TGG2 - UPDATE #8 – New Freebie + Coming Bonus Unlocks + Resin and Metal + ...

New Freebie: Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith

Here's a new one for the Sisters! Here, she is shown with a heavy pistol, but it will be detachable so that you can use Ardanna in Sci-Fi or in Fantasy settings.

Ardanna is without a doubt the most loyal Servant of the Chalice.
She will never fail you.

Bonus Unlocks

It's April 1st, but we're not fooling: we're busy planning BONUS UNLOCKS!!!

We'll announce them in a new Update later today, so stay tuned and get the word out :)

Request for help

Anyone has built or is about to build an online pledge calculator to help them figure how much they can spend? If yes, do drop us a line at, and we'll share them in our Updates.

Resin or metal?

As mentioned in our FAQ, all the TGG2 minis will be cast in spin-cast resin. Most Heroines (excluding the Freebies) will also be available in metal. You'll get to choose which you want in the Pledge Manager.

You may want to check out what we wrote about the differences between the 2 in the TGG1 Pledge Manager.

And here's a short comment (lifted from the Comment Thread) on this topic, from backer Alexander Tschersich: "The freebies from the first KS where among the finest resin casts that I have ever seen. After reading "spincast resin", I was afraid that it wasn' real resin but some kind of soft and bendy vinyl-hybrid(?) like the DUST figures, but nope, they are hard and the detail is amazingly sharp."

New Concepts + Pinterest

Here are new images of concepts in larger size. We are continuing to update our TGG2 Pinterest board as well, where you'll find loads of TGG2 images. All in one place to see and share them easily.

The TGG2 Pinterest board is here:

TGG2 - UPDATE #7 – Open for Interviews + New Freebie + the Birth of a Concept + More Portrait Requests + Large Images on Pinterest Board

It's interview time!!

For the next 24 hours, we will quickly respond to most interview requests for blog, podcast, webcast, newsletter who wish to feature Raging Heroes, TGG1, TGG2, and can ensure publication by this coming Monday!

To save time, our responses will be made in audio or video form rather than in writing.

So, got some questions? Want some insider info? As long as you can guarantee some eyeballs to propel the campaign forward, get in touch! Simply contact us at with a link to your media. To save time, you can also include questions directly in your email.

Let's spread the good word and get new backers! We've got Stretch Goals to unlock!!!

7th Freebie Unveiled: Rythali-in, Expiatrix

Repentant sinners are often rigged with weaponised pillories and dispatched to the front lines of the battlefield to see if they have earned the chance to be forgiven. Expiatrixes like Rythali-in are at their side to make sure they stay in line and do their penance...

The Birth of a Concept (an Interview with Raging Heroes' Art Director)

Most of our characters or creatures begin with a simple idea, a fairly general description. It can be an emotion, a personality trait, or a simple sketch.

From there, I begin to do research. I spend a lot of time on the Internet visiting sites like Pinterest, or rummaging through my personal archives. From this research I assemble what is called a mood board. It brings together a large number of images. Some refer to the shapes of the creatures and characters, others have a more vague link but will inspire me for various aspects of the new miniature.

The Worm Riders Inspiration

For example, to create the Worm Riders, I began from several very specific ideas. First, I wanted these creatures to have a look that would be related to monster drawn by medieval artists like Brueghel, Durer or Martin Shoengauer. The engraving of the Temptation of St. Anthony by Martin Shoengauer was one of my key references. 

I wanted these creatures to be like a giant kind of worm combining elements inspired from dragons, sea monsters and demons as they were represented in the 15th -16th centuries. I also referred to the art of Hieronimus Bosh, who depicted a large number of fantastical creatures.

These artists were among the firsts to depict the fantastic bestiary that has served as inspiration for most of the fantasy creatures that we all know today.

Finally I looked for strange animals like deep sea fish, or a small salamander (axolotl) whose gills are on the outside, as well as lampreys and even microscopic animals.

The general idea that guided the search for the Worm Rider references was to imagine predators that would have some sort of a shark head combined with a worm body and various freakish appendages. On top of that base would be added all the other elements described above.

Getting to the final concept

After I've gathered all of these references, I scribble a few sketches or a do a mock-up in Photoshop or just write down a description and I send that to Alex, our concept artist. Often, after one drawing, the concept is already there. Other times, the process is slower and we work closely together: he'll send me new drawings, I'll edit them or give some feedback then send them back, he'll work on them again, and on and on we go, back and forth until we get it right.

The work is almost always done in this manner. For example for the Minions, these cute little demons who accompany the Sisters, we used illustrations from Brueghel and Jerome Bosch as inspiration to create our own little characters.

For the Altar of the Succubi, I wanted the effect of a swarm of harpies surrounding the giant vehicle and creating a strong, surreal composition. To provide Alex with some inspiration on how to arrange the harpies, I looked to Gustave Doré's many woodcuts featuring clouds of angels in tormented skies. It helped him to instantly get were I was going.

For Heroines and other key characters however, the work is often even longer and also more complex. I do a lot of research to find the physical features and accessories that will enhance their personality. In the case of the mascots for example, I compiled a huge number of animals pictures as well as cartoon references to be able to find expressions that would make Vladimir and Tobias at the same time cute, funny and aggressive (you'll find about them very soon...). For with such characters, everything matters: body shape, facial expressions, body language, and more. It often takes several iterations to get that kind of character right.

More Backer Portraits!

You have been sending us your backer portraits, and they are a joy to read! Keep' em coming, getting to know you is absolutely great! We'll start sharing some very soon!

If you haven't done so, why not complete this survey and tell us a bit about who you are? As noted yesterday, we particularly want to hear about your unusual experiences / career choices / life events. We're curious to learn more about you, and we'll share that through blog posts and other articles.

Direct Survey link:

Large TGG2 Images on one of our Pinterest Boards

We've now opened a Pinterest board featuring the TGG2 images. We will continue to populate it every day, so you can see large TGG2 images all in one place, and share them easily.

The TGG2 Pinterest board is here:

Here are some of them:

TGG2 - UPDATE #6: New Freebie, Davidians' Background, Ball Joints, Backer Portraits, If You're a bit Lost with this KS...

Dear Fantastic Backer,

Here we are at Day 6. The campaign is going very well, and we are very excited about your awesome support!

However, together, we can do even more. Tomorrow, we'll spend the full day answering interviews and setting up new communications channels. But we also need YOUR HELP!

Please continue to spread the word, share images on your Facebook page, and talk about this campaign at your gaming club, on your regular forums and blogs, and to everyone you know!

The more new backers we get, the higher will the campaign go, and the more stuff we can UNLOCK!

You are already part of something big... Let's all make it even BIGGER!!!

TGG2 campaign link:

6th Freebie Unveiled: Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix


Due to their physical “deformities”, it is pretty hard for the Lust Elves to pass undetected in an civilian environment. That's were the Exsanguinatrixes come. These Lust Elves have a much less demonic appearance and they don't carry weapons except for the blades attached to their hair. They don't hesitate to disguise themselves as “normal” people to move undetected in a crowd. They can move extremely swiftly. But when they let down their hair...

Free Upgrade Stretch Goals

At last! Here they are! The Free Upgrades! They are available to everyone. And some are already unlocked!


Going forward, they are going to be slotted between our regular stretch goals, until they're all released.

The Davidians' Background

We've noticed a heated fashion debate right now: are big heavy boots the craze of the season or the silly whim of an over-hyped armour designer? With their thin frames and light garments, it looks like the Davidians have chosen their side. But we thought we'd jump in and share some info on this topic.


The Davidians are a very special unit named after the legendary Saint Davidia. The stories say that to protect a desperate civilian population, Davidia stood naked before the gigantic creature Goliathus and single-handedly defeated him.

The Davidians embody the fight of the weak and small against the powerful ones. They carry a very special weapon, the shocksword, a cyber blade designed to generate a shock wave which resonates with the molecular structure of heavy armouring. The heavier an opponent is armoured, the stronger the shockwave.

To be protected from the impact of their own weapon, the Davidians must be nearly naked, to the exception of their heavy cyber boots which are designed to absorb the formidable recoil impact created by their weapons.

So it is not rare to see the fragile Davidians charging monstrous metal-clad opponents on the battlefield and reduce them to a pulp.



As you will have noticed on our TGG2 Kickstarter Story page, many of our troops are equipped with a spherical ball-joint system. Thanks to this, most of our miniatures have parts that are interchangeable and that can be combined in infinite ways.

So can you easily customise the figurines belonging to the same unit. Furthermore, in many cases, you can also use parts from another unit to create new compositions. For example, you could take Fantasy Davidians and mix them up with Sci-Fi Davidians. You could even go all the way and combine dark elf and Sister of Eternal Mercy elements. The ball joint system is the method we found to allow you to get as many pose variations as possible.


Also, as all our troops are in resin, they are very easy to cut and modify to create even more complex customisations. In short, there should be enough to keep you busy for hours, if you're so inclined...

Backer Portraits

By creating The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, it seems that we have answered a big demand in the market. It is clear that men have always loved beautiful female figurines. But the female gamers were also very much looking for female minis and, to our delight, many have become TGG1 and now TGG2 backers.

With the TGG, we wanted to create a wide variety of female characters. Some are heavy armoured warriors, others are more delicate or sexy. Some are young women, others are venerable matriarchs. We try to cover a wide spectrum of characters and go beyond the fantasy and sci-fi classics. We are very proud of our little characters like the Lulus, the oldBaba Yaga or the strange Nertha from TGG 1, the Orphanage Sisters and the eerily disturbing Death Dancers from TGG2.


And guess what? In the same manner, many of our backers are also truly diverse as well as quite amazing characters. In fact, when we started interacting with them, we couldn't help notice that that their profiles were broader than the standard geek stereotypes (as it is sometimes portrayed by the general public), a mix that includes ranking officers, scientists, mothers, bikers, and more...

So, we thought this could be the opportunity to begin compiling backer portraits and share with you all the wide variety of our TGG backers...

So, come forward! Complete this survey and tell us a bit about who you are! We particularly want to hear about unusual experiences, or career choices, or life events. We're curious to learn more about you, and we'll share that through future blog posts and articles.

Direct Survey link:


If you're a bit lost with this Kickstarter...

It looks like a few backers who may be new to Kickstarter are a bit unsure about out Stretch Goals, Freebies, Add-ons, increasing their pledges, etc. It is true that we do take all this for granted, but being confronted to a Kickstarter for the first few times can be confusing. So here are a few pointers below.


By pledging at Lieutenant Box and above, you are automatically getting Freebies worth over $200. We are unveiling a new one every day, you can see them in all their glory in each of theTGG2 Updates.

Stretch Goals

Every time the TGG2 KS campaign passes a new level of funding, we unlock a new item. For example, when we reached the $500,000, we unlocked the Altar of the Succubi, which means that you will be able to select this as one of your Rewards. So, the more stretch goals are unlocked, the more different models you can choose from once the campaign is over.

Increasing your Pledge

Once you've already pledged once to the TGG2 Kickstarter, there is a green button on the right of the TGG2 Kickstarter project that says “You're a backer", and just below it, a blue button that says "Manage your pledge”. When you click on it, you can add more funds. If you really want to increase the value of your Pledge, you can go to a higher Pledge Levels. The higher the Pledge Level, the better the deal.

Choosing your Rewards

After the end of the campaign, we will give you access to the Pledge Manager. It is a web-based tool that will allow you to select precisely which miniatures you want.


Add-ons are special items that you can also add to your Pledge count. They are not necessarily unlocked as Stretch Goals. For example, the Freebies will also be available as add-ons, for those who pledge at lower than Lieutenant Level, or those who want to select extra Freebies. We will add an image featuring the Add-ons with pricing to the TGG2 KS front page later in the campaign.

TGG2 - Update #5: New Freebie, Bonus Unlock, Dark and Flesh Elves Background, Mascots + a Survey, Free Upgrades and more...

The TGG2 Kickstarter campaign is here! Hurry, only a few days left!!!

New Freebie: Sephea, Executrix Champion

Sephea is an Executrix or Long Sword Champion. You'll be able to use her both in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as she will come with a removable cyber face mask/respirator.

2,000 Backers Bonus Unlock

As we've just passed the 2,000 backers mark, here's a bonus Stretch Goal to celebrate this event!

From Dark Elves to Flesh Elves

Until now, we've mostly shared Sci-Fi fluff, so it's time we talk about Fantasy too.

The Elves are one of the oldest sentient life form ever. But when the world was young, they were quite different from now... Each Elf integrated two different parts: a vegetal one and an animal one. In a simple way, one could say that there was a living breathing body merged with a tree. The tree stayed rooted in one place forever, but the animal body was free to roam the world. The tree provided shelter, a strong base, a place to regenerate and replenish one's strength. The animal body brought the experience of the outside world, the elation of moving freely, the joy of exploration.

Living in perfect symbiosis, these two parts complemented each other perfectly, and Elves lived in harmony and happiness. There were several kinds of Elves, several tribes, each with its own makeup such as different animal and vegetal forms.

But this wouldn't last. Rivalries arose between the tribes. At first, they were tempered by the trees' wisdom. But the animal forms were impatient and excitable. One day, one tribe committed the irreparable: going into a grove where elven trees had been left alone without their animal counterparts, they burned them to the ground. The connexion between the trees and their animal forms was so strong that, even miles away, their animals were instantly covered in burns, their naked flesh transforming into black coal. They who had been so supple and handsome were suddenly burnt, black and brittle. But most of all, when they returned to the grove, their trees were gone. They had lost the most precious thing in their life, their halves gone forever.

Despite other tribes begging for a peaceful solution to this unspeakable aggression, the Fire War spread. For months, nights turned red with raging fires. Elves by the thousands lost their tree forms and turned coal black. Vengeance became their only solace.

When the Fire War finally ended, the Elf population had dwindled to almost nothing. The few tribes that did not give into war managed to force the Burnt Elves to leave, so that they would no longer be a menace to the remaining forests.

The Burnt Elves disappeared to lick their wounds. They found sanctuary in a faraway land and sought magic to rid themselves of “The Burn”. Most of their bodies were now of cracked and brittle coal, stiff and creaky and fragile like burnt branches. For centuries, they tried all the remedies they could find. A potent of black magic eventually somehow removed the burns. But their souls could never be appeased.

On the dark journey to healing, several Burnt Elves Sorceresses stumbled into even darker ways. They bound their bodies to twisted demonic forces, going very much beyond what any Elves had gone before. Their new bodies appeared to have no more limitations. They could grow new limbs at will. They could make graceful amazing moves at speeds no other Elves could match. They were reborn into something that surpassed their previous vegetal-animal symbiosis.

And this came with a heavy price... Possessed by entities that had transformed them into wicked killing machines, the Flesh Elves were something that even the Burnt Elves recoiled from...

Why Are There Mascots in the TGG?

Below, the Art Director and the Sculpt Supervisor discuss one of the upcoming Mascots... They usually have more energy, but this was after a particularly long all-nighter......

If you followed our first Kickstarter, you may now that some of out most popular miniatures are the mascots for each army. This idea came to be when we launched our first box of the Kurganova Sisters and their cigar-smoking Prussian-helmeted war bulldog Charlie

With Kickstarter, we thought it would be a good idea to give every army its mascot. The Jailbirds got Harry the Baby Hippo, an all-time favourite. The Iron Empire has Jinx, the evil-plotting fur-less oversized sphinx cat. And the Kurganovas got an updated version Charlie with a Napoleonic hat.

Our goal with the Mascots is to bring a little fun in an otherwise dark and grim setting. Of course, we aim to match the mascot to the spirit of the faction it's attached to. But we do it in a tongue-in-cheek way, thinking of these little characters as sidekicks, such as you'd see in a Pixar or Dreamworks animation.

So it's not just about the choice of an animal by itself, it's really all about its attitude and personality.

New Mascot: Tell us what you think!

We have already planned a mascot for the Dark Elves, an inseparable pair of mascots for the Sisters, but we're having a hard time agreeing on the best mascot for the Lust Elves, so we thought we'd ask for your assistance. 

Can you please as soon as possible tell us what should be the Lust Elves' mascot with this survey, and what personality it should have? We'll keep you posted in an upcoming Update. 

Direct Survey link:

Free Upgrades

Now that we've passed the $500,000 mark, we will soon start unveiling the Free Upgrades.

The Free Upgrades are very cool: they will add new stuff to already unlocked figures. Mostly, it will be additional alternative heads and body parts to create even more customisable troops. There will also be additional weapons to make better-looking champions or to give heavy weaponry to some of the troopers. There will even be complete miniatures added to the All-Star boxes (see Update 3 for info on All-Star boxes). 

We will start posting a first map of the upcoming Free Upgrades tomorrow. They will begin at $500,000 and will be sprinkled between the regular Stretch Goals. So some will already be unlocked tomorrow when we post them.

Quick Tips

Elves Terminology

What additional piece of information you can infer from the background described above is that our Fantasy Dark Elves will be called the Burnt Elves the Fantasy version of the Lust Elves will be called the Flesh Elves the Sci-Fi Dark Elves will be called Void Elves.

We don't think this matters much at the moment, so to avoid confusion during the campaign, we will mostly stick to Sci-Fi Dark Elves and Fantasy Dark Elves, and Sci-Fi Lust Elves and Fantasy Lust Elves, as these terms are more generic and probably make sense to more people.

Pace of the Kickstarter

Campaign If this is your first Kickstarter and you're wondering why the campaign’s growth appears to have slowed, please know that this is perfectly normal. It's the same with most Kickstarters, and particularly with all-miniatures Kickstarters. They start with a big bang, slow down to a more normal rate after that, and pick up again in the last 2 or 3 days, when once again, the campaign gets as crazy as at launch time.

Indeed, we can tell you that we have a significant number of backers sitting at the $1 pledge level and either watching the campaign from afar, or waiting for the 48-hour reminder that Kickstarter send out, which usually reboots the campaign. So everything is normal and par for the course.

Nevertheless, recruiting new backers (or encouraging the $1 backers to jump in at a higher level now) will help unlock new minis faster, so don't hesitate to share this campaign everywhere you can think of. Here are some tools to help you.

  • The link to share is:
  • If you want to embed the campaign somewhere, you can use the code on top of this page: click on the “Share this project” Button just below the video and the short description of TGG2 KS campaign, and choose Embed. Try it, it looks pretty cool!

  • Banner : You can put the handsome banner below on your blog, or as you signature in forum posts, or anywhere else you can think of... Just grab this image (right click and save link on your computer), then, when you upload it elsewhere, please link it to the campaign:


You've brought to our attention that we may have understated the size of the Hydra. You are quite correct. It should be larger. Here's the updated chart:

TGG2 - UPDATE #4: Fourth Freebie, Resurrection Story, Shipping Explained, Drop Ship Option, Pledge Manager, Large Creatures' Size Comparison

TGG2 Campaign

OK, today, we go for a more technical Update. It's probably a bit less sexy, but we know that this information is important. But first, an image and a bit of background...

New Freebie: Doralys, Virgin Oracle

Doralys suffered a similar, although less traumatising experience as Santa Dolores (see below). She has become powerful seer, endlessly roaming through the tangled fabric of time.

The Strange Experience of Resurrection

The Holy Water that springs from the depth of Cathedra, the capital of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy (cf. The Sisters of Eternal Mercy: the Birth of Cathedra in our previous Update) has the power to rejuvenate and resurrect.

But the Resurrection Process is not necessarily an easy one. It largely depends on the circumstances of the death, and on the past experience of the resurrected.

Santa Dolores is probably the most troubling case of what resurrection can bring.

There's a deep and lasting impact to being resurrected. In some cases, the resurrected develop new sensibilities. Sometimes, they can even develop full-blown psychic powers such as mind-reading, telekinesis or foresight.

Santa Dolores is a martyr. She was a high-ranking dignitary of the Sisters' order. She was ambushed by assassins who furiously stabbed her to death. Her body was rescued from he assailants but life had already left her physical envelope. She was quickly brought to a resurrection chamber. But the trauma of the sudden attack, the spirits who were already fighting to take her soul, and a too-hasty resurrection process created a strong psychic storm that left her trapped in the very moment of her rebirth, perpetually torn between the ecstasy of coming back to life and the torment of hew own death. She is now one of the most powerful psychic.

Shipping Explained

We thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit more about shipping, as it looks like maybe some of you have missed our info on this topic on the front page of the Kickstarter..

We've come to realise that there is a strange paradox in Kickstarter: the more a Kickstarter is successful, the more backers have put funds into it, the longer they have to wait for their rewards as production takes longer. This is not good! Not for the backers, and not for the project creators. It creates much frustration and pressure for everyone. To alleviate that, based on the shipping experience we gained from our previous Kickstarter, we've come up with a new system that should help a lot with this.

This system will allow you to choose exactly how and when you want your rewards shipped once they've been produced. Basically, you'll be able to determine exactly how many separate shipments you wish to receive.

You can always decided to select the cheapest option, that is, to wait until everything you want to have been produced, and get all in a single shipment. But from the feedback we got from the previous KS, we strongly suggest that you treat yourself to two or more shipments during the production phase. The shipments are weight-based, so smaller parcels are of course less expensive than larger ones.

Each extra shipment you purchase will likely be less expensive than buying a round of drinks to your pals on a Friday night. Plus, you won't end up with a huge pile of minis to paint all at once. In a way, it will be a little like Christmas every time you get a new TGG2 package... Indeed, just check the comments and videos of the backers who received their TGG Freebies to see how they feel about receiving that small shipment (more comments our Facebook page, too).

Just so you know, it would be less work (and less expensive) for us to send you everything in one big parcel once every single Reward is produced and in stock. But hey, like you, we're passionate about miniatures, and we know how frustrating it is to wait.

If you've missed the Shipping Information on the TGG2 KS front page, here it is again:

From our experience with our previous Kickstarter, we have created a new shipping system:

The shipping fees will be collected AFTER the Kickstarter, during the Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager is the tool that we use so that you can tell us which minis you want.

As new Rewards become available to ship, you will get to choose if you want them right away or wait for more to be produced before getting a shipment. This way, you decide exactly how many shipments you get, how often, and how much you spend on shipping.

Therefore, the shipping fees will be collected after the Kickstarter, each time you ask us to send you a parcel.

Shipping will be weight-based. As a rough estimate, to-date, shipping the content of a Captain Box costs about $12 to ship to France, $22 to ship to the European Union, $28 to ship for the rest of the world.

While there is a very strong chance that you will receive all of your Rewards way before they become available at retail, there is always a possibility that some TGG2 minis go on sale before then, especially if you choose to save on Shipping costs and wait for ALL the TGG2 minis to be produced before receiving your Rewards Selection. We believe that the very special deal, the Freebies, and the exclusive content we provide with the TGG2 KS largely compensates for this slight possibility. However, if you are not comfortable with this, please do not back this KS and wait for the TGG2 to be available at retail.

What about the Drop Ship Option?

Another option you have will be to use our Drop Ship Option.

On TGG1, we offered the Drop Ship Retailers system. We combine the shipments of 3 backers or more, and sent that big parcel to their approved retailer. We do this 3 times (so, 3 shipments), but the backer only pays for shipping once.

We plan to offer this option for TGG2 also, but we need to see the final size of the campaign before we go into details. No worries, though, all shipping-related stuff will be dealt with after the campaign ends and before the Pledge Manager opens.

If you're curious, here are the previous Drop Ship Locations. It is likely that most of the retailers on this list will participate for the TGG2 campaign, but to date, none have been formally confirmed. This will happen between the end of the TGG2 campaign and the opening of its Pledge Manager.

Want to suggest a new Drop Ship Location? Simply ask your retailers to complete this form, and we'll get back to them after the KS campaign is over.

Choosing your Rewards in the Pledge Manager

It's a bit early to start talking about this, but we know it's always a concern. As with TGG1, we will open the Pledge Manager only when we are ready to deliver a First Wave of Rewards. Therefore, you will be making your Rewards Selection for those minis based on renders and/or photos.

Here is how the Pledge Manager is planned to work:

It will be exactly like a regular web shop. You'll have a “Store Credit” based on your pledge. First, you won't be able to spend it!

We will populate the web shop with all the unlocked concept form the campaign, and you will have to make a “Wish List” based on those concepts. This Wish List will not be binding, but it will help us determine the quantities we need to produce for each reference.

Then, every time we have new minis going off to the foundry, we will update the Pledge Manager with their renders/photos and you will be able to amend you Wish List if you want, and also, if you are ready to get a shipment, to move the ones you want from your WishList to your “cart”. You'll be able to do this as often as you wish during the production phase, whenever new minis go off to the foundry.

Large TGG2 Miniatures Size Comparison

It's always a bit hard to have a good understanding of the final size of the minis when they're still at the concept stage. So we've this chart to help you get a better feeling of what they will look like.

We would always want to make them as big as possible, but we also have to deal with such mundane things as production costs, the space they take in the mould, and the size of their basing. Therefore, slight variations from this chart may occur form this chart, but this is where we're heading.

You will also notice that inconsistencies appear on some of the characters. For example, the bodies escaping from the Cyber-Mother's “mouth” look way too big to be human-sized. This will be changed later in the sculpt. As a rule of thumb, please refer to the overall size of the piece, and not to some of its components.

TGG2 - UPDATE #3: Third Freebie, Sci-Fi Sisters' background, All-Star Boxes, New Images and more...

New Freebie: Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist

Here is the Freebie of the day, yours if you pledge at Lieutenant Box Level or above.
Here is the Freebie of the day, yours if you pledge at Lieutenant Box Level or above.

The deadly ballet of the Death Dancers is a truly amazing thing to witness as these surreal creatures move with an unimaginable grace, perpetually morphing and transforming while new limbs grow or vanish from their body. The sad thing, though, is that their hypnotising dance is most likely the last thing you'll ever see...

The Sisters of Eternal Mercy: the birth of Cathedra

If you followed our previous Kickstarter The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, you know that the Iron Empire was built by a human colony: they were the first humans who chose to flee a dying Earth and try to find a new place for themselves. Sadly, their expedition was doomed from the start. Radiation, sickness, catastrophic hardships: colonists and crew were decimated. The last few survivors manage to land in extremis in a far-away belt of asteroids, where they stumbled upon the relics of a very ancient Egyptian-like civilisation. And hidden away deep in the Aegyptians' tombs, necromantic knowledge enabled the colonists to raise from the dead their deceased companions.

Armed with this necromantic magic and the many artefacts found in the tombs, the colonists set about rebuilding a new society. But, unsurprisingly, the radiation they endured during their journey had lasting effects: most of them had become sterile, with the colony unable to renew its population. When the Iron Empire's leaders decided to forcibly enlist their few fertile citizens into a breeding programme, many went into hiding rather than become breeding slaves, while other tried their luck once more and, with stolen space transports, left their home again. But the Iron Empire pursued, mercilessly killing many of the very people who could have been their future...

And yet, some managed to get away, among them, several pregnant mothers-to-be, of which seven became leaders of the exodus. When they reached an habitable planet a year, later, they were the one to name this new world Edenia, when it downed on them that this world had been the one the original colonists had been searching for.

Once settled near a large river, the new settlers felt revived. In fact, they were in better health than ever. Some probably believed that their bodies had been longing for a real planet rather than a cold asteroid.

One night, all 7 mother-leaders had the same strange dream: a cryptic message, delivered by a being of light, telling them to go forth and explore. And so quest teams set out to see and map their world. Some went far and away. Others stayed closer to home to better understand the area around Cathedra, their new home settlement. One such team set out looking for the source of the river that fed their home town. This led them to a large cave from whence the river emerged. As they explored it the cave narrowed down to a small passage. Abandoning their vehicle, they walked, then crawled through the diminishing stone corridors. The water flow was running thin, like a small stream seeking to merge with the rest of the river... Hours later, cold and shivering, the questers emerged into a gigantic subterranean cave. And then their hearts nearly stopped: the cave was a field of giant crystals running tens of meters high, with myriads of stalactites and stalagmites appearing to hold the ceiling.

And in the middle of the cave, a group of stalagmites stood on a small hill. The questers, uneasy, approached in silence as the seven stalagmites' shapes increasingly evoked those of 7 pregnant women... And at the feet of the 7 stalagmites, there was a natural basin from which the water came. One of the quester slowly pulled a cup from her bag, and scooped up some of that water to bring back to Cathedra.

It didn't take long for the people of Cathedra to relate their good health to the sacred water. When completely pure and drunk from the source, this water could literally bring back to life what things had been dead. Not in the dark way that the Iron Empire necromancy could. This water meant real life, the holy grail that the Iron Empire couldn't find.

Should this transcendental knowledge and power be shared with the Iron Empire? The seven Mothers and their Council argued on and on. But in the end, they could not forgive or forget the past.

And this would be their curse...
(to be continued)

Here is a first concept of the Fantasy Angels for the Sisters. It will be unveiled on the front page later today... but not yet unlocked...
Here is a first concept of the Fantasy Angels for the Sisters. It will be unveiled on the front page later today... but not yet unlocked...

All-star boxes...

You've probably noticed the mysterious All Star Box icon that sits next to some of the girls...

We came up with the All Star box Concept because, when working on some units, it became obvious to us that each of the girls was actually much more than a simple trooper. Those girls reminded us of The Magnificent Seven or Inglorious Basterds, in which a band of characters are the heroes of the story Since our upcoming game will be very cinematic and influenced by the movie culture, it made a lot of sense to create special units in which each character will be some sort of hero/champion. 

But, for various reasons, developing and sculpting a Heroine character costs more than developing a Trooper.

So, we thought we should begin these boxes with 3 characters only. But if the Kickstarter goes big, we will upgrade these boxes with additional characters, up to 5 per box! This means that, basically, you'll get additional free minis in those boxes and end up with a group of heroines for the price of a Troops box, which in our opinion, is a seriously cool deal!

Creating a Raging Heroes Mini – Working on Proportions

In the coming Updates, we will have an on-going series to explain specific steps of our work when we create a miniature.

Today, we talk about something that might seem quite abstract, but which is really a key step for creating lethally elegant female minis.

We spoke on the last Update about how the sculpts will continue to evolve until they are finally produced.

One of the few drawbacks of 3D sculpting is that it is really hard to get a good feel for the bulk and size of a mini until it's actually 3D printed. You can take as many measurements as you like on your screen, use measuring tools in the 3D software, you can compare them side-by-side to previous sculpts you've made, and more... All this will help. But it will never be enough to make the right call.

And if you know a bit about photography and filmmaking, you'll probably have heard this expression: “ the camera always adds 10 pounds” (or 5 kilos, here in France). This means that on a photograph or on film, most of the time, one will look about 10 pounds heavier than in reality. Strangely enough, the same is somewhat true between 3D renders and actual minis. So we also have to take that into account when working on them.

This is why, every time we create a new army, we need to go through some sort of calibration process where we test the look and feel of key minis. To do this more efficiently, we got ourselves a 3D printer that we use for prototyping and testing. We print the same miniature at different sizes and different bulks until we find the right mix.

So, in the end, while some of the renders we've shown might still appear a bit squat, they will end up with similar proportions as our other miniatures once they reach then casting and moulding stage.

Quick Tips

Monsters and base sizes

We've been getting several queries about the size of the various creatures, how they compare to each other, and on what size of base will you be able to mount them. Just so you know, we always try to make such pieces as big as we , however, we know that, depending on the game you play, base size can be really important, so we do keep that in mind. In the next few days, we'll post images and measurements to help you get a better feel for this.


Lots of stretch goals have been unlocked since the beginning of this campaign. We've updatedour Front Page to reflect this more clearly, with a little green unlocked padlock and the KS amount at which it was unlocked. Come over and check it out if you've missed this. 

Concept Images

In future updates, we will start adding larger sized concept images. Just bear with us while we re-order everything, because there are a lot of them... And meanwhile, here's a new one:

Here is the Sci-fi version of Yscarloth, that you probably haven't seen before...
Here is the Sci-fi version of Yscarloth, that you probably haven't seen before...

TGG2 - UPDATE #2: Second Freebie, Void and Lust Elves Background, some clarifications, and Quick Tips..

#2: Second Freebie, Void and Lust Elves Background, some clarifications, and Quick Tips..

Meet Xarxis, the Succubus Queen. If the Harpies are ferocious and vicious creatures, you can probably guess what their queen may be like. So don't stand to close, or she'll rip your heart out.

Void Elves and Lust Elves

We thought it would make sense to share with you how the Void Elves and the Lust Elves came to be.

First, we could say that, in a sense, the Lust Elves were a happy accident. Well, from another point of view, there is no doubt that it could be said that they are a tragic accident that keeps on happening.

At first, we wanted some sort of Void Elf army, as they perfectly fit a specific place in the TGG universe. But, we will not yet tell you the exact truth about where they come from or what they really are. Deep and dark secrets lie in the TGG background.

So, for now, let us say that the Void Elves are a race of truly immense powers (heck, they don't even need to diet to stay slim...). And contrary to what you might think when you see them, Void Elves never go to war. Warring is beneath them. Void Elves just wanna have fun.

In fact, from all the intelligence gathered so far about them, it looks like the Void Elves could well be just a small group from a much larger civilisation, a small band of demented individuals who gather together for sick perverted games...

The only thing that's known for sure is that the Void Elves do not have a physical body per se. At least, not on the battlefield. Instead, it appears that they are able to project themselves as solid light holograms of sort.

There appears to be two kinds of Void Elves: the Hunters and the Sculptors, but there might be more.

Here is one that you've only seen as a silhouette so far, the Fantasy version of our beautiful and fearsome Lust Elves Demon Steed Rider (it will be on the Front Page tomorrow)

The Hunters target convoys, settlements, or even planets, and raid them for sport and trophies.

The Sculptors are worse: it is hard to truly understand their motives, but they seem fascinated by flesh, as it is something that they do not have. Their thing is to create insane constructs of flesh and technology that they use as vessels to incarnate and harvest even more flesh. They appear to see this as some kind of performance art, although their spirit and intelligence is so much beyond human standards that who they are and what they do is unfathomable.

Working from this premise gave us much room for crazy visual ideas, and we went completely overboard with the number of concepts and characters we designed for the Void Elves. And while in our mind, it was always one single army, we ended up with enough material for two. And it was obvious that fluff-wise, some armies would be made only of Hunters, some only of Sculptors, and that some armies would mix both. Even in the characters themselves, you can probably feel the mix between these two tribes. And since the Void Elves have no physical limitations in the way they will create their “bodies”, it is only logical that even Hunters don't necessarily limit themselves to two arms and two legs.

In our future game, please know that we consider the Lust Elves as part of the Void Elves army, as they are basically the same people and so, you will be able to play, say, only Void Elves, or only Lust Elves, or a combination of both. This is also why we put the Stingrays with the Void Elves in the Sci-Fi section, and with the Lust Elves in the Fantasy version, as their roles and the army they fit in will be a bit different depending on the Fantasy or Sci-Fi stetting,

We will actually talk about the Fantasy Dark Elves and the Fantasy Lust Elves in a next Update, but the set-up is basically the same: the Lust Elves are a more wicked sub-group of the regular Dark Elves culture.

Mixed Images

There have been several mishaps with one of our graphics artists. He is new in the team and we threw tons of info at him. With all the excitement and pressure of the KS launch, he ended up confusing a few things... Part of today has been spent fixing all this. Don't worry though, he has now learned his lessons after we shut him in a cupboard for a couple of hours with a band of enraged Lust Elves...

Anyway, the result of this was 

  •  that Sol-Sariah, the Sisters' Priestess, was unlocked twice in the Stretch Goals, 
  • that some characters appeared to need to be unlocked twice, once for Sci-Fi and once for Fantasy (because the same concept was mistakenly used for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy when there should have been two)
  • that incomplete 3D renders were shown instead of their concepts.

It may appear like a huge pile of mistakes but believe us, with the tons of files we had to handle for this KS, it's probably surprising there weren't more :)

To clarify things:

If a model is the same in Fantasy and in Sci-Fi, then it will be unlocked only once, in a single Stretch Goal. Be patient with us, we are still fixing all this, it won't take long.

Also, just in case you're wondering, you'll be happy to know that in the final sculpts, the difference between the Fantasy and the Sci-Fi version of a character (or a trooper) will be even more obvious than in the concepts. This is not saying that the miniature will be very different form the concept. It means that we will make sure to add touches, accessories and other visual cues to accentuate the specificities of each version.

Sol-Sariah was replaced in the $310,000 Stretch Goal by the Fantasy Hunter Pack Leader.


Regarding the 3D renders, some of them, for example the Regular Fantasy Sisters, were not actually supposed to be shown. As we mentioned earlier, that was a mix-up from our lay-out artist.

At the same time, this is not necessarily a bad thing as this shows you our process. In the same manner that the concept is not the actual miniature, the work-in-progress 3D sculpt is not yet the miniature that you will hold in your hands. The problem right now is that everybody is very much used to seeing work-in-progress of traditionally sculpted minis (what is called a work-in-progress green), and are not troubled when they see blobs of green stuff stuck on a wire armature. The work-in-progress of a 3D sculpt is the same thing, but it shows in different ways. With the way we work, we can have a full-blown sculpt of a character in just a few hours. But then, the hard work comes in: it's the lengthy task of beautifying the sculpt: balancing the proportions, giving it the right expression and the right emotion, making it come completely alive.

On the Dark Elf Long Swords, for example, we chose to show you the sculpts instead of concepts as they had evolved from previous concepts and ideas that we combined together. But they are not completely done yet, especially their heads that are still lacking beauty and expression, and a finalised hairdo.

But never fear, they will get the full Raging Heroes treatment before they go to the foundry, and with all the things we learned from our previous Kickstarter, and are going to be a fine match for the TGG1.

Upcoming Stretch Goals
Upcoming Stretch Goals

Quick tips

About the game

We've had a few questions about the game, and especially about its size. You might have missed the little section we wrote at the bottom of the KS front page on the game... As we mention there, the game will be very scalable, and you'll be able to start playing with just a few miniatures.

Special $500,000 Stretch Goal

For the special 500k Stretch Goal, we will be unlocking the much anticipated Altar of the Succubi. You can be sure that we will use all our skill to make this a completely memorable piece, and centrepiece of any gaming table!

Male figures

We've been asked if there would be male characters in this Kickstarter. The male characters mostly make sense for the Dark Elves and the Void Elves. So, as we know that most people are here for the female characters and armies, we will have specific stretch goals featuring sets of male heads and male torsos that you will be able to get to customise your Dark Elves and Void Elves troops.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lust Elves

Please note that most of the Lust Elves Troopers will be usable in Fantasy and Sci-Fi settings. There are only two units which come in two versions: the Skinners/Flesh Eaters, and the Centaurs.


We updated the FAQ earlier today on the front page of the Kickstarter, do check it out when you have a moment.

Well, that's it for now. In our next Update, we'll share the background for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy.

TGG2 - UPDATE #1: A Big Thank You + Meet the first Freebie

(the TGG2 Kickstarter is live now here)


Dear Backers,

Once again, you totally blew us away!

Once again, you were so fast that we could not keep up the pace to unlock the stretch goals (and god know this time we had prepared all this in advance!).

This is totally awesome, and we cannot thank you enough for your support!

To let you behind the scenes, we should tell you that as we are writing this, we've all been up for over 48 hours... So, to be sure to give you the best possible Kickstarter, we're now going to go and grab a little bit of rest :) Only Charlie will stay behind for a bit to reply to a few questions and messages.

Tomorrow, we will start sharing with you the background stories of our dear TGG, we'll explain stuff like the “all star boxes”, and we 'll be there to answer more questions.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Sister Celenia, a sister scout. She is the first freebie you'll get with your pledge. You'll be able to use her in a fantasy or a sci-fi army as there will be an option to transform her pistol into a crossbow.

The Sisters prefer to use the term “scout” but in fact these girls mainly act as assassins...

 Also, if you took some time to study the front page earlier today, you'll be in for a bit of a good surprise when you go back now! Indeed, when we prepared all the images for the front page, for some strange reason, it was the Art Director who ended up doing some of the math for the pricing of the minis. As it turned out, he mistakenly inflated some of them. This has now been corrected, so this may even be a bit of good news for you :)

On another topic, since the Kickstarter is already going so fast, you'll be happy to know that there are more stretch goals that do not even appear as silhouettes on the front page yet... Rest assured that we still have got some pretty wicked stuff left to show.

Update #104: TGG Freebies and TGG2 Deals!!

The TGG Freebies

The last remaining Freebies are being shipped Tuesday and Wednesday. They include all the Personal Wave Shipping (2 and 3 Waves), and the Drop Ships (going to stores). We also had a few problem cases to solve, but we're almost done on those too. If you haven't received a shipping notification by Thursday evening, drop us a note. 

Curious to know what $185 worth of Freebies (retail value) look like? Check out this Open-the-Box video from the DiceMiniaturePaintGuy: 

We hope you enjoy your Freebies too!

TGG2 Special deal for our TGG backers – a free mini!

And here's the special deal we promised you, our first TGG backers: if you chose to come in our our new TGG2 Kickstarter (launching this week!) and pledge at Lieutenant Box level and above, you'll get a free mini to choose amongst our TGG2 Kickstarter specially priced $10 Heroines (a $15 retail value). 

We couldn't have come so far without your continuing support, and so we are happy to show our gratitude by doing this for you :)

Get $200 of Freebies on the TGG2 Kickstarter!

For our upcoming TGG2 KS, there will be $200 worth of Freebies unlocked right from when we launch. As last time, Freebies will be available to all Lieutenant Box Pledges and higher Pledges.

Indeed, we have such strong faith in our project and our backers that, right from the start, we are offering a full set of 15 freebies (Retail Value: $200 !) to all Lieutenant Box Pledges and above.

That's $200 worth of free stuff right from the launch of the Kickstarter on top of the deal you're getting with your Pledge Level!

We will unveil one of them every day throughout the Kickstarter. That’s one freebie a day, whatever happens!

Don't miss out, the campaign lasts only 15 days! (March 25 - April 8)

Start time and Early Bird Pledges

We will again have Early Bird Pledges for this Kickstarter, so we got ourselves a nifty countdown to TGG2 Launch.

Since France hasn't yet moved to Daylight Savings Time yet (happens only next week-end), don't hesitate to check out the exact TGG2 Launch time around the world.

Get 200$ of Freebies on The TGG2 Kickstarter!

TGG2 KS: $200 worth of FREEBIES NOW! 
(for all Lieutenant Box Pledges and above)

We have such strong faith in our project and our backers that, right from the start, we are offering a full set of 15 freebies (Retail Value: $200 !) to all Lieutenant Box Pledges and above.

That's $200 worth of free stuff right from the launch of the Kickstarter on top of the deal you're getting with your Pledge Level!

We will unveil one of them every day throughout the Kickstarter. That’s one freebie a day, whatever happens!

Don't miss out, the campaign lasts only 15 days! (March 25 - April 8)

You wonder what $200 worth of Freebies looks like?

Well, check out what $185 worth of Freebies from our first TGG Kickstarter look like, thanks to this Open-the-Box video from the DiceMiniaturePaintGuy:

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