TGG2: Update #63 – News from the Creative, Production and Logistics Department

You may be wondering why you haven't heard from us a bit earlier this month. Well, a good way to summarise this is that August and the beginning of September have been pretty intense. Not a lot of sexy stuff, but a massive amount of work nonetheless.

As you may already know, Raging Heroes is made up of three key departments: Creative, Production and Logistics. As the Creative work of TGG2 was completed at the beginning of the summer, the Creative team has now moved on to other projects (Scroll down to the Creative section to find out more about what's coming up). 

Also, please note that we've got a SALE with FREE SHIPPING going on in our regular shop!

Both Production and Logistics department are currently in full swing to manage the completion of TGG2 and everything related. Because of that, this Update is split in 2 sections, so you can have a better understanding of what is going on and who is doing what.

Oh, and just so you know... now that the sculpting is done, we did a few calculations of what the Creative Team has accomplished: in total, the number of individual characters, vehicles and mounts created and sculpted adds up to a staggering 450 sculpts. This is about twice as much as the number of sculpts created for TGG1!!!

All these sculpts were made in about 300 working days. This works out to 1.5 sculpts every day!

News from the PRODUCTION and LOGISTICS Departments

Over 3,300 Parcels have already been Shipped!

First of all, for reasons which we shall share with you in a forthcoming Update, shipping the TGG2 took truly epic proportions. The entire team at the studio stopped whatever they were working on and started packing, sorting orders, answering messages, and running to the Post Office with cars filled to the brim with parcels. As you can see in the picture below, there was a point where most of the workspace was filled with bags and bags and bags...

bags, bags and more bags of minis
Bags, bags and more bags of minis


On our way to the post office
On our way to the post office


empty stocks after a few crazy weeks of shipping
Empty stocks after a few crazy weeks of shipping

We are still waiting for some of you to get in contact with us so that you can choose your Rewards. So please get in contact as soon as you can.

Dealing with your Enquiries

Unfortunately, as always, mistakes can happen. If there was anything wrong with your shipment, please head over to this page and complete the appropriate form.

You would not believe the kind of crazy stuff that can happen during a Kickstarter fulfilment.

For example, we got a message from one of our US backers who wondered why the tracking of his package was showing that it was on its way to a faraway land... We discovered that he had entered CA for California in the Country field instead of the State field... And so the parcel was on its merry way to Cambodia!

Then there were the lucky few who got their parcel shipped twice, because the printer jammed and ended up printing their Rewards Selection twice. These errors were usually discovered the evening that the parcels had been dropped off to the Post Office, when we were entering the tracking numbers in the system...

Not to mention the on-again, off-again threat of the Canada Post strike, which meant we packaged but had to store those shipments upon individual Canadian backers' requests, concerned that their shipment would be held off for weeks... (In the end, the strike never happened.)

And then, there were the English backers who wondered about customs and shipping fee if Brexit were to be effective... (No change for at least 2 years, as it turned out.)

There are many little stories like that, that keep happening every week.

Ioana answering your messages
Ioana answering your messages

Still got questions or concerns? Please contact us directly through the forms on this page.

Vacations and Staff Changeovers

Then of course, there were many vacation days accrued to our collaborators, and they kindly waited for the bulk of the shipments to happen before taking off. So from late August to early September, the place was a bit of a ghost office.

And then, with the end of our key TGG2 activities, some members of the team arrived at the end of their mission with us and went off to other projects, whether permanently or for a few months. We wish them all good luck for their new ventures. Of course, on our end, this meant some internal reorganisation and reassignment of duties.

For example, those of you who have been in touch with our Customer Service have most likely been in contact with Sandrine. While Sandrine is still with us, she had moved on to other missions and work with us less often, so Ioana has taken over. The transition slowed down the department for a bit, but the good news is that your messages can now be responded in one of 4 languages: English, French, Romanian and Italian!

Upgrading the Production

This time in a Kickstarter project is also very special for us because, now that sculpting and shipping is done, it is a period were we can focus very strongly on making every aspect of the production better.

Thank to your feedback on your TGG2 minis, we can spot things that may have been missed before, as well as uncover recurring issues.

Of course, our focus is always on the quality of your models. That's the reason why we've been doing a massive overhauling of the printing as well as the mould-making process. It's a tough decision to make, because it means that the production is slowed down or partly halted (which is why you haven't seen a lot of updates on this document until now), but the delay is always worth it.

- 3D Printing

We have completely transformed our 3D printing pipeline. This is really huge!!! We have multiplied our 3D printing capacity by over 400%. This not only means that we can print much more rapidly, but it also means that we can more easily test stuff for a much more reasonable cost.

For example, below is something we could never have done before: a test print of the massive Erzebel. Now, as you can see, the print is crappy and very low-rez, but just being able to do that allows us to check proportions, assembly, and more in a way that is incredibly effective.

Crappy, low rez Erzebel test print for size purpose
Crappy, low rez Erzebel test print for size purpose


Printing tons of stuff
Printing tons of stuff


It might be hard to believe, but these are Blade Maidens
It might be hard to believe, but these are Blade Maidens

We also took the time to test several different software for the 3D printing tasks. Without going into the boring technical details, we can tell you that some of the solution we have encountered makes many improvements on all levels.

Working closely with the foundry, we have also determined a new system for splitting the miniatures in several different parts. In the end, it will mean cleaner casts and gates (a gate is the part that attaches a mini to its sprue) that are more optimally positioned.

- Foundry

First, let's start by acknowledging what an amazing job the foundry does for us. Yes of course, miscasts and other problems can happen. But if you are not versed into the technical aspects and know-how of mould-making and casting, it is probably hard to appreciate how the casting of the TGG2 Kickstarter is such a big leap up from TGG1. In the end, you might not see the difference, but TGG2 miniatures are so much more complex, intricate and full of details that for the foundry to be able to cast our minis is almost like pure science-fiction.

The deadly beautiful Malheezariah
The deadly beautiful Malheezariah

But of course, just like us, the Foundry team is not the sort of guys who sit on their laurels. So in the past few weeks, we've been engaged in much testing and brainstorming on how we can make sure that the quality of the cast always remain at the top level and that the way the miniatures are laid out in the moulds helps us to have less mistakes made in the packing department.

A truly big character
A truly big character

Below, you can see two new types of layout that we have been experimenting with. The 'pizza slice' system seems to have a lot of potential for many reasons. And if it is the system that we choose to go with, it might even yield special bonuses for you that were not even planned before. To our knowledge, no other brand has done this before. It's nothing big or exceptional, but I'm sure you will appreciate it...

A test for a new type of mould layout
A test for a new type of mould layout


The soon to be famous pizza slice mould technology
The soon to be famous pizza slice mould technology

And, with the massive influx of new moulds and stock for TGG2, we've also had to reorganise our workspace. The foundry is already ahead of us, as they've now built many new shelves and stacks to accommodate all the new moulds, current and upcoming. And our end, we are still in the process of moving stuff around and adding shelves everywhere.

more moulds, more shelves, more moulds, more...
More moulds, more shelves, more moulds, more...

Production Update

So, as you can see, we have been far from idle, even with the vacation time. But since our available time has been mostly taken up with process improvements, it means that the production itself slowed down a bit. However, this work is absolutely crucial for the good health of any project, and this was the best time to do it. But the production pace is already picking up. All the Troops' 3D printing will be finished at the end of next week, which is a massive achievement! And the printing of Heroines will be done most likely the week after that. Then, we'll finish the printing process with the Monsters and Machines.

The production schedule at the foundry will somewhat follow the same order, except for the most popular items, which we will try to place earlier in the queue.

If you are still waiting for some Rewards, please stay tuned for our next Update as our planning should be much clearer by then. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Production page which is updated in real-time.

Blood Vestals just out of the 3D printer
Blood Vestals just out of the 3D printer


Daughters of the Orphanage
Daughters of the Orphanage

Your Feedback on the Models

When we opened the Pledge Manager earlier this summer, it was really great for us to be able to interact directly with so many of you, and to feel your excitement about the upcoming TGG2 miniatures. From the massive amount of positive comments we received when you got your minis, it looks like they have lived up to your expectations and maybe in some case exceeded them. After so much hard work, it is a great reward for the team to get this praise and to feel that we've made you happy. So here are few of these comments and messages:

Dux: " Just got the first wave of my TGG2 models last night, and I'm just blown away by the details. These gals look so gorgeous. " (Facebook - September 2016)

Christopher : "Amazing details in these figures. What a fantastic job you have done.Feel proud to be a backer on this project.Thanks!" (Facebook - September 2016)

Benoit : "Hey Raging. I just received my models from you and I have to say you have outdone yourself again!!! I am so happy with the money I have spend with you. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work." (Facebook - September 2016)

Solène : "Yesterday i just came back from the ETC in Greece and i saw i had a package waiting. I opened it and instantly drooled all over your models. They are gorgeous, stupendious, well detailed and amazing. These girls look so though and sooo sexy at the same time! I have to stop myself from spending even more money on them ! Thank you so much" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

Stefan : "Hey you awesome Raging Heroes Team :) Thanks you for your great work <3 The Minis are perfect .... so perfect that i want to ask you if i can maybe get a bit MOAAAAAAAAAARRRR AWESOME RAGING MINIS :DDDDD I know the Manager closed with 10. August but... i can write you so i try :P Wish you all all the best, be AWESOME like all the time ^^" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

Li Keel : "Hi Team, First of all, let me just take the time to remark on the quality of the models, amazing, I am super impressed with these models and dunno how you beat your last kickstarter but.. it happened. So great job on that. I'd also like to use this time to thank you for the service you are providing. I cannot begin to understand how much effort the entire raging heroes team must put in to make this all possible. So really guys, thank you, your models are impeccable and your service is amazing." (Mail RHTeam - August 2016)

Veronika : "Hi, I would just like to let you know I have received the first shipment of freebies and two more heroines and they are absolutely outstanding. I haven't touched them in any way yet, still waiting for them to air out as you recommended, but all the details... I expected top quality from you after previous experience, I drooled over the renders, but this is a whole different level. They are so small! So lovely and full of character! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, dedication and pure artistry. Best regards - Veronika" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

You also sent us some pretty cool pics:

A wonderful Arthenya VI from Australia, if I'm correct
A wonderful Arthenya VI from Australia, if I'm correct


Great bunch of Sisters by Omegamarine
Great bunch of Sisters by Omegamarine (Canada)


A sexy Shiveryah by Astadriel
A sexy Shiveryah by Astadriel


A great looking Xarsiss spotted at the Gencon
A great looking Xarsiss spotted at the Gencon


A gorgeous Shaliah by our own Claudia Zuminich, the only member of the team who manages to paint some TGG minis. I think she has completely given up on sleep.
A gorgeous Shaliah by our own Claudia Zuminich, the only member of the team who manages to paint some TGG minis. I think she has completely given up on sleep.


What about the Occasional Miscast?

However, we are fully aware that unfortunately, some of you received a few less than optimum models. Despite all of our efforts, there were a few miscasts in a few batches that escaped our attention. We have to admit that at the time, the fact that this happened was a bit of a mystery for us. All our miniatures are double, and sometimes triple-checked. And yet, despite this, some miscasts slipped through.

After investigation, it looks like some of the specific information given for quality control would occasionally get lost or distorted through the chain of command. We have put steps in place to fix this. We also effected some staff changes. And of course, we completed this by reviewing and upgrading our manufacturing process, as described above.

Cutting the Model from the Sprue

We have seen here and there some concern about the complexity of some of the sprues that the miniatures, and the fact that it might make it hard to properly cut the parts away from the sprue without damaging them. This is due to the very high complexity of the minis, and, as noted above, we are already working with the foundry to make the gates (the parts that connect the miniature to the sprue) less intrusive for the next batches.

However, we have also published a tutorial on our site to share with you the optimal way of cutting the model from the sprue without any damaging it. I strongly suggest that you read this short information.

Feel and Colour of the Resin

We've also seen here and there comments as to how the colour of the resin might affect its other qualities. First of all, please keep in mind that contrary to plastic injection moulding, which is most often done in big Chinese factories with massive machinery, spin-cast resin is a craftsman process where every single mould is created and handled by hand by a team of very talented artisans.

Like every item made by hand, it means that in some way, each item is unique. The colour differences you might see in your various TGG miniatures is simply due to the amount of dye that is added to the mix. It does not affect the composition nor the quality of the resin in any way. Some batches may be darker, some others may be lighter. But in the end, it is always the same resin.

News from the CREATIVE Department

After finishing the sculpting of TGG2 in early summer, the creative team started to focus their twisted minds towards new goals. As we already told you, several projects are currently in the works.

TGG3: The Game!

We already have tons of concept for TGG3. And the sculpting of these new characters will start this October. There will be probably a bit less miniatures on TGG3 than in TGG2, because TGG3 will be centered around our miniature game. But as always, if things go really crazy, who know how many new minis we might make.

The TGG game will be a science-fiction game featuring our six current Sci-Fi armies. If you are a Fantasy gamer, however, know that we also have plans for you.

We plan to run the TGG3 Kickstarter sometime this winter.

But First...

But before that, we've got something else planned: we will soon launch a Scenery Kickstarter. We have been playing with a lot of cardboard and boxes this summer. And even if the photos below are not quite impressive, we can tell you that we are planning some pretty insane stuff... And we think that your gaming table will never look the same again! More on this very soon.

Ok, it's really not impressive at all, but that's how a project starts
Ok, it's really not impressive at all, but that's how a project starts


Definitely not there yet, just a very early mock-up, but I guarantee you it's gonna be epic!
Definitely not there yet, just a very early mock-up, but I guarantee you it's gonna be epic!

News from the SALES Department

In case you missed TGG1, it's now been over a year that we have started releasing the TGG1 miniatures publicly. And this month will the next-to-last release of new TGG1 models, both on our website and with our retailers.

To celebrate this and the back-to school season, we will be having some super attractive deals for you with our brand-new Army Packs within the next few days. Also, we are now releasing the WereSheWolves, both individually and in a specially-priced box of 4. And within the same week, the Mechas are going to join the fun.

To top it all, we now have FREE SHIPPING until October 2 on our entire webshop at Check it out!

TGG2: Update #62 – Shipping is in Full Swing

Pledge Manager Extended to August 10

As you may have noted, we have pushed out to August 10 the closing date for the Pledge Manager. We did this for several reasons. One is that running a Pledge Manager during the summer means that there are a few backers travelling or on vacations who cannot complete the PM earlier. Another is that due to our own staff vacations schedules, we found ourselves short in the Customer Service department, and we wanted to make sure we could address your messages before closing the PM for good.

The good news is that our key Customer Service staff got back in yesterday, and if you're still waiting for a reply, you should be getting answers very soon, and we thank you for your patience.

If you have questions, please go to our Contact page and follow the instructions there.

Please note that for technical reasons, the Paypal payment option is currently unavailable, but you still have the option to pay with your credit card when you go over your 'Store Credit'.

The casts of the Daughters of the Crucible, ready to rumble
The casts of the Daughters of the Crucible, ready to rumble

Shipping is Ongoing

As planned, shipping of your Rewards started a few weeks ago. If you were among the early ones to complete your Pledge Manager and have not yet received a shipping notification, that is normal. As we explained when we launched the Pledge Manager, we thought it would be wiser to hold back some parcels while several new models were about to come in from the foundry, and we wanted to include them in your shipment if they were part of your selection. Furthermore, the Pledge Manager has been hugely successful! So much so that we had to re-order additional batches from the foundry to keep up with demand, and they are still coming in.

Packing like crazy :)
Packing like crazy :)

Everything is now getting back to normal. We have also beefed up our shipping team, which is now working round the clock and shipping up to 200 parcels every workday. The whole shipping campaign will be done by mid-August.

Everyday, bags and bags of parcels leave the office to travel all across the world to your doorstep
Everyday, bags and bags of parcels leave the office to travel all across the world to your doorstep

First Feedback

We've already begun receiving feedback from backers who've received their shipment, and they are very happy about the miniatures! Here's a sample of their messages:

Zak Artibello: "Just wanted to say great work on the tgg2k, very impressed with the models".(Mail RHTeam - July 2016)

Jonathon Krisko : "First, thanks doing a fantastic job! I'm extremely happy I backed your project and look forward to seeing what you are going to do in the future." (Mail RHTeam - July 2016)

Marius : "The freebies and some other minis just arrived. And I have to say I love them. Great work. So smooth, tiny and full of sharp Details. And thanks for the beercoaster - it will find ist use." (Kickstarter – July 2016)

You can also check out this blog post from Tabletop Apocalypse, an unboxing of the TGG2 Freebies. 

From the Tabletop Apocalypse unboxing
From the Tabletop Apocalypse unboxing


And here are 2 videos of TGG2 unboxing, the first one in English, the second one in German.

TGG2 Bestsellers

In case you're curious, we thought we would share with you some info about the most popular Rewards.

We knew that the Sci-fi Sisters' troops would be popular, but that went totally beyond what we had anticipated. They've been the most sought-after unit of the TGG2 Kickstarter.

Fresh from the 3D printer, a Fantasy Sister trooper
Fresh from the 3D printer, a Fantasy Sister trooper


We had other surprises as well. When we worked on the Avatar of Shah and the Altar of the Succubi, for us, it was more about making some dream minis come true than really creating a commercially viable product. Boy did you prove us wrong! These two, together with the War Pulpit, were EXTREMELY popular, which of course encourages us to do more crazy and large-scale projects (yeahhh!).

Finally, another surprise was the massive success of Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim. Yes we thought you would like her, because who doesn't like a good-looking wrathful angel? ButErzebel has become the best-selling Heroine of the entire TGG2 project, and we didn't see that coming :)

What's Next?

We hadn't yet finished dealing with the bulk of the Pledge Manager that MANY of you were already asking us what will our next Kickstarter project be? Now that our work is done and that the final step of the project is in the capable hands of our foundry, we can now turn our attention to what's next.

As always, the foundry is outputting some seriously cool stuff !

As always, the foundry is outputting some seriously cool stuff !

The success of our first 2 Kickstarter campaigns has given us so many ideas that it is hard to choose what our next project should be. That being said, we can definitely confirm that the TGG game is coming together quite well.

We also have several ultra-cool “board games with miniatures” projects in which you will be able to play a large part, if not all, of the TGG1 and TGG2 minis. In fact, aside from special projects, we plan to have most of our board games take place in different aspects of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy universe.

Last but certainly not least, if you like cool-looking gaming tables, we're currently working on a project which we hope will... oh, the connection is breaking... I can't...  oh... (To be continued!!)

We are in love with the new version of Asharah, looking even more than ever as her bitching self...
We are in love with the new version of Asharah, looking even more than ever as her bitching self...


... And possibly even more so with the fantasy version
... And possibly even more so with the fantasy version

TGG2: Update #61 – YES!!! (NSFW) Altar of the Succubi, War Pulpit, Dark Elves Male Bits, and more Knights of the Chalice

“I Want the Altar / War Pulpit but I've Already Selected my Rewards in the Pledge Manager!!!”

Yes, we thought some of you might say that. No problem! Just go to the Pledge Manager, add the Altar and/or the War Pulpit, and Proceed to Checkout. Exceptionally, this week, if you onlyput the Altar and/or the War Pulpit in your cart, you won't get charged for shipping! 

The reason for this is to make it easier for us to combine your orders without having to refund the shipping fee that results in you going a second time into the Pledge Manager. Of course, if this is the only thing you get with your pledge money (Altar and/or War Pulpit and nothing else), then of course, we will collect the shipping costs from you before we ship, because shipping ain't free for us :)

If you put anything else in your cart, however, you will be charged for shipping. But, again, no problem!! In this case, you've got 2 options: 

Lots of images again!

For full size images, when you're on the Pledge Manager, right-click > Open image in new tabon the images you want to see – Kickstarter has a very tedious interface so we've only put a few full size link in this update.

NSFW: As usual, there are bare breasts in this update.

Altar of the Succubi

So here it is finally... What else is there to say, except that it has been a challenging piece to develop but we are very excited by the final result. 
As you can see, it is massive and full of details. If there ever was a centrepiece, this is definitely it. Enjoy!

Click for larger image
Click for larger image




Click for larger image
Click for larger image




Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image



Click for larger image
Click for larger image


War Pulpit

Another very much expected model, judging by your many questions and comments. So here it is, another pretty insane sculpt. It's going to look so cool on your gaming table...











Male Bits for Dark Elves

Below are the all the Dark Elves Male Bits. We actually ended up with more than what was originally planned. Indeed, there is now two types of kits for the Heavy Troopers:

  • one for the Halberds and Draahk Riders,
  • and one for the Long Swords.

And of course, there are also Male Bits for the "light" troops (swordmen / spearmen / crossbowmen).

If you have already finished going through the Pledge Manager and chose the Heavy Dark Elves Male Bits, don't worry: we will contact you personally at a later date so that you can tell us which Heavy kit you need.

In the images below, you can see that the male bits work really well with our regular Dark Elves (female) miniatures.

How to Remove High Heels

If you want to remove the high heels on your troopers and champions, it is very simple. As you can see on the male elves images below, you can easily remove the parts that bother you. We did it digitally on the 3D file but you can do the same on the minis.

In most cases, you can simply cut the longest part of the heel with a modelling knife, and, voilà, you've got a regular heel. On the feet that stand firmly on the ground, this solution might not always work, but that will happen rarely. In such a case, however, we suggest that you use some texture on the base to partly hide the heel. It won't require a lot since the part you will need to hide will be about 1mm high. A bit of static grass or a few grains of sand will easily do the trick, and boom, again, you've got non-high-heeled TGG minis :)

Male Elves Bits for Halberds and Draahk Riders Champions

Heavy Command Group heads and torsos: 3 Champions male torsos and 3 male heads compatible with the Halberds and Draahk Riders, but NOT with the Long Swords.



Male Elves Bits for Halberds and Draahk Riders Troopers

Heavy Troopers heads and torsos: 5 male heads and 5 heavy-armoured torsos compatible with the Halberds and Draahk Riders, but NOT with the Long Swords.







Male Elves Bits for Long Swords Champion and Troopers

Long Swords Pack: Troopers + Champion heads and torsos: 

  • 5 male Trooper heads and 
  • 5 male Trooper long swords torsos AND 
  • 1 male Champion head and 
  • 1 male Champion long swords torso









Male Elves Light Champions Bits

Light Command Group heads and torsos: 3 Champions male torsos and 3 male heads compatible with the Spearmen/Crossbowmen/Swordsmen.



Male Elves Light Troopers Bits

Light Troopers heads and torsos: 5 male heads and 5 light-armoured torsos compatible with the Spearmen/Crossbowmen/Swordsmen.







More Knights of the Chalice

There were a few Knights of the Chalice missing when we originally shared them with you. Now they're all done and we now have two boxes of five soldiers.

Most of you have probably already seen them in the Pledge Manager, but we wanted to feature them in our Updates.

First, here are two line-ups showing the two boxes:


 Then, here are the renders of the four new sculpts:













The Pledge Manager awaits you!

If you haven't done so, pay for your shipping fee at, and you'll be able to connect to the Pledge Manager as per the following schedule:

  • (Wave 6) Buy Shipping Fee by July 14, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 15, 1PM GM 
  • (Wave 7) Buy Shipping Fee by July 18, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 19, 1PM GM 
  • (Wave 8) Buy Shipping Fee by July 21, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 22, 1PM GM

And while you wait, check out the instructions right here.

Update #60 – More Time to Pick your Rewards!

More on the Stingrays at the end of this update

More on the Stingrays at the end of this update

We Are Extending the Deadline for the Pledge Manager!

The Pledge Manager will now be open until July 25. 

Here are some of the reasons why:

  •  We are now getting into the summer vacation period, so our customer service will not always be available, and we don't want to leave you hanging, or worried that you may not have time to complete your Pledge Manager before getting an answer.
  • Some of you are travelling or on vacation, and are unable to get it all done in time.
  • We've got the War Pulpit and the Altar of the Succubi to show you, and we know some of you held off finishing their pledging until they could see it. But now, this is biting into their summer vacation...

    If You Have a Problem or a Question about the Pledge Manager:

    If you have questions and cannot find the answer on our various FAQ's, remember that we have now created 3 forms to resolve most problems. Check this page for all the details and links.

    Please use these forms as much as possible if you have questions, you will get a reply much more quickly.

    If you've ALREADY contacted us via email or by leaving a Chat message, we recommend you use these forms instead.

    We Will NOT Be Available from July 14 to July 20...

    Please note that Customer Service will NOT BE AVAILABLE from July 14 to July 20.

    July 14 is Bastille Day in France, which turns into an extended week-end for several members of the team. 

    Nevertheless, please don't worry and don't panic if something goes wrong during that time.
    Even if you are going to be away or unavailable when we reply to you.

    The packing and shipping crew will be on deck, however, and shipping will continue during that time.


    We save the best for last: we are finishing tonight the renders for the Altar of the Succubi. We will share them with you tomorrow, that is, unless the machines crash in the middle of the night...

    Meanwhile, we just got prototype casts of the Stingrays from the foundry, and we just had to share them with you.

    Also, this give us the opportunity to answer the recurring question that some of you have concerning the robustness and balance of those of our models that stand on what looks like delicate or thin elements.

    First, once they are glued on a base, they is absolutely no stability problem. We take care to test that all along the development and production process.

    However, it will be important that you use common sense and glue such miniatures in a way that puts the centre of gravity in the middle of the plastic base. The centre of gravity is not necessarily where the mini touches the plastic base. For example, on the Stingrays, the centre of gravity will be somewhere at the middle of the Stingray's body, regardless of where the tip of its tail is.

    Second, regarding the robustness of the minis, here's an anecdote for you: a couple of days ago, I saw one of the guys (who shall remain nameless this time) press down hard on the top of the Stingray with Champion. He had just finish assembling the miniature which, as you know stands on its tail. Well... nothing happened. That is, nothing broke. Of course, we are not advising you to do this, but it does show that the miniatures are quite sturdy.

    TGG2: Update #59 – Important Update: More Help for the Pledge Manager

    Things are moving very well with the Pledge Manager, and many of you have already chosen their rewards. However, we received a massive amount of questions and this keeps us extremely busy. This is why the Update that was due Monday is just coming out now.

    In this Update, you'll find links to new forms that will help us deal with your questions and problems in a much more efficient way.


    If you keep getting the error message 'No account was found', please complete this form: Problems accessing the Pledge Manager.


    If you are entitled to a free set of FREEBIES and you FORGOT to add them to your cart, then 

    • Sign in to the Pledge Manager
    • Go to 'My Account' and click on 'View Messages'.
    • There, 'Send a message' that says "I forgot to add my Freebies"

    That's it! We will update your Rewards and send you a new 'invoice' to confirm the add. Please allow us a few days to do this.


    If you pledged on TGG1 and want your Free Heroine ($10 at KS pricing), please review this form: TGG1 RETURNING BACKERS.


    If you 

    • mistakenly paid EVERYTHING with Paypal and did NOT use your Store Credit, or
    • want to CHANGE or INCREASE your Rewards Selection, or
    • have any other question, 

    Please complete this form: Pledge Manager Questions/Changes


    You can also find this information directly in the Pledge Manager, under Contact Us.

    TGG2: Update #58 – Add your Freebies + Pay with your 'Store Credit' + other questions

    This is a quick Update to answer a few messages and comments we received right after Update #57, and to clarify some details about the Pledge Manager.

    First thing, as we wrote often and pretty much EVERYWHERE on the latest Updates and on the Pledge Manager, make sure you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Everything is there and it is very straightforward to follow. In fact, half of the backers have already gone through the Pledge Manager without issues.

    For the most common issues (such as the the onces concerning the items listed below):

    • WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING A NEW FORM TO SPEED UP the resolution of your queries. 
    • We will share it with you in our next Update, no later than Monday
    • If you've already contacted us regarding a problem concerning one of the items listed below (and have not yet had a reply), please wait for it and then, use it to get a speedy reply.


    If your pledge gives you access to the Freebies, ADD the pack of Freebies to your cart. It is clearly noted in the instructions. You will know that the Freebies pack is free because the cost is $0.00.

    We need you to add them yourself, because not all Pledge Levels are entitled to them.


    As noted in the instructions, at Checkout, ALWAYS choose the option Pay with your Store Credit.

    Do NOT click on Pay with Paypal.
    NOT until you have FIRST clicked on PAY with your Store Credit.

    → First when you are about to proceed to checkout


    → Then when you are ready to pay

    This is a perfect example of the technical limitations we all have to deal with. The cart supplier does not allow us to remove the 'Pay with Paypal' button that appears EVERY time you look at your cart!!! 

    So please beware:

    Do NOT click on Pay with Paypal.
    NOT until you have FIRST clicked on PAY with your Store Credit

    “WHAT if I mistakenly paid for my ENTIRE cart with Paypal instead of paying FIRST with your Store Credit?”

    This is the kind of mistake that we strive to fix right away. In the next 24 hours, I will attempt to locate the people who have been affected by this and resolve their issue immediately.

    If you haven't heard from me by Monday, you will be able to use the new form coming in Update #59 no later than Monday to flag this issue, and we will take care of you in priority.

    “I was a TGG1 backer, how do I get my free mini?”

    Oh God! This is my mistake. I completely forgot about that! We spoke with a few people on the Chat about this, and told them to put a Comment when they Checkout. But this is NOT the right way to do it.

    We are NOT backing out of our commitment. But we need to implement a proper an effective solution for this.

    Therefore, we will fix this AFTER the Pledge Manager is closed.

    So, the answer is: Do nothing and please complete your Pledge Manager. We will come back to you with the proper procedure after the Pledge Manager is closed.

    If you CANNOT ACCESS the Pledge Manager

    Please review Update #57.

    In Conclusion

    We are sorry for any inconvenience some of you might have experienced. There is currently absolutely no software tool on the market that can properly manage a project like this one. So we have to deal with the limitations of the tools at our disposal. And this is why we have provided instructions on how the Pledge Manager works.

    The good news is that for most backers, the process is absolutely seamless and simple. But for those for whom it isn't, we are here and we will make sure to resolve whatever issue you may have.

    Thank you again for your support!

    TGG2 - Update #57: Pledge Manager problems and other questions

    As you know, the Pledge Manager is now open and, judging by the numerous conversations we have on the live chat with people who have questions, there's a lot of excitement about what's in it.

    However, we have a recurring problem that might have prevented you to log in :(

    Can't access? Have you used two different email addresses? 

    It happens that a good chunk of people who have used different email addresses during the campaign (like one to pledge on the Kickstarter and one to pay their shipping with Paypal) are not recognised by the system and so are prevented to access.

    We had been told that it would not be a problem and the tests we had made before the launch seemed to indicate that it would work fine, but there is definitely a nasty bug here, and we need to fix each issue manually :(

    Of course, this has created a flood of messages, on top of all the other questions we receive every day related to the minis, the Pledge Manager itself, and all the various concerns you might have. So we are valiantly plowing through this stream but it is not super efficient: because of the backlog and the time to get an answer, people tend to write to us one, two or three times with the same concerns, which in turn creates more backlogs... and even if we work like crazy to give you access, some of your are still waiting to enter the Pledge Manager....

    IN ANY CASE DON'T WORRY, IF NECESSARY, WE WILL EXTEND THE TIME THE PLEDGE MANAGER STAYS OPEN to make sure that you have enough time to make your selection.

    Here is the solution! 

    If you have paid your shipping and have not been able to access AT THE TIME STATED on our schedule here do the following:

    - Check if you have used two different email addresses for the Kickstarter and for Paypal 

    - If yes, to get your situation solved asap, go to 

    - Fill out the form

    - Please DON'T send us a message through another channel, it will only slow down the process 

    - We will patch you in the system and send you a confirmation that your access is unlocked.

    This process will take a few hours but it is the FASTEST solution to get your problem fixed. If you contact us with this problem through a different channel, we will most likely send you back to the form.

    Why hasn't my message been answered? 

    Because of this situation, we have a massive backlog of messages, but we are going through them one by one. If your question is about having problems accessing the Pledge Manager, please check the section above. If you have other questions, don't worry, we will answer you as soon as possible, but please check our FAQ because there's a good chance there is an answer to your question there.

    As much as possible, we try to be on the live chat every weekday around 13:00 to 18:00 GMT to answer the most pressing questions in English and in French.

    Here are some answers to the most frequent questions we get:

    What about the War Pulpit, Altar of the Succubi and remaining Knights of the Chalice ? 

    The War Pulpit and Altar are nearly done and WILL be shown before the Pledge Manager closes. The remaining Knights of the Chalice are already done and the new images are now included on the Pledge Manager :)

    I have already made my order in the pledge manager. Will I be able to add the War Pulpit or the Altar to my selection ? 

    Yes, we will be able to do that, but it will be solved AFTER the Pledge Manager has closed. Don't write to us before then, as we won't start looking at those cases before. We want to make sure you have all our attention when we start solving these situations.

    I have forgotten to add the freebies / I have made a mistake when I placed my order!

    Don't worry, it can be easily fixed, but it will be solved AFTER the Pledge Manager has closed. Don't write to us before that as we won't start looking in these cases before. We want to make sure you have all our attention when we start solving these situations.

    I want an heroine in metal but it says she is out of stock. 

    It's because she is a large-size heroine that is part of the list below and we probably won't make her available in metal. Here the list of those heroines:

    • Yscarloth F+SF 
    • Keshyrii F+SF (centaur Heroine) 
    • Erzebel (great seraphim) 
    • Varanith (Draahk rider heroine) 
    • Xehzirhya F+SF (Demon steed rider) 
    • Augusta F+SF 
    • Santa Dolores 
    • Mistress Slithiss F+SF (excruciatrix)


    After the previous update, we received some messages about the centaurs. Most people were crazy about them, a few people didn't like them so much or found them too creepy, but the main question was “Will they be able to stand?", or "Won't they break too easily as some stand just on one limb?”. Rest assured that we take care of these things. On delicate sculpts like this, we test and reinforce the delicate parts if necessary. There are plenty of ways to do this in a nearly invisible manner, so please don't worry, it will be dealt with !


    Apparently, you really love that sculpt, because as soon as the Pledge Manager opened, she instantly became the number one heroine of the TGG2 Kickstarter ! Yeahhh !!!

    TGG2: Update 56 - Opening of the Pledge Manager

    This is very important information, so please make sure you read the entire update carefully to ensure that you get your Rewards as quickly as possible.

    When the Pledge Manager goes live, if you see a problem with your account, please get in touch with me via private message, via email ( or via the Pledge Manager's Live Chat and we'll find a solution.

    When will I have access to the Pledge Manager?

    Before you can connect to the pledge manager, we need to collect your Shipping Fee.

    So, BEFORE you can access the Pledge Manager, you need to purchase your shipping credit on

    • 1. There, please Select the Shipping Fee for your region, Add it to your Cart, Proceed to Checkout and Pay. 
    • 2. When we receive it, we will INCREASE your Pledge Manager Store Credit by the amount you just paid. 
    • 3. Then, we will give you access to the TGG2 miniatures in our Pledge Manager (PM) as per the following schedule:

    Buy Shipping Fee by June 27, 11AM GMT - Access PM on June 28, 1PM GMT
    Buy Shipping Fee by June 29, 11AMGMT - Access PM on June 30, 1PM GMT
    Buy Shipping Fee by July 4, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 5, 1PM GMT
    Buy Shipping Fee byJuly 7, 11AM GMT - Access PM on July 8, 1PM GMT

    Keep reading for more info on this.

    Pledge Manager

    → How long will the Pledge Manager be open?

    Until Monday July 11.

    → When do I get my minis?

    We will begin shipping the Freebies together with any other miniatures in stock beginning June 30th. 

    We will ship on a First Come, First Served basis. So the earlier you complete your Pledge Manager, the earlier we will ship what is available.

    Since there are so many backers, this will be spread over several days. 

    Also, as new sets of minis are regularly delivered to our offices, we may hold back your package for a few additional days if we see that some of your selection is about to be sent to us by the foundry. This way, we make sure you get as much goodness as possible in this first parcel.

    → How does the Pledge Manager work?

    The Pledge Manager is quite efficient and user-friendly, and it is set-up like a real regular webshop.

    When you sign into the Pledge Manager, you'll see that you have your very own 'Store Credit' which has been calculated just for you and is based on the amount you pledged.

    This total amount will also include the Shipping Fee that you are about to pay. At the time of checkout, you'll have to allocate this shipping amount to the shipping section of the checkout page.

    Before that, to select your reward, all you'll have to do is fill your cart with the minis that you want, and use your Store Credit to pay for it.

    If you grabbed more minis than what your store credit allows, then you'll be taken to a payment page to pay for the additional minis you chose.

    → What if I want more minis?

    If you want more minis than what your Store Credit allows you to get, that's not a problem. Just add everything you want to your cart. At checkout time, you'll first pay your total amount due with your Store Credit, then, you will be directed to a payment page to pay for the rest.

    → Where is the Pledge Manager, and how do I connect with it?

    • 1. The Pledge Manager is located at
    • 2. DO NOT create an account there. If you do, this will only slow down the process for you. 
    • 3. Once you have paid your shipping fee, we will unlock the Pledge Manager for you as per the schedule noted above.
    • 4. Only at that time will you be able to Sign In and view all the TGG2 miniatures. 
    • 5. All the information on how to sign in and use the pledge manager is here.
    • 6. Once again, remember: DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT there.

    → What kind of bases are provided with the miniatures?

    In the TGG2 Kickstarter, whenever bases are provided with miniatures, they will be ROUND bases, except for some cavalry items which will have rectangular 25x50mm bases.

    But if you need SQUARE bases, or more Cavalry bases, we've got you covered. You will be able to purchase packs of 20mm square bases, 25mm square bases, and 25 x 50 Cavalry bases right in the Pledge Manager at a super cool price. And the bigger the pack, the better the deal! You'll find them in the Add-ons section. 


    → Shipping Costs

    The shipping fee covers more than shipping. It also includes handling, packing, and packaging materials.

    As before, the shipping fee is collected upfront. Once it is paid, you will have access to the Pledge Manager according to this schedule.

    The TGG2 Shipping Fee is 

    • $13 for France
    • $22 for the European Union and UK and Switzerland
    • $25 for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Norway
    • $28 for the Rest of the World

    → I just want One Heroine. Why is my shipping so high?

    If you end up getting only one Heroine, you still need to pay for your full shipping fee. However, once your miniature has shipped, we will refund you 50% of your shipping fee.

    → 2 Shipments for the Price of 1!

    As mentioned in a previous update, to thank you for your amazing support and your patience, as the delivery of the Kickstarter Rewards will take longer than originally planned, we are offering you one extra shipment for free!

    Therefore, you'll get your hands on everything that's already available late June (which includes all the Freebies), and you'll get a second shipment when the rest of your Rewards Selection is ready.

    → Why, when I checkout at, the Pledge Manager asks me to pay for shipping since I have already paid the shipping fee before entering the Pledge Manager?

    This is normal. Once you paid the shipping fee, we added it to your total Store Credit. So, the amount you have showing as your Store Credit includes the money you paid for your shipping fee. We just need you to manually re-allocate this sum at Checkout time. (It's a bit convoluted, but there was not better solution to deal with shipping.)

    → What if I want additional shipments?

    You will be able to buy additional shipments if you don't want to wait for all your minis to be ready before they are sent to you. We will give you info on how to do this in a few weeks.

    → Drop Ships?

    For those of you who pledged on our first Kickstarter, you may wonder about the Drop Ship option. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Drop Ship option for the TGG2 Kickstarter. After careful consideration, we had to admit that the logistics of it required too many resources, and we could not afford to do it for this project. But we hope to bring this back on future Kickstarters.

    → I'm going to be away when you ship / I'm moving / I don't yet have an address for you...

    No problem. When you Checkout of the Pledge Manager, enter your address exactly this way: 

    • Name: enter Your name 
    • Street: write DO NOT SHIP 
    • City: write DO NOT SHIP 
    • Postal Code: 00000 (or any other if that doesn't work) 
    • Country: enter the country where we will ship your Rewards 

    Then, contact us when you are ready to receive your shipment and give us your correct address.

    Questions? Please contact us directly via private message, or Live Chat, or email to

    Please note, however, that as everyone worked extremely hard and non-stop to finish all the Troops, the whole team is off for the week-end and some well-deserved R&R. We will of course reply to your messages on Monday!

    TGG2 - Update #55 – (May not be SFW) Final Troops: The Centaurs + All Remaining Heroines

    Warning: New Naked Elves images below!
    FYI: The Pledge Manager is about to open. Our next Update will give you all the info you need about it.

    We are proud to announce that with this Update, all the Troops and all the Heroines are now sculpted!!!

    And as for Monsters and Machines, we only have the War Pulpit and the Altar of the Succubi to finish and they are moving well, so we expect to be able to share them with you in a few days, while the Pledge Manager is still open.

    In this Update, we've got loads of images again.
    Make sure your e-mail message is not cut off before you see them all.

    This Update features:

    • The Centaurs – Troops and Command Group (Lust Elves - SF)
    • The Centaurs – Troops and Command Group (Lust Elves - Fantasy)
    • Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine (Lust Elves – Fantasy)
    • Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine (Lust Elves – SF)
    • Varaseesh, The Venomous (Lust Elves - Fantasy)
    • Varaseesh, The Venomous (Lust Elves - SF)
    • Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim (Sisters – F/SF)

    The Centaurs – Troops and Command Group (Lust Elves – SF)

    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size



    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size





























    The Centaurs – Troops and Command Group (Lust Elves – Fantasy)

    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size



    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size






























    Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine (Lust Elves – Fantasy)







    Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine (Lust Elves – SF)







    Varaseesh, The Venomous (Lust Elves - Fantasy)





    Varaseesh, The Venomous (Lust Elves - SF)






    Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim (Sisters – F/SF)








    Well, that's it for now. The Pledge Manager is opening this week, so watch for our next Update, which will provide all the details!

    And as always, please contact us directly if you have any questions.

    TGG2 - Update #54: Draahk Chariot with Horses + Long Swords + Executrix + More Heroines

    Welcome to Update #52 for the TGG2: Light & Darkness Kickstarter campaign!
    (You can still Pledge on our special page, but hurry, there's little time left).

    FYI: The Pledge Manager is not yet opened, but it won't be long now. Pledge Manager details will be shared in an upcoming Update.

    By the way, nobody at the office like the name Ela Seraqui, so we decided to change it, and our Templar Demon Slayer is now called Mona de Costemore.

    We'll start with this model, which I forgot to mention yesterday:

    • Draahk Chariot with Horses (Dark Elves – Fantasy)

    followed by

    • The Long Swords – Troops and Command Group (Dark Elves – Fantasy)
    • Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns (Sisters – SF)
    • Templar Mona de Costemore (formerly Templar Ela Seraqui), Demon Slayer (Sisters – SF)
    • Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns (Sisters – Fantasy)
    • Templar Mona de Costemore (formerly Templar Ela Seraqui), Demon Slayer (Sisters – Fantasy)
    • The Executrix – Troops and Command Group (Void Elves – SF)

    Draahk Chariot with Horses (Dark Elves – Fantasy)










    The Long Swords – Troops and Command Group (Dark Elves – Fantasy)

    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size



    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size





















































    The Executrix – Troops and Command Group (Void Elves – SF)

    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size



    Click on image for larger size
    Click on image for larger size


































    Well, that's it for now. We still have a few sculpts to share with you, as well as info on the upcoming Pledge Manager, so watch for another Update coming soon!

    And don't forget to contact us directly if you have any questions.

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