildly :D


What do Kickstarter backers say about the TGG minis?

"So I received mine today. The quality of the casts is amazing and the details are stunning" - Thalos, on Kickstarter

" The minis are some of the most gorgeous minis I have ever handled ever. Like Kingdom Death quality detail if not better." - Eric, on Kickstarter

" I got mine in the post this morning. The quality of the minis is outstanding" - Andy Goodchild, on Kickstarter

"The details on the models are stunning, easily the best among all the minis that I have in my collection." - Garvin Ng, on Kickstarter

"I received my stuff and the miniatures are awesome! I choosed resin cast and the quality is much better than some of previous raging heroes minis. Really great job, keep going !" - Mathieu Loiseau, on Kickstarter


Some of the first TGG painted:





Next Kickstarter:

Dark Elves and Sisters Of Eternal Mercy
In case you missed it, we've been already working on our next project after the TGG. Here are some of the first concepts for the Dark Elves and the Sisters Of Eternal Mercy. Remember that the plan is to release 4 armies: 2 in SF, and 2 in Fantasy. We can't reveal the date of launch for the Kickstarter yet, but don't worry, we'll keep you posted.


Also available in our regular collectionsr:

And hey, meanwhile, our regular catalogue and collections are still available in our webshop, you might want to browse around. We just re-stocked our famous Manticore, but we're almost out of Cyber-Wolves (check the new video unboxing review here).

#BestSellers: The Kurganovas
Limited Edition Box
Still available, our famous Kurganova Sisters continue to seduce many wargamers, especially with this box featuring Olga, Malinka, Ivanka and Charlie the warbulldog.

The von Königsmark Sisters

The Fantasy version of The Kurganovas. A special Limited Edition box including the 3 sisters + Walter!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you with anything. Even with learning French bad words ;)

November 29, 2014


New Contest on Facebook

Hey, we're running a contest on our Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram too! Check it out and join in!!

Here are the rules:

- This contest is run by MFBG Productions SARL (the Organizer) for its brand Raging Heroes.

- It is open to Facebook fans and Twitter and Instagram followers over 14 years of age who comment on designated posts.

- This contest ends on December 7, 2014.

- Winners will be selected randomly and will be announced on December 8.

- Raging Heroes moderators reserve the right to remove comments that are rude, offensive, derogatory, or displaying troll intent. Such posters will be ineligible to win.

- There are 13 items to win, one item per winner, each representing a miniature reference from Raging Heroes, supplied unassembled and unpainted. Each will be shipped to the winners by mail, provided that the winners provide their mailing address within 48 hours of being notified as winners.

- The organizer reserves the right to shut down the contest at any time, and has the right to investigate possible cheating or tampering before determining a winner.

- By participating in this contest, each participant grants the organizer permission to use his/her/business name, contest entry, likeness or comments for publicity (or future marketing purposes). 

- This contest is void where prohibited by law.

November 18, 2014


UPDATE #95 – All the TGG Sculpting is Done!!!!!!!

***** Note: To see the images in full-size, right-click on the image and choose "Open image in new tab/window" *****

In this Update: - All the Sculpting is Done!!!!!!!

- So, What are We Doing Now? 
- Shipping Update 
- Updating/Upgrading the Sculpts 
- Photos of New 3D Prints 
- New Renders 
- Halloween Captions 
- Next KS 
- December Deal for KS backers 

All the TGG Sculpting is Done!!!!!!!

Yes, that's it ! Everything's finished, with all the alternate parts, additional accessories and so on!

You can see the last batch of sculpts below.

We deplore the fact that it took so much longer than first expected to reach this point, and we thank you again from the bottom of our heart for your patience and support.

To be honest, we could have gone down the easy path. We could have been less picky. We could have given you the first version of the troops that we sculpted and printed nearly 12 months ago. It would have been sooooo much easier. And it would certainly have cost us way less money, less effort, less grief and less aggravation.

But we strongly believe that you deserve the best that we can do. Your overwhelming support and your faith in our vision not only made the TGG Kickstarter a huge success, it created for us a moral contract where you deserve the best work that we can achieve.

Some of you understandably lamented the delays. Believe it, so did our accountant and our banker. A twelve-month delay takes a heavy toll on a small company such as ours. It means 12 months more in staffing costs. 12 months more without any new releases on the market, in an industry that is driven by new releases. 12 months where we pushed back all our other projects. And yet, despite all these downsides, we still feel that putting quality first was the right choice for you our backers, and for the miniatures as well. And so we stood, and continue to stand firm in our commitment to you to put all our resources into striving for excellence, whatever the cost.

So, what are we doing now?

With the sculpting out of the way, the delays and uncertainties generated by the creative process are over. What's left to be done is the manufacturing of the remaining sculpts. We are blessed with very reliable foundries, which means that the manufacturing road will be smooth, with few unexpected bumps and delays. And on our end, we will do everything we can to support the foundries in producing the casts as efficiently as possible.

We are also turning our attention to the Digital Artbook
In a previous Update, we asked you if we should wait until the minis are painted before producing the Artbook, and your answer was a firm yes. We may not have every single one of them, but we'll feature as many as we can without delaying the project too much. Meanwhile, we've been ferociously debating the Artbook's content, and we have have many new drawings and illustrations, and sa lot of very cool imagery depicting the TGG universe in a way that is rarely seen in a wargaming book! We are quite thrilled about it all.

And what about a printed edition?
You already know that backers who chose the Connoisseur Box/add-on will be receiving a signed and numbered full-colour, printed version of the TGG digital Artbook. But you have also asked us to make the printed Artbook available for purchase as well, and so we are looking into this. We'll keep you posted as we know more, but don't hesitate to let us know via the comments below or in a private message if you'd be interested in this.

We are fine-tuning the colour scheme for all three armies, and Ringil is continuing to paint new TGG Heroines. We will share the colour scheme in an upcoming Update, as soon as we are happy with it.

We're also now reviewing our sculpting workflow for the Troops to continue to make it more efficient. We have several processes that we are currently testing, and guess what we are testing them on? You got it, on none other than the Dark Elves' and the Sisters' troops planned for our upcoming Kickstarter...
And our other sculptors have also begun work on the new Heroines for that upcoming Kickstarter as well...

To make sure all of our minis are continually in stock, we've just implemented a new automated inventory tracking system. We'll continue to tweak that over the coming weeks.

On the other hand, we still face challenges with the shipping management systemwe are using, even if it is the least bad of the lot. We need to manually split the Rewards Selections for everybody who is getting more than one shipment (Personal Wave Shipping or Drop Ships to shops), and bugs occasionally creep up as systems get regular so-called upgrades... Nevertheless, as it's all done in the name of getting the TGG out to you faster, it's well worth it!

We've just doubled the size of our packing/shipping room to accommodate the upcoming TGG models.

We've just doubled the size of our packing/shipping room to accommodate the upcoming TGG models.

And so, throughout this grinding production of the TGG Kickstarter, we have, and continue to learn a lot. We have already much improved the overall production pipelines, the staffing of the team, the forecasting of how long things take, and we are putting all of this to good use.

And so, once more, THANK YOU! Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for your trust, thank you for your enthusiasm. We could not ask for better backers!

Shipping Update


The casting of the TGG minis is in full-swing.
The casting of the TGG minis is in full-swing.

We're tracking close to our estimate from our previous Update: we were shooting for 4-5 weeks after Update 94, which would have meant shipping around this week. We've fallen a bit behind, but not by much... The following boxes:

- KST Heavy Troops + KST Heavy Command Group
- JB Regular Troops + JB Regular Command Group
- IE Heavy Troops + IE Heavy Command Group

are going to start shipping on December 2nd, right after the American Thanksgiving week-end.

As for the remaining troops:

- IE Regular Troops + IE Regular Command Group
- KST Regular Troops + KST Regular Command Group

we said they would require an additional 3-5 weeks, and this estimate is still good, so we are currently looking at shipping those in late December. Additional metal Heroines will become ready at about the same time.

As for the Snipers (Jailbirds, KST and Iron Empire), we're happy to say that the casts are currently in transit and will arrive in the office this week.

Testing the casts of the Jailbirds' bike.

Testing the casts of the Jailbirds' bike.

What about our plans for Wave 3 Shipping?
With the sculpting done, the remaining models are sequentially being sent out to 3D printing. Once they get back and are approved, they will join the queue for production and casting. This will happen only once all the Troops are done, and we expect 8-12 weeks of production time. We will do everything we can to speed things up as much as possible. At the same time, you can rest assured that quality will always comes first and that we will not compromise it, even if that means changing our plans. Should that happen, you will be the first informed.

Meanwhile, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your Rewards Selection, do connect with Harry on the Live Chat (www.tggks.com) or send a private KS message or an email to RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com. We look forward to being in contact with you!

Updating/Upgrading the Sculpts

In this update, among other images, you can see photos of the 3D prints of Arushka, Keela Krupps, and Kiki Bulldozer, as well as renders of Baba Yaga. What all these sculpts are in common is that initially, for various reasons, they were not up to our standards.

It's always a tricky decision to change something that has already been presented to you, whether in the form of a concept or a 3D sculpt. We've said it before, but by now, you know that we will not release a miniature if it does not meet our exacting standards. Looking at the images of the minis below, I think you'll agree that the later versions are much improved.

Reviewing and upgrading the sculpts actually happens on every single mini that we create. This explains why we rarely show work-in-progress. Sometimes, the changes are subtle, and as they happen in 3D, rather than on a 2D concept, they are not necessarily obvious. And yet, such reworks can have outstanding results. For example, thanks to this, Drakkan (IE), went from a pretty standard model to one of our top best-sellers.

The majority of our backers always prefer the final updated versions. And yet, we know that there will always be a handful who will prefer the original version, and who wish they had selected another mini in the Pledge Manager. We are sincerely sorry when that happens, and if you contact us, we will be happy to swap such a model for another one more to your liking.

Photos of New 3D Prints

Aleksandr Kurganov (KST)
Here is the 3D print of the only TGG male character (well, if you exclude little Alex (see below), Harry, Charlie, and perhaps Jinx). However, there is a good chance that as the TGG universe expands, you'll see more male characters come to life.

Arushka (KST)
We are so very happy with this new version of Arushka. The 3D print looks absolutely gorgeous, and the 4 Yagas will make a stunning sight on the battlefield.

Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE)

In mid-October, we appealed to our German-speaking backers on our Facebook pages, because we needed an urgent translation of “I will not be triumphed over”, a quote attributed to Cleopatra by Titus Livius (Livy) in his history of Rome, Ab Urbe Condita.

After much learned discussions and a lively debate, “Niemand triumphiert über mich” appeared to be the general consensus.

The first one to suggest it was David Godwin (and his German friend).
Many other suggestions and comments followed. Here's a sample:
Daniel Scheuß wrote: "'Niemand triumphiert über mich!' is not 100% exactly translated but in its meaning it is correct and in the way that it sounds it is more historical or epic."
Simon Vau wrote: "The thing with that is, the original quote stresses the 'I'. I will not be triumphed over (cause I am so badass). 'Niemand triumphiert über mich!' keeps the meaning, that it's the individual who will not be overcome. 'Niemand möge über mich triumphieren!' sounds more like a prayer, like asking for someone else to help from being triumphed over. But both lack the beautiful, short pithiness of the original."

Our thanks go out to our wonderful community for helping out! As Fumiki Miku wrote: “I believe whatever you choose, it will be a breathtaking miniature... keep it up and love the community support... all you guys and gals are the greatest RH could ask for, 'cause without your support and passion, none of this could have happened!”.

Keela Krupps (IE)

We also updated the sculpt of Keela Krupps, to make her more dynamic than originally shown.

Kiki Bulldozer (JB)
(with Little Alex and Andrea)
While the reworked sculpt proved controversial, we had only 2 backers who requested to remove her from their selection, but many more who actually asked to add her to their rewards. Nevertheless, before sending her to 3D print, we did improve her grip on her staff, softened her lips and fixed her chin. In case you're wondering, the man on her staff has been called Little Alex (named after our former intern), and her little poodle has been called Andrea (as Alex retaliated and named the dog after its sculptor).


Nertha (IE Freedom Fighter)

Read her story again in Update #55.

Lieutenant Parker (JB)

Raven (JB Freedom Fighter)

She is first described in Update #17.

W101 (IE)

Doesn't W101 look like she's overindulging on Halloween night?

New Renders

Baba Yaga
Here is the completely revamped version of Baba Yaga, which is way more epic than the initial sculpt. When she passes you by, your warrior soul will recoil in terror in the presence of her centuries-old shamanic power.

The Jailbirds' Mecha

At last! Here it is! There was A LOT of work on this one. As promised, we are also doing our best to make it as posable as possible, as we prepare for the 3D print. It would be easy to make the Mecha very posable but it would then be pretty hard to assemble, so we are testing various alternatives to reach a good balance.

The KST and the IE Trikes

Hope you enjoy these trikes, we find them pretty cool ourselves :)


Artillery JB / KST / IE
Below are plenty of new alternate parts for the Artillery servants.

As you will see, the Artillery kits alone will give you loads of customisation opportunities.

But that's not all!

Because we planned these parts for compatibility, you'll be able to get insanely creative when you mix them up with the Troops parts, as well!!! And that also goes for the Mecha pilots' heads, the Bikers' upper bodies, and more... You can basically mix and match pretty much everything!


The KST Mecha
As promised, here are the two alternate heads for the Mecha KST's pilot, and we also added an unplanned extra arm, to add more posing flexibility. And as mentioned above, you can always use arms from our other kits to customise it more.


The Cyberzombies
You may recall that the Cyberzombies were a stretch goal for $700,000 for the Kickstarter, and we did not reach that. Nevertheless, due to popular request, we unlocked them anyway, although we did say that we would do them last. And so, here they are, the very last sculpts of the TGG KS.

Halloween Captions

We had a Halloween caption contest on our Facebook Page and on Asharah Raging's Facebook, with a set of our 3 TGG mascots (Harry, Charlie and Jinx) to reward the best entry. But the captions were so much fun that we could not choose only one... And so Scott Templeman (US/Japan), Peter Ilegems (Belgium), and Vincent Pascaud (France) each won a set of 3 mascots. Here are their captions:

Next KS

You have asked us when the Dark Elves and Sisters of Eternal Mercy Kickstarter would take place. So far, we've said that we could not give a firm date... but that we were thinking of launching it by the end of this year. But as we are already in mid-November, we now feel it would be wiser to push it out after the Holiday season, and use that extra time to continue to fine-tune the concepts and the production workflow, locate new artists, etc... We should have more news on this in our next Updates, but we are now planning for a Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2015.

Meanwhile, here's a brand-new concept:

December Deal for KS backers

With the Holiday season drawing near, we are planning a special deal especially for you, our TGG backers. We'll share the details with you before the end of November...

 ***** Note: To see the images in full-size, right-click on the image and choose "Open image in new tab/window" *****

    October 16, 2014


    UPDATE #94 – Latest News + Harry's Chronicles

    In this Update:

    (… and errrr... please be warned... Harry the Hippo has liberally sprinkled backers' feedback throughout this Update...):

    - New Renders
    - Where are we on Wave 2?
    - What else is happening?
    - The TGG Behind Bars?
    - Reprinting Doctor von X...
    - Flooding
    - 3D prints + Upgrading the Freebies
    - Harry's Chronicles (part 1) – The Live Chat is Still Live!
    - Harry's Chronicles (part 2) – “Where's my stuff?”
    - Harry's Chronicles (part 3) – Video Reviews + Links to Web Reviews
    - Harry's Chronicles (part 4) – Packing, Shipping, and Bases, too
    - Harry's Chronicles (part 5) – Beer Coasters, too!
    - New Concept Art for the Upcoming Sisters of Eternal Mercy

    "My eyes the shear beauty burns my eyes... My god you and your team are freaking AMAZING!!! If I had half that skill I would be proud.” – Fumiki Miku (on Facebook, August 2014)

    “Box just hit the fan! AWE - f***ing – some!” – Wolf Wings (on Facebook, August 2014)

    “Oh. My. God. Beautiful!!!!! The detail! The fingers on Drusilla's gloves! The ring pulls on Harry's beer cans! Perfect buckles, realistic folds of cloth! Absolutely stunning, well worth the wait, thank-you so much to the original RH team for the big idea, to all the artists, sculptors, printers and moulders for the design and execution, to the office staff, the IT guys, the couriers and others for helping the wheels to turn, and thank-you Asharah for blessing us mere mortals with her gifts! Now, if only I wasn't so terrified of painting!” – Dan Sanders (on Facebook, August 2014)

    New Renders

    As we mentioned before, we felt that the first version of Arushka was not up to par with the 2 other Yagas. And even as we showed you a new concept during the Pledge Manager, as we continued working on the sculpt, we felt that the energy just wasn't there yet. So we repositioned her staff to give her a stronger and more dynamic silhouette. We now feel that each of the Yaga radiates their very own energy while at the same time complementing each other perfectly.

    Just like Parker, Kiki was not an easy one to deal with. We worked a lot with her original pose, but what we would come up with was consistently much too static. We felt that she needed to be larger than life. We did not want her to look like a traditional big ugly monster. We wanted her to have attitude, character and her own womanly style. Kiki is a character that we really like, and our goal was not to mock her but to make her a powerful, strong and fun TGG.

    Also, here are two renders that we forgot to show in our previous Update:

    So, where are we on Wave 2?

    A big bunch of metal Heroines have already been shipped in late summer, as planned. Normally, we should have also shipped a whole bunch of spin-cast resin Heroines, but the parcel containing them got suck in customs for several weeks :( They have now been shipped. More details on this below.

    We are now waiting for a new shipment containing the Snipers from all 3 armies, which had originally been planned for Wave 3.

    What is behind schedule are the Troops and Command Group boxes. The Troops have been a real headache, (if you remember previous updates, you know that they have been resculpted, reprinted, recast several times for various reasons) but everything is now under control. The good thing is that many of them have already been produced, but because of the various problems we encountered, ironically and despite our best efforts, not a single box has all of its minis and parts complete... We are working closely with our foundries to catch up on production as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    We know that this waiting is frustrating for you. It has been very hard for us too, as the troops were the very first sculpts we started with on this Kickstarter and we were sure they would be done many months ago. However, all these reworks gave us the opportunity to vastly increase the quality of the troops. All the challenges we've overcome with their production have also greatly expanded our knowledge and experience.
    When we had the very first submasters back in December last year, the foundries could not understand why we wanted to ditch them and redo the whole lot, because in their eyes, they were already pretty impressive. And now that they have the final version, we all agree that it was all most definitely worth it. We will also be able to transfer this increased knowledge and experience to our upcoming projects. And we want to thank you for bearing with us, your minis are coming soon!

    So, coming back to the Troops:
    In our previous Update, we said that “The Troops are currently in production. The plan, as you may recall, was to try and begin shipping them by late summer, which is right about now, but the sheer volume of production and the occasional casting surprises mean that we are looking at a few more weeks than planned.” 

    So, now that we know more, and based on how things stand now, the following boxes should be ready for shipping in 4-5 weeks:

    - The KST Heavy Troops and the KST Heavy Command Group
    - The JB Regular Troops and the JB Regular Command Group
    - The IE Heavy Troops and the IE Heavy Command Group

    And unfortunately, the following boxes will need an additional 3-5 weeks:

    - The IE Regular Troops and the IE Regular Command Group
    - The KST Regular Troops and KST Regular Command Group

    Since some boxes will be finished earlier than others, please be assured that as soon as we can ship your 2nd Wave, we will.

    By the way, if your are wondering why on Earth we are talking about Wave 2 when you haven't even received Wave 1, please make sure to read the section further down called Harry's Chronicles (part 2) – “Where's my stuff?”.

    “Either way, a delay in production such as this is fine with me. This KS generated way more interest than I believe RH anticipated. I'm sure they never expected to have so many additional miniatures and accessories to sculpt. When I first backed this, there were just a handful of cad images and a few "artists impressions" - now we have extra heads, weapons, artillery pieces, bikes, walkers. And all of these extras will take more time. Remember, it's not a pre-order system, it's a backer scheme with benefits - some beautifully sculpted benefits. :)” – Berger (Kickstarter August 2014)

    “I really have to say that miniatures you make are something more than simply pieces of gaming equipment, they really are beautiful artwork and true craftsmanship quite seldom found these days. It was distinct that your company and people working there, want to create and make beautiful and functional things.” – Jarno Nordvall (via email, September 2014)

    Meow! Aulne Abeille's cat is unpacking the TGG ;)
    Meow! Aulne Abeille's cat is unpacking the TGG ;)

    What else is happening?

    At this point in time, we are mostly focusing our efforts on sending everything to production and making sure that everything we get back meets with our expectations. This means that we spend pretty much all of our time preparing files for 3D printing, sending stuff out to the printer, reviewing test prints and test casts, touching up prints before they're sent to the foundry, etc. All the sculptors have been and continue to work on very un-sexy tasks. That's why we haven't quite finished all the sculpts yet, even if most of them are virtually done. Next week, we should finish Baba Yaga (KST – Yaga) and the JB Mecha, and after that, the IE and KST Trikes and the Cyberzombies will be taken care of.

    Now that the pressure is easing, we've also been able to devote more time to recruiting and training 3 new freelance sculptors: Svetlana (Moscow, Russia), Martin (Bulgaria) and Stephen (UK). Right now, they are helping us finish the remaining production tasks.

    With them and the rest of the crew, we are also testing a new planning tool calledLiquid Planner. So far, it's been very promising, performing well in managing priorities, coordinating the team members and reducing lost time. (I'm including their link in case you want to check it out, because if you do, they may chuck some funds our way...) 

    The TGG Behind Bars?

    Well, several TGG were not in jail, but their movement were nonetheless limited as they enjoyed the custody of French Customs for a bit...

    After many hurdles, last week, we finally got hold of the big parcel of spin-cast resin Heroines that were stuck there for several weeks. Everything eventually got sorted out, but we lost a lot of time with this. We are now implementing measures to prevent this situation from happening again.

    The good news is that we have now dispatched those minis to all the backers whose Rewards Selection could be completed with the arrival of this parcel, together with the backers whose 'Personal Shipping - 2 Waves' selection was shippable. If you have any questions about this, please be sure to send us a private message via Kickstarter, or at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com, and we'll be there to assist you.

    “I leave a comment about Harry, who contacted me to tell me I overpaid which I never knew. Their customer service is top notch. RH you rock and thank you Harry for being on the ball” – Alvin Scott (Kickstarter, August 2014)

    Reprinting Doctor von X...

    However, when we opened the long-awaited parcel, we had to set aside a small number of minis that were crippled by a few nasty bubbles :( This was due to a quality control problem that has now been sorted, but this means that we have less of the good stuff to dispatch right at this moment, until small mould fixes and new casts can be made. Fortunately, this was fixed in one short week, and more casts are already on the way.

    But the spin-cast Doctor von X also inside that parcel was a major problem, and remoulding her would not do her justice. So we decided to take the drastic step of fixing the problematic details directly on the 3D sculpt. We will then 3D-print her again, and send this new print to the foundry for a complete remould and new casts. This means that the spin-cast version of von X, will now come pretty late in the Second Wave. We are very sorry about this delay, but you know us... Quality first!


    Early autumn over here has not been the greatest time so far for us :) After the Customs snafu, and while we are still trying to resolve the problem of Paypal holding back part of the Pledge Manager funds, Mother Nature joined the fun and Montpellier, Raging Heroes' hometown, got its biggest flooding in 50 years!

    Our offices are located in one of the areas that ended up being completely cut off from traffic. We were quite lucky to leave just moments before that happened. The good news is that no minis were harmed during the floods, although we did have to restrain Harry the Baby Hippo from splashing around in the mud outside :)

    You can see images and videos of flooded Montpellier here.

    3D prints + Upgrading the Freebies

    Here is a new batch of of prints that came through the studio and straight back out to the foundry this month.

    You'll probably remember that in the first few days of the Kickstarter, the Freebies' very first versions of Ash, Kristina Karlstein and Jaheda Kano were only supposed to be upper bodies to use as tank pilots and tank officers. We had made this choice because before the KS launch, we had many people asking for such minis.

    But then, you asked us to make them as full characters, so we obliged and quickly gave them each a pair of legs. However, since they had not been designed as full-fledged characters, they were definitely lacking a little oomph. So we took the time to upgrade their poses, attitude and clothes. Freebies they may be, but they still deserve the full Raging Heroes treatment!

    Harry's Chronicles (part 1) – The Live Chat is Still Live!

    Harry the Hippo was all over the Live Chat during the Pledge Manager. He burped his way through many of your messages, and spilt nary a drop of beer during the TGG shipping process. He deserved a chance to get his paws on this Update, so look out: Heeeeeerrre's Harry!

    Hi Folks, Harry here! After many hours with you all on the Live Chat during the Pledge Manager period, I moved on over to the Packing and Shipping Area.

    Heeeyyyy, that's me on the Live Chat!
    Heeeyyyy, that's me on the Live Chat!

    But guess what? I LEFT THE LIVE CHAT OPEN!

    You have questions or comments? Click on the Live Chat window at the bottom right of the Pledge Manager. I'll be there for you, with my buddy Charlie the War Bulldog (just back from touring with his band in North America), and Jinx (that's the haughty one). If I'm away, leave a message. I swear I'm now pretty fast at getting back to you!

    “Thanks for getting back to me, you guys are so amazing and this is the most professionally handled Kickstarter I have backed. Congratulations for being awesome.”– Holy Jane Lycanthropica (via email, June 2014)

    Harry's Chronicles (part 2) – “Where's my stuff?”

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you think you should have received some of your TGG models by now, please make sure you read this section, as you may have missed some of our previous info about shipping...

    Right now, the top question I get is this one:
    “YOU'VE SHIPPED THE FIRST WAVE, AND I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANYTHING!!!” Well, in most cases, that's normal: many of you selected Standard Shipping as your shipping option. Standard Shipping means that we send your Rewards Selection in one single shipment. So we can only ship yours when everything you chose is ready to ship!


    - All the minis they wanted were already available
    - Or, instead of Standard Shipping, they chose another shipping option, either Drop Ship or Personal Wave shipping. The Drop Ship option is now closed but you can still get additional shipments through the Personal Wave shipping option.

    Easy to fix: extra shipments continue to be available for $14.95 per shipment (or $10 if you're in France)! Just drop me a note (RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com) (or send me a private message on Kickstarter) if you want one or more, and I'll make it happen. (BTW, that is what we called the Personal Wave Shipping option.)

    “BUT, WHAT'S A WAVE EXACTLY?”Actually, I must confess that we've shouldn't have talked about Waves, because there are 2 kinds of waves: the shipping waves and the production waves, and it gets everybody mixed up... Charlie nearly ate his own hat because of this...

    So let me try to clear that up:

    We should not have used the term Wave for the Shipping options. Really, we shouldn't have. It created unnecessary confusion. We should have called it something like Number of Shipments. But it's too late now.
    So, just know that we are producing the minis in roughly 3 Waves (these are the Production Waves) and that you can get the minis shipped to you in 1 or more shipments, depending on your Shipping Option.
    The Production Waves and the Number of Shipments are not necessarily tied together.

    For example, those of you who chose 2 Shipments (that is, Personal Wave Shipping – 2 Waves) may be getting a combination of Production Waves 1 and 2 in their first shipment, and Production Waves 2 and 3 in their second shipment. Other combinations also exist, depending on your selection of minis. Basically, you don't have to worry too much about this, as I try as much as I can to set up the best possible combination for each of your shipments. I also do follow your wishes if you share them with me. You can always contact me on the Live Chat about this, or anything else :)

    I made this little drawing for a visual explanation... Obviously, I am not the creative one :(
    I made this little drawing for a visual explanation... Obviously, I am not the creative one :(

    So... I am really if it feels like an eternity for you to receive your precious minis :( I promise I am doing the best I can to please you (yes, even those of you with small claws). For the curious, we have a total of approximately 4000 parcels to ship for this Kickstarter :). 

    Harry's Chronicles (part 3) – Video Reviews + Links to Web Reviews

    Before going on about my Packing Adventures, I wanted to thank you all for your kindness and for your support. Indeed, we have received loads of awesome comments and reviews on the Chat (the Chat is still up!) and on Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter and by email, and saw some on various blogs too!

    So I've sprinkled them all over this Update! First, because they made us all very happy and encouraged. But also, I figure that if you haven't received any TGG minis yet, you'll probably want to take a look at some of these very detailed and exciting Open-the-Box videos and articles.

    Want to see the Wave 1 TGG minis? Check out these 3 Video reviews on Raging Heroes and the First Wave of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy. They are in French with English subtitles.

    - Part 1: 17+ min. on Mimi the Radio (JB), Tania Tanker (JB), Punky (JB), Cruz (JB), Blondie (JB), Bernadette (JB)
    - Part 2: 11+ min. on Harry (JB) and the Lulus (JB)
    - Part 3: 11+ min. on Charlie (KST Mascot), Tarja (KST Yaga), Natasha (JB), Jinx (IE Mascot), Drusilla (KS exclusive), Mortaria Noctis (IE)

    And now, some blog links:

    In English

    - GMorts Chaotica Blog post
    - Miniswelter Blog post
    - Age of Strife Blog post
    Rebel's Grotto Blog post

    En español (from akibastation.es)

    - Mortaria Noctis (IE)
    - Volga Potemkine (KST) - One-Shot Blondie (JB)
    - Mad Nurse Bernadette (JB)
    - Tarja (KST)
    - Lady Sigrith (IE)

    En français

    - Post sur La Communauté du Marteau

    A special THANK YOU to all to the reviewers who took the time to share how the TGG actually look like in person! Keep' em coming! And if I've missed some, please drop me a note, I'll add them in the next Update!

    Harry's Chronicles (part 4) – Packing, Shipping, and Bases, too

    And now, let's talk about what I do in Shipping :)

    I must say that being surrounded by all of these beautiful ladies all day long is not an easy thing (oooooohhhhhh Bernadette...). Every now and then, they break into fights, too!

    That's me here, watching over the girls
    That's me here, watching over the girls

    Getting ready to fight... errrr, I mean, pack !
    Getting ready to fight... errrr, I mean, pack !

    So, I ran all over the packing area, I motivated the packing elves when they needed it, and I made sure that the ladies stayed in line as the elves carefully wrapped and packed them for dispatch around the world. Packing and shipping the TGG is an operation of great scale, and so I've also devised many contraptions and procedures to make the elves' work easier.

    To give you a scope of the operation: You may remember that we had a quiz in the last Update about how many bases would be shipped for the entire Kickstarter. Well, if I put them in a straight line next to one another, you'd be looking at a nearly 4 kilometres-long road of round black bases, that is, about 2 ½ miles. And if I stack them up (not easy with my fat clumsy paws), the pile would be taller than the Empire State building!

    Jinx told me that the number of bases needed to fulfil the Kickstarter is 156,804! In the last Update, we wrote: “The backer with the nearest guess gets a bonus TGG mini!!”, and so, Dennis Becker with 153,780, gets to pick the TGG mini of his choice! Congrats Dennis!

    And I want to award special kudos to Wakoun, Andrew Brock, Gavin Ng, Elliot Williams, Jeffery K Chandler II and Federalist42 who were pretty close too!

    That's A LOT of bases to pre-pack together with the minis... So the guys get to pack the bases in bags of 5, 10, 15 and 25 whenever they have some idle time. Sometimes, I even give them something to drink from my private hoard to motivate them. Good thing I had loads of supplies!

    Harry's Chronicles (part 5) – Beer Coasters, too!

    “Hello there, I have just got home from work and pound a parcel in the house, which i have opened, and all i can say is... it was most definitely worth the wait!!! Many many thanks for the hard work and for the lovely miniatures you guys / gals rock just one question though... where do I get more of the drinks mats ?” – Mark Russel (on Facebook, July 2014)

    Drink mats? Yes indeed! The fact is that Charlie the War Bulldog had this very cool idea of making TGG coasters for your drinks, an idea which of course I highly supported. And they even made one about me!!! Yeahhhhh! There are 4 different designs, and we randomly include them in each shipment. The more minis you're getting, the more coasters you'll receive. Free of charge, too :)

    Sometimes, when I read the feedback you are sending me, I'm wondering if you don't love the coasters more than the minis ;) So I'm wondering... Do you think we should consider putting them up for sale in the Raging Heroes webshop? Would you buy some ? Would you want other designs ? Which ones ?

    Now... Please, please, please paint me first! Alright, you can also paint the other ones too and share your photos with me via email (RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com) orFacebook! And I'll make sure Charlie posts the best ones on a Pinterest board (or something similar) for you all to see!

    A big BURP from the bottom of my heart to all of you!

    New Concept Art for the Upcoming Sisters of Eternal Mercy

    And to end this Update, here's another sneak peak at our upcoming Kickstarter. These 2 images are for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy army. Keep in mind that they will be available both in Fantasy and Sci-Fi version, and that there will also be Dark Elves(again, both Sci-Fi and Fantasy) available as well. (Follow the links above to see previously shown concepts.)

    September 15, 2014


    UPDATE #93 - Back to School

    In this Update, check out the latest news on 
    • Shipping Production
    • Waves
    • Challenges and Hurdles
    • Sculpting – What's Left To Do
    • New Sculpts Images
    • The Digital Artbook
    • Paint Jobs
    • Next KS Project
    • The TGG Game
    • Next Update

    This Summer has not quite yet been vacation time for the Raging Heroes Team and a lot has happened since the last Update. Of course, our big push has been on everything related to dispatching Wave 1 and preparing Wave 2.

    Some of you may now be wondering: “What?? Dispatching of Wave 1??? But I haven't received anything!!!!” If that's your case, remember that shipping not only depends on when the various TGG become available, but also on the Shipping Option that you selected. If you think you should have received your first minis but haven't, please check out the Shipping Options, and contact us via private message or the Live Chat if you need assistance.

    Regarding Wave 2, there have been loads of 3D file preparation, 3D printing, and mould-making. So here's how things are shaping up...


    The very first shipment of the 2nd Wave started in late August with the metal Heroines of the 2nd Wave that were available at that time, so some of you have already received them. Their spin-cast resin versions will become available next week.

    We will continue 2nd Wave shipments as we receive all the Troops from the foundry. This is scheduled to end in late October.

    The 3rd Wave will follow, and we are doing everything we can to get it all shipped out before the end of the year.

    Basically, whenever new minis become available, pledges that can be fully completed are sent out right away.

    Production Waves

    The plan for Wave 2 was for all Troops + metal Heroines.

    The Troops are currently in production. The plan, as you may recall, was to try and begin shipping them by late summer, which is right about now, but the sheer volume of production and the occasional casting surprises mean that we are looking at a few more weeks than planned.

    However, there are also unexpected good news:
    The Snipers of all 3 armies are also in production and will most likely be available in time for Wave 2! Here are photos of several of the 3D-printed masters:

    The Jailbirds Snipers:

    Some KST Snipers:

    The Iron Empire Snipers:

    And the big news is that, contrary to what was originally planned, we will have a big bunch of spin-cast resin Heroines included in Wave 2!!!

    If you remember, once we announced that we were able to make the Heroines also available in spin-cast resin instead of just metal, we told you that they would be produced only once everything else was completed. But since we had some issues on several other minis during the 3D printing phase, that left our resin foundry with extra capacity, so we wasted no time in asking for spin-cast resin Heroines.

    Here's the list of metal Heroines that are already produced and in our offices, ready for Wave 2. (Their spin-cast resin counterparts will be joining them next week):
    • Aaqila Noyakin (KST)
    • Arthemisia Rozenkrantz (IE)
    • Doctor von X (IE)
    • Drakkan (Lieutenant) (IE)
    • Foxy Dynamite (JB)
    • Heleria Drakkenfeld (IE)
    • Karmina Noxx (KST)
    • Katrina Zerga (KST)
    • Krüger (Lieutenant) (IE)
    • Lady Sigrith (IE)
    • Severina Madsen (IE)
    • Snow Ivanka (KST)
    • #42 (IE)

    This means that we have already started the first shipments of Wave 2 for people whose selection was complete with the minis in the above list. And we will continue to do so as new models come in.

    Check out this page (screengrab below) for an updated view of

    • what's in each Wave
    • what's already In Stock and Ready to Ship.

    Challenges and Hurdles...

    You've probably been waiting for this Update to come earlier in the summer, and that's why we want to tell you a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes.

    For example, you've probably guessed that setting up a Pledge Manager that would work with our complex KS reward selection system, complete with a proper back office to manage all the pledges was quite a daunting task. And we still had more administrative work once it closed...

    Actually, we usually try to spare you the daily madness, problems and challenges we have to deal with every day. But you might not be completely surprised to know that even mundane, simple tasks can sometimes escalate into nightmares in the context of a Kickstarter...

    Here's a couple of examples...

    Smack in the middle of the Pledge Manager and the miniatures finalisation for Wave 2, we got a call from Paypal. They told us they were freezing the funds collected during the Pledge Manager to protect their liability. We had to negotiate for several days and provide loads of explanations, but still were only able to unlock half of the money. The rest will not be freed up until shipping is nearly over. As you can expect, this has a ripple effect on the rest of the production, and we had to find and implement solutions to work around this situation.

    Another challenge is how shipping software are not set up to work with what we'll call, for lack of a better word, pre-orders. So they can't differentiate between available stock and not available stock. We've had to create a system of tags for that, and manually (manually!) the reward selections of over 1,000 backers. And, while doing this, we uncovered bugs that the software maker did not know existed...

    You can easily imagine that it's practically impossible to anticipate for such hurdles :( We manage those set-backs as they happen, but let's be honest, during that time, well, we're not fully focused on making minis either...

    And then, there are all the other things of everyday life. Even if our in-house team did not slow down even a little bit during the summer, we have partners and freelancers who took vacations during the summer, two who got married (big CONGRATS! to our sculptors Andrea and Francesca), one who was forced to slow down on doctor's orders, and even one who had to travel to see his brother who'd been in a motorbike accident (he's OK though!)...

    Sculpting – What's Left To Do

    As you can imagine, since the last Update, we've been focusing on finishing the sculpts of the remaining Heroines. They are now all done, except for Kiki Bulldozer (which is actually 2 minis in one, because of the man hooked on her staff), and the new versions of Baba Yaga and the Yaga Arushka. They will be done in the next few days. Actually, Kiki and Arushka should have been part of this Update, but the sculpts still need some polishing.

    Next week, we will also put the final touches to the Jailbirds Mecha, the KST and the Iron Empire Combat Trikes, which are all very close to completion. And then, as promised, we will finish with the sculpting with the Cyberzombie unit.

    When we show you these sculpts, we also plan to show you the alternate versions of all the Artillery servants. They are all already sculpted, but there are so many files to prepare for rendering (so that we can show them to you) that we put it aside so as not to hold back the publication of today's Update. All in all, the creative work is virtually over!

    New Sculpts Images

    Jaheda Kano (KST) and Ash (JB) were originally envisioned as very basic tank operators, but we added details to make them stand out more. 

    Kristina Karlstein (IE) is one of our favourite in this batch. We are very happy to have reworked her concept and her posing. She's now a striking officer with lots of attitude, and a very feminine Iron Empire type of glamour.

    Here is Nertha (IE), the last of the Freedom Fighters. You can bet that the Freedom Fighters will have an important role to play in the upcoming TGG game.

    W101 (IE) is undoubtedly the most frightening of all the TGG miniatures. Truly, you do want to steer clear of those Iron Empire labs.

    We really love Lucky Lucy (JB) and her cool charm. She's bound to have very cool rules in the upcoming TGG game.

    If you are mentally sane, of all TGG medics, Nurse Karoline is probably the one you want to care of you.

    We told you many times how Parker has been a pain from the start, and as we expected, she is one of the very last Heroine sculpt that we are working on. But we are truly happy now.

    We were always a bit disappointed with how the Keela Krupps (IE) sculpt came out. We really liked her crazy steampunk-style apparatus, and we felt that her initial version did not have the strong charisma we were aiming for. So, we slightly reworked her pose and her proportions, and we are now quite happy with her commanding demeanor.

    We know that this is one of the TGG many of you have been waiting for. Translating the 2D concept of General Wolfenstein (IE) into a 3D environment was a big challenge. We took her apart and rebuilt her from scratch several times. Can you believe that seven (seven!) sculptors worked on her throughout the year, with varying degrees of success, until we finally achieved this final version.

    As promised in a previous Update, here is the additional alternate head for the Iron Empire Mecha.

    The Digital Artbook

    Now that we will have all the sculpts done, we will finally have all the base elements we need to complete the Artbook. We have many things to put in this tome. Of course, there will be unpublished versions of preliminary sketches, alternate versions of sketches we didn't use. There will also be new drawings and illustrations, several of them depicting special events of the TGG background. You can also expect KST and Iron Empire propaganda materials, as well as scenes for the TGG's everyday life. And most likely, we'll throw in some fun factoids and behind-the-scene snippets from the TGG Kickstarter.

    The question left to answer is: should we wait for more minis to be painted? This would allow us to include shots of the painted minis, but also, dioramas and more... What do you guys think?

    Paint Jobs

    Here are 2 new TGG Paint Jobs by the talented Russian painter Ringil.

    The Next Kickstarter

    Since we regularly receive questions about our next Kickstarter, here's some info.

    First, the large majority of the concepts for new Kickstarter has been done.

    What you see on the picture above is a pile of all the drawings to date for the Sci-Fi Dark Elves and Sisters of Eternal Mercy. This means that you can double it when we include the Fantasy versions :)

    As you can see, there are many concepts. We'll now have to sort them out to see which ones make the final cut.
    Since the sculpting team will be done with the TGG in 2 weeks or so, we will be moving it to this new project.

    We will also be recruiting additional sculptors as well. Recruiting new sculptors who can meet our stringent requirements is a big challenge. In fact, finding the right person with the right skills and the right attitude is extremely hard and time-consuming, as you can probably guess. We need to locate them, test their skills, see how we work together, prepare and sign paperwork. Then, sculpts get started and worked on and often abandoned (often because sculptors cannot or will not put the necessary effort to bring their sculpt to the next level), etc. All of this results in a lot of frustration and time spent in correcting their work which, is the end, is wasted time. Over the last year, we actually worked with more than 30 sculptors, but you can count on the fingers of one hand the ones we chose to retain in the end, and whom we asked to continue with us for the next project.

    This is also perhaps the opportunity to address a comment we sometimes get, that is, not to start another project before finishing this one. I fear this may be a bit of an inexperienced way of envisioning a business venture. In every company, there are several departments with diverse resources and skills. While we, as a team, sometimes end up all together to sort and pack the minis, most of the time, every department has its own duties. This means that when Alex, our concept artist, was done with the TGG, he had a full year ahead of him to work on something else. And now that the sculpting crew is also about done with the TGG, we need to move them to something new. It would be financial suicide to keep them all idle until the final delivery of the last TGG. It would be just as bad to let them go on to outside projects and run the risk of not being able to work with them again later.

    On the contrary, the fact that we are starting new projects signals the good health of Raging Heroes as a business, an indication that we are growing and that you can expect more and more goodness from the entire team. And as the learning curve begins to flatten, we should also decrease the uncertainty and delays of our first Kickstarter.

    Kickstarter backers allow companies to launch projects they might not have done otherwise and support their future. I think most will agree that we would hardly be repaying your trust if we did not use every opportunity provided by this influx of funds to grow as efficiently and as responsibly as we can.

    As for when we will launch this next Kickstarter, we'd rather not give out a date and then have to move it around, as things are still very much in flux. At this point, our goal is to have it happen around year-end.

    The TGG Game

    We've been hinting at our TGG game for quite some time now. A few months ago, we really put this project in motion, and started looking for a game designer who would be able to help us translate our many ideas into a game system. We wanted someone who would have very good knowledge of the game market, the constraints of production, etc, while at the same time who, as a game designer, was also willing and able to really think out of the box. We have now found this rare bird, and have been working with him throughout the summer, brainstorming and putting the basics in place.

    This game is proving quite a challenge to develop, as we want it to be pretty special. It will be close to the TGG spirit, and is intended to have a very cinematic feel. The action will be far from restricted to an open battlefield, and you will be able to do many moves not usually found in regular wargames. We want it to be fast-paced, with no down time, so you'll never have to wait 3 turns approaching your enemy and then get stuck for 3 other turns resolving combat actions. The personality of each TGG will also play a big role in the game. You well know that some are stubborn, big-mouthed, unpredictable. Others are unflappable, focused, deadly effective. All this and more will show up in the game, and resolving combat will not just be about combat skills but also about bravado, attitude, or even talking yourself out of impossible situations. We are aiming for a wargame that will feel like your favourite action movie.

    We'll share more on this with you as work progresses. If all goes well, we would like to include the game in the upcoming Dark Elves and Sisters Kickstarter.

    Next TGG Update

    Our next TGG Update will be out in just a few days. It is mostly written by Harry the baby Hippo, and will be about shipping, first TGG reviews, and who is the winner of the “How many bases for the TGG Kickstarter” contest...


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