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Update #92: And the Shipping of the First Wave Continues...

In this Update:

• Shipping is in progress
• Shipments to Drop Ship Locations
• Fun with Flags
• A quick note about spin-cast resin
• Your feedback on the first shipped TGG
• About the sculpting
• More numbers...
• Compete for an extra mini...

Shipping is in progress

First of all, and because that's probably what you're most interested in, the TGG parcels have been going out into the world ever since the close of the Pledge Manager, and we are also beginning to see some great reviews about them. This makes us very happy, as we are doing everything we can to deliver the best possible minis to you! Scroll down to read a few comments...

→ Preparing a parcel

→ Preparing a parcel

When a parcel ships out, we send you an email that lists the content of the parcel and gives you its tracking number. All parcels bear a tracking number and are shipped out with the French Postal Service and so, they will be delivered to you by your country's postal service.

The minis are carefully packed in small, sturdy boxes, together with 25mm round black bases, and a bit of reading material and also, a little bonus goodie or two... In very few cases, the minis may be packed in blisters instead of boxes. The box is then placed into a white polypropylene (plastic) un-tearable/tamper-proof envelope/bag designed for postal shipments.

→ TGG security seal and postal bag

→ TGG security seal and postal bag

Shipments to Drop Ship Locations

Parcels for the backers who chose the Drop Ship locations will not ship until the middle of next week, because there was quite a bit of info to sort out. The job was unexpectedly complicated by the fact that quite a few backers forgot to mention which Drop Ship location they wanted. We also had to contact the backers who had picked Drop Ship locations with less than 3 backers, to make adjustments. We have now received most replies though, and so we're already beginning to prepare those parcels, although you will only receive a shipping notification when they all leave for the Post Office.

For those who are curious, we have updated the list of Drop Ship Locations with the number of backers per location.

→ Quality control and picking

→ Quality control and picking

Fun with Flags

Did you know that you are part of a global community of nearly 3000 TGG backers, spread out over 53 countries?! Or is it 52? For some reason, Jersey is counted as a separate country from the UK...

Here's the list:

• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Brunei Darussalam
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Guadeloupe
• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Ireland (Eire)
• Israel
• Italy
• Japan
• Jersey
• Korea, Republic of (South)
• Latvia
• Luxembourg
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Peru
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Russia
• Singapore
• Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
• Slovenia
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• United States

A quick note about spin-cast resin

We know that the quality of the spin-cast resin was a concern for some of you, but all the comments we're receiving are extremely positive.

Just a quick reminder however, that no matter what, resin is resin. Therefore, a few tiny bubbles here and there are bound to happen. We do carefully inspect each mini before packing it and if there are bubbles, we make sure that they are minor and easy to correct, and that they don't mess with the details of the sculpt.

That being said, the first emails and internet posts of backers who have already received TGG Rewards are starting to show up! And we couldn't be more happy with them! Just read on...

→ Ready to go into the postal bag

→ Ready to go into the postal bag

Your feedback on the first shipped TGG

Even if we did everything we could to give you the best possible work, we have to admit we were holding our breath because, well, you know, the TGG are a bit like our babies taking their first steps in the outside world :)

So here's a sample of recent comments:

"hello there, i have just got home from work and pound a parcel in the house, which i have opened, and all i can say is... it was most definitely worth the wait!!! one shot blondie is now too hot blondie, the lulus are exquisite, mad nurse bernadette is awesome and the rest of the package follows suit. many many thanks for the hard work and for the lovely miniatures. You guys / gals rock." - M. Russell (via Facebook)

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the First wave of miniatures I've received. The quality is excellent and each mini is full of character, well worth the wait." - S. Chambers (via email)

"Just received the parcel and it's magic! The minis are magnificent, the details are incredible! Thank you again for your work!" (Translated from French: "Je viens de recevoir le colis, et c'est magique ! Les figurines sont magnifiques, les détails hallucinants ! Encore merci pour votre travail !") - JB Masson (via email)

"They look fantastic, really crisp and the scale is nice." - Atreides (via the KS Thread)

"The quality is very much there. The resin compares to FW's, minus the holes. OK, maybe I'm not being fair because I've never had issues with FW, but I know it's not everyone's experience." (Translated from French: "Effectivement la qualité est au rendez-vous. La résine est comparable avec celle de FW, les trous en moins. Je suis un peu mauvaise langue je n'ai jamais eu de problème avec FW mais ce n'est pas le cas de tout le monde... Bref c'est du très bon matériel") - Akeron (via le WarFo)

→ Bags and bags like this one go to the post office everyday

→ Bags and bags like this one go to the post office everyday

About the sculpting

You'll probably notice that there are no new sculpts in this Update. Right now, for us, it is regrouping time. We worked had to present as many sculpts as we could before closing the Pledge Manager. However, between the time the sculpts are shown to you and done from an artistic point of view, and the time that they are ready to go to the 3D printer, there is still a lot of additional work to be done.

Preparing the sculpts for 3D printing is an extensive process. I won't go into the nuts and bolts as it's quite tedious, but briefly, this is when we have to fuse all the parts of the sculpt together. Then, we split them according to the casting plans. This, in general, includes video chat conversations with the foundry to check what will work best. It's also at that time that we create and put the ball-joints in place for the multi-part minis, and also make sure that all the parts fit well together.

We then export the files in a format that is readable by the 3D printer, and make sure the scaling is correct.

In many cases, we first make several test prints to make sure everything is right, and do the necessary adjustments as required. As you can guess, this can take a lot of time (and it's pretty boring, too!).

Of course, this process has been going on throughout the year, but as we recently sprinted to present many new sculpts, there are now more minis than usual to process in this manner, so the bulk of our time is occupied with this, before we finalise the last remaining sculpts.

And so, to summarise, here are the remaining sculpts:

• Kiki Bulldozer (JB), the JB Mecha, Parker (JB), and Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE) are nearly done but still pose some artistic challenges which we are currently working on.
• There is also the Yaga Arushka (KST), for which we want to make a new version, and Baba Yaga (KST), who just requires a few touch-ups. • We have not yet shown you the IE and KST Trikes, but they are already virtually finished.
• The Freebies Ash (JB), Nertha (IE FF), Jaheda Kano (KST), and Nurse Karoline (KST) are almost finished too.
• That leaves the Cyberzombies (IE), and the Freebies W101 (IE), Lucky Lucy (JB), and Kristina Karlstein (IE), which still require more sculpting work.

The order in which the above minis will be finished will depend on the level of completion at which they are at, and the availability of our sculptors during the summer, as many of them are freelancers, as well as what makes the most sense production-wise at the foundry.

More numbers...

The Pledge Manager numbers are now in!

Can you believe that, thanks to you, over 85,000 TGG items are in the process of being produced? That's right, 85,000!

That's a whole lotta minis!

→ Tons of TGG girls getting ready for shipping

→ Tons of TGG girls getting ready for shipping

And that's how many bases?

Well, true, that's also a whole lotta bases too!

Indeed, while several TGG items only have 1 miniature and therefore only one base, each sniper unit contains 3 minis and so that means 3 bases, each trooper box means 5 bases, and so on...

So, pray tell, what's your best guess? How many bases should we have purchased to match these 85,000 items? Hint: It's a 6-figure number...

The backer with the nearest guess gets a bonus TGG mini!!!
Just put in your best guess/calculation/lucky number in the Comments below!

→ Pre-packing the plastic bases

→ Pre-packing the plastic bases

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UPDATE #91 – A Few Extra Details

We are now very close to the finish line, and once again, we wanted to thank you for your amazing support! It's so wonderful for us to be in contact with your passion for new characters who just sprung into existence a few months ago, and who already seem to have a life of their own. Thank you very much for that!

We are already thinking about their next adventures, and dreaming of how each of them will grow and evolve in the next coming years... Today, there's only a few sculpts left to finalise, and we look forward to seeing through production and onwards to you.

We are now very excited to be able to start shipping. We really hope you'll love them!

Shipping starting!

As the last ones are finishing their Pledge Manager selection, we are already busy preparing the first packages for shipment! We have loads of TGG girls ready to swarm all over the world!

About the Iron Empire Mecha:

There have been a few remarks that the sculpt was somehow too different from the concepts. While we can understand some of these reactions, we thought it needed some clarification.

First of all, it looks like a mix-up happened with the concept we have been working from. You would not believe how many iterations we went through for many of the Kickstarter characters, and this is particularly true for the Mechas and the Motorbikes. The one-before-last concept for the IE Mecha looked really nice, but we felt that somehow, his head mask did not convey well enough the feel of the Aegyptian background we've been working on. So we asked Alex, our concept artist, to make one final version with a funeral mask that would evoke that feeling. This took place during the Kickstarter campaign itself, and even if we were not 100% happy with the new mask, we felt it was closer to our original intent.

Fast forward several months. We start the sculpting of the Mecha, and we provide this last version of the concept as a guide for the sculptor. When the sculpted mask comes in, as we expected, it looks a bit too flat and boring, and with the Pledge Manager's close fast approaching, we try several options to make it look more tri-dimensional and imposing.

It's only after we got your feedback that we realised that the concept we posted on the Pledge Manager and on the Kickstarter page was not the final version, but the one before that.

So, what to do now? With the 150+ unique sculpts we had to work on, this mishap was bound to happen at least once... Amazingly enough, none of us noticed that we were not using the concept from the Kickstarter page... The good thing is that there have always been 3 heads planned with the Mecha kit, so we are doing the third one identical to the concept that you've all been shown. We could do the 3 heads in the style of the old concept, but other people are also telling us they prefer the new heads (as do we), and we don't want to disappoint anyone, so we'll let the first 2 heads stand.

Also, just to clarify one thing, the 2 heads shown in the past Update are not real faces, but mortuary masks, in the spirit of what is found in ancient Egyptian sarcophagi.

You may also have noticed that we slightly changed the position of the body on the Mecha, as it works much better this way in a tri-dimensional space. We definitely kept and accentuated the feel of the crucified hanging body. And for the many of you who have been wondering, yes, the body is wrapped up like a mummy, just like in the concept.

Finally, as you can imagine, since we want to keep the Mecha models as posable as possible, but since we were also in a rush to show you the sculpt before closing the Pledge Manager, we had to omit a few tubes here and there. Once we have properly cut this model and prepared an articulation system, we'll see if we can put back some of those tubes without creating posing and casting problems.

One last remark that we want to address was concerning a feeling that the IE Mecha weapons might not look aggressive enough. That's very much the reason why we've been avoiding to rush out the presentation of new models since the beginning of the Kickstarter (although we did have to rush the IE Mecha's outing so you could see it in time). We do agree that we can probably give a bit more oomph to this Mecha's weaponry. Once again, we'll see what we can do without disappointing those who like it as is.

Final version of the IE Mecha concept, the one we used for sculpting.Final version of the IE Mecha concept, the one we used for sculpting.

About Ludmilla's leg:

This is actually quite funny... Apparently, some of you are seeing her right leg as a cybernetic prothesis, which was never our original intent. But the sculptor who worked on her first also succumbed to the same optical illusion...

If you look at the concept, you'll see a white stripe running down her lower leg, and it could be interpreted as the space between 2 mechanical elements. In fact, this white stripe is just the reflexion of light on her shiny patent leather boots.

Regarding the Command Group Weapons:

Spotted a few small errors during the making of the update (probably we should eschew the 6AM Updates ….). Nothing serious, though.

First, to clarify our weapons denomination: energy or beam guns/rifles/pistols all refer to the same kind of weapon technology, that is, a weapon shooting a strong energy beam. 

You will notice that on the weapon images we issued yesterday, one rifle was called energy and the other was called beam, but this is basically the same type of weapon. 

Please note that as our upcoming game is currently being developed, these denominations are very likely to change in the future, even if the actual weapons do not.

And a special bonus for you:

Also, you will notice that on the render of the regular KST Regular Command Group, one of the girls is holding a heavy weapon similar to the one that Cruz and Aaqila are using. 

This was also an error on our end, as she should have been holding one of the heavy weapons shown on the Command Group weapon sheet. 

But this is actually good news for you! You will get an additional heavy weapon in the KST Regular Command Group box. It may actually be a Kickstarter exclusive, as we have not yet decided if that big heavy weapons will remain part of the Command Group boxes once they are released to retail.

Top of the world!

As we are now very close to completing the more demanding tasks of this Kickstarter and we feel the excitement of shipping now building up, we are keep getting more and more heartwarming messages from all of you guys! We very much appreciate it, as this year has been so intense and exhausting for the whole team. 

One of the most amazing message we received came in from SinSynn via his blog post 'I Heart Raging Heroes' this week. Not only does he captures what we're attempting to do and stand for, but he's got such a thoroughly funny and enjoyable style that it makes for a great read. Thanks SinSynn!!!

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UPDATE #90 – Latest renders + Pledge Manager Close moved to JUNE 19!

We said we would do another Update with more images before the close of the Pledge Manager. Well, the machines have been running 'round the clock to get the renders out, but nature conspired against us as well: our Sculpt Supervisor became an uncle for the first time this past week-end, and so we had to do without him for a few days...

​So, since we are publishing this Update only now, we have pushed out the close of the Pledge Manager to Thursday June 19.

Below, you will find new renders for 

- the long-awaited Necro-Priestess Nepharya (IE)
- Commander Elektra Eisenstein (KST)
- Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova (KST)
- Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov (KST)
- the KST Artilleries
- the IE Artilleries
- the IE Mecha
- the KST Motorbikes
- the IE Motorbikes
- and the KST and IE Weapons for Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

Please also note that the Motorbikes and the Artilleries all have alternate parts (heads, arms, etc.) included in every kit, which will help you customise your armies even more. Most of these elements are done, but have run out of time to be able to also render them with these alternate parts now.

The missing renders are the Jailbirds Mecha, Parker (JB), Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE), Kiki Bulldozer (JB), BabaYaga and Arushka, the IE and KST Trikes, the Cyberzombies (IE), and a few freebies. These sculpts are all very close to completion, and we will soon share them with you. 

We know that many of you have been waiting for the JB Mecha, Parker and Ilsa Wolfenstein, and we've been putting many extra hours into their sculpts, but they still need some more work. These are 3 complex miniatures. As we already mentioned in a previous update, Parker has been bugging us since the beginning of this Kickstarter. We don't want to rush her as we really intend to capture her persona and attitude into the sculpt. It's a bit the same for Ilsa, but the challenge is more about her posing, which is delicate to get perfectly right in a tri-dimensional space. Finally, the JB Mecha is the most complex of the Mechas, because all of its mechanics are uncovered and on display, and so, is a structural challenge that we need time to resolve, especially since we want to keep it as posable as possible...


NecroPriestess Nepharya: It may seem to you that Nepharya is the same miniature than the one you saw during in the Kickstarter video and on the front page. But actually, she's not quite that: many details were missing back then, and many others needed cleaning and rework. And we also slightly reworked the overall composition to make her look more powerful and more tri-dimensional.

Commander Elektra Eisenstein and her alternate version:

Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova and her alternate version:

Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov:


The KST Artillery: When we released the KST Artillery a few Updates ago, 2 servants were missing, so here is the full kit now. Also, keep in mind that each kit contains alternate accessories to customise the servants.

The IE Artillery:

The Iron Empire Mecha


For the bikers, we tried to stay true to the concept poses as much as possible. However, some of them were frankly boring, so we endeavoured to bring a bit more excitement to the mix.

Also, remember that each bike+biker kit comes with an additional head and an additional arm.

Iron Empire Motorbikes:

KST Motorbikes:


The Jailbirds have the same weapons as the Kurganova Shock Troops (Heavy and Regular):

And here are the Iron Empire Weapons for both Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

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Update #89: The Pledge Manager: It's happening! Live on the air!

Act I - Opening  

So yes, it is happening right now. Just in case you missed your personal email invite: ThePledge Manager is live!

The Pledge Manager is what allows you to tell us which minis you want.

Since we launched it, we've had great feedback, which is pretty cool because we worked hard to make it as comprehensive as possible for you. Of course nothing's perfect, but many backers have told us that they quite like it, and we've been able to quickly improve or fix any encountered issues.

There's a very complete FAQ (in English, French and Spanish) that should answer most of your questions.

Please keep in mind that the Pledge Manager will close on June 17th (more on this below).

Photo Shoot of 3D-printed MastersPhoto Shoot of 3D-printed Masters

Act II - A day at the zoo - Have a chat with the TGG mascots!

Visit the Pledge Manager and meet Harry, Jinx and Charlie!

As some of you have already experienced, there's a Live Chat feature in the Pledge Manager. You get fast and efficient answers delivered by our 3 rockstars mascots. And we love this chance to have a direct contact with you, our backers and all get to know each other a little bit more.

Here's a sample of comments you've sent our way over the past few days:

“Harry the Hippo was very helpful. I forgot to add Drusilla and Harry hopped right on it, burping all the way to get her added to my order! So far I can say they have fast quick friendly customer service! And before that I had to ask what shipping to the the US was and Harry chipped right in so I knew how much I could spend. IE Army is going to be rocking!”

“Have to say the webstore style pledge manager and live customer support is the best I've experienced from a KS. Really smooth and easy to use. Very professional :)”

“You guys are amazing. Quick response on the live chat, and problem solved. Keep up the fantastic work!”

“The attitude of RH shows their great professionalism. I'm very satisfied with their customer service, the communication and the problem solving during the postcampaign period has always been positive and fast. Now I just have to wait until these beauties (and Aleksandr) finally arrive to my hands!!”

Guess what's piling up in our stockroom?Guess what's piling up in our stockroom?

Act III – Participation

Over 2/3rds of you have already made your TGG miniatures selection with the Pledge Manager. And quite many of you could not resist going beyond their original pledge and adding a few more!

We're as excited as you probably are to finally see all of this happening and getting close to delivery. If you haven't completed your selection yet, please don't forget to do so within the next few days, since we're closing on June 17th. Spread the word with other backers, and please, if you know personally other TGG backers, drop them a line.

Act IV – Latest Drop Ship Locations

Here are the latest Drop Ship Locations who have officially confirmed their participation.
See the complete list here

• Hobby One: 7 place Saint Séverin, 4500 Huy - Tel: 085 611 333 (added May 8, 2014)

• Rocambole: 36, rue de la clef, 59000 Lille - Tel: 03 20 55 67 01 (added June 11, 2014)

• Goblin Settimo: Via Nicolò Macchiavelli 1/b, 10036 Settimo Torinese (added May 29, 2014)
• Goblin Torino: Via Barbaroux 13/D, 10122 Torino - Tel: 011/56.04.135 (added May 29, 2014) 
• Goblin Bologna: Via Cesare Battisti 3A, 40123 Bologna (added May 29, 2014)

• Goblintrader Zaragoza: Calle Jose Pascasio Escoriaza 11, 50010 Zaragoza - Tel: 976 07 85 70 (added May 13, 2014)
• e-Minis Málaga: Calle Alagón esquina con Calle Alberchen, 3 Málaga, Málaga 29006 - Tel: 952 34 83 79 
(added May 16, 2014)
• Goblintader Rivas: Calle Cuenca 4 (Entrada por C/ Pamplona), 28523 Rivas-Vaciamadrid - Tel: 912 01 95 96 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Aranjuez: Calle Florida 66, 28300 Aranjuez - Tel: 911 81 46 00 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Madrid: Calle Enrique Fuentes 22, 28026 Madrid - Tel: 910 81 08 70 
(added May 13, 2014)
• e-Minis La Línea: Calle Sol 51, La Línea, Cádiz 11300 - Tel: 956 76 63 40 
(added May 16, 2014)
• Kafrelot Wargames Aljovi, S.L.: Calle Font de Bé 14, San Joan Despí, 08970 Barcelona - Tel: 600 79 18 83 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Barcelona: Calle Girona 25, 08010 Barcelona - Tel: 934 12 73 99 
(added May 13, 2014)

United Kingdom
• Warboar Wargaming: 224 High Street, Bromley BR1 1PQ - Tel: 020 3659 3738 (added May 8, 2014)
• Pegasus Hobbies & Games: 9-13 Thomas Square, Monmouth NP25 5ES - Tel: 016 00 71 6191 
(added May 8, 2014)

United States
• Showcase Comics: Granite Run Mall, 1067 W. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063 - Tel: 610 891 9229 (added May 16, 2014)

Act V - The Pledge Manager closes...

June 17.
This is the deadline to order your minis in the Pledge Manager.

We do understand that some backers may feel more comfortable making their selection with more renders: please be assured that we are doing absolutely everything we can to add more before the close of the Pledge Manager.

With that in mind, we pushed out the last day of the Pledge Manager to June 17. This has the added benefit of having the last 2 days of the Pledge Manager on Monday and Tuesday with a fully-staffed Live Chat.

Please note that this date is firm and will not be moved again. We are strongly committed to show you as many new renders and sculpts as possible before we close, but we can't promise anything specific, since we're also really busy with finishing the entire production of the TGG on one hand, and preparing all the logistics on the other hand, in order to be ready to ship the girls to you all over the globe. But you can expect a new Update with new images before June 17.

Once again we want to thank you for your amazing support and your trust. We sincerely hope you will be delighted when you'll get your miniatures :)

Adding finishing details on a sculptAdding finishing details on a sculpt

Act VI – ... until Shipping Begins!

We will begin sorting and shipping Rewards beginning June 18! Those shipments will include yours, if:
• your Reward Selection only includes First Wave items and nothing else, or
• you chose 'Drop Ship Waves', or
• you chose 'Personal Wave Shipping – 3 Waves'. (Some Personal Wave Shipping – 2 Waves will also be shipped, depending on what's in your selection.)

Of course, many have been wondering when the 2nd and 3rd Wave will ship.
Here's the plan. I do wish to remind you, however, that this a plan and, as such, it is not cast in stone:
• The 2nd Wave is planned for late summer.
• The 3rd Wave is planned to end about two months after that.

We will do everything in our power to speed things up.

Please know that as soon as your 'order' is complete, the plan is to ship it.
We don't intend to wait until all the minis from the 2nd Wave, or all the minis from the 3rd Wave, have arrived, if we don't have to. Since the minis are slotted to arrive to our offices in a steady flown in the same manner, we plan to ship on a fairly continuous basis.

Act VII – 3D Printing

Finally, here are some recent 3D printed masters that have been sent to the foundry:


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Update #88: More Info about the Pledge Manager + New images

Here is another short update, because many things are happening around the Pledge Manager.

So first of all, please note this addressragingheroesteam at
Just replace the spaces and the word at by @.

If you have any questions about your pledge or the pledge manager, contact us there (or by Private Message via Kickstarter). We've created this email address especially to answer all of your pledge related questions.

What's going on with the Pledge Manager?

After our previous Update regarding the Pledge Manager, we received many messages asking very pertinent questions.

Some of them meant that we even had to talk again with our suppliers and our drop shippers to see how we would handle certain specific cases. So we modified a few things in the Pledge Manager itself to accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, we've just added a Live Chat to the Pledge Manager so we can answer many of your questions in real time. We hope this will give you the best possible experience with the Pledge Manager.

We are currently writing another Update that summarises all this info. The Pledge Manager will go live very shortly after you get that update.

New Images

In the meantime, we've also have made a few new images (scroll down to see them all) for the Pledge Manager. 

But first, please note that we caught a few mix-ups in the Artillery renders that you may have seen in previous Updates. Therefore, to make sure you know which Servants go with which Artillery Mount, you will need to refer to the Pledge Manager images. They will show the definitive combinations.

And now, for the images:

• The freebie Kristina Karlstein (IE) has been redone.
• Commander Elektra Eisenstein (KST) has been upgraded to a more epic look.
• Arsuhka (KST Yaga) has been completely re-created as we never thought that she was up to par with her two other Yaga sisters. Her sculpt is being redone now. 
• We've shown Heleria Drakkenfeld before, but you've never really seen her Heavy Lightning Gun.
• You'll also discover the alternate arms of Snow Ivanka......
• As well as the final version of the pilot for the KST Mecha.
• And we've also thrown in a new render of KST Sniper Karmina Noxx in the mix, just because we thought it looked cool :)


Written on May 15, 2014
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Update #87: Shipping the TGG

As we were writing up the Pledge Manager instructions, we could not help but notice that there is quite a bit of information to digest.

So before opening the Pledge Manager, we thought we should break it down and provide key information about how shipping options will be handled. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, please read it carefully.

All the information below may seem a wee bit complex, but in the end, the Pledge Manager is quite efficient and user-friendly, like a real regular webshop.

Lower price on Additional Wave Shipping

First, the good news!

We've made some calculations to offer you a better deal on wave shipping than what we originally expected. At first, every additional wave shipment was supposed to ship at full shipping prices, that is between $20 and $26, but in the end, we are going to make it work at $14.95 for everybody (except France, which unfortunately has to remain at $10).

Read on for more details on how all of this works.

How will the Pledge Manager work?

When you'll sign Into the Pledge Manager, you'll see that you have your very own 'store credit' which has been calculated just for you and is based on the amount you pledged.

All you'll have to do is fill your cart with the minis that you want, and use your store credit to pay for it.

If you want more minis than what your store credit allows, then you'll be taken to a payment page to pay for the additional minis you chose.

When the Pledge Manager goes live, if you see a problem with your account, please get in touch with me via private messages or via email (ragingheroes at and we'll find a solution.

How much will I pay for shipping?

As you know, every one must pay for the TGG Shipping Fee (except for the one-item Private Pledge). Most of you have already done this. If you haven't, you'll be able to pay it before you get access to the full Pledge Manager (see last section below).

As a reminder, the standard TGG Shipping Fee is $10 for France, $20 for the European Union and Switzerland, $23 for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Norway and $26 for the Rest of the World.

So, once you have paid the TGG shipping fee, your options now are:

• Standard Shipping
: Wait until all the minis that you want are produced, and get them all at once.

• Drop Ship Waves
: Get your shipment in 2 or 3 Waves at the Drop Ship location of your choice.

• Personal Wave Shipping
: Get your rewards in several waves by adding 1 or 2 additional Shipping Waves for $14.95 per wave ($10 for France). Keep reading to find out how you will be able to inform us of your choice.

How will Shipping work?

Case 1: You've already added your TGG Shipping Fee when you paid for your Pledge. Cool!

When you Sign Into the Pledge Manager, you will see that you have your very own 'store credit' based on the amount you pledged.

This store credit includes the funds necessary for your shipping.

Here is an example: If you pledged $50 + $23 for shipping, your store credit will be $73. With this, you can choose $50 worth of miniatures, and then you'll proceed to Check Out, where you will have to enter your address and pay for shipping, and your remaining $23 will cover that.

If you don't mentally set aside the price of shipping while you are filling your cart with minis, you will have to pay for this fee when you Check Out, with Paypal or with a credit card.

So, in our example, if instead of setting aside your $23 for shipping, you spend all your store credit (that is, $73) on miniatures, then you will be asked to pay an additional $23 at Check Out.

Case 2: You did NOT add your TGG Shipping Fee when you paid for your Pledge. No worries.

In this case, when you will first Sign Into the Pledge Manager, you will not see any miniatures... You will have to pay for your shipping first, by selecting the appropriate shipping fee. 

Once you've paid that, within 48 hours (and in most cases, much faster), we'll increase your Store Credit by the amount you just paid, and give you access to the full Pledge Manager.

Once you access the full Pledge Manager, you are then back to Case 1 above, so please review those instructions as well :)

OK, how will I tell you which shipping option I want?

You'll choose your Shipping Method when you Check Out. There, what you do will depend on what you want.

Standard Shipping (cost: standard TGG Shipping Fee)
• At checkout, in Shipping Method, choose Standard Shipping

Drop Ship Waves
 (cost: standard TGG Shipping Fee)
• Go to this page and choose your Drop Ship location
• Copy its name and address to avoid errors.
• When you are on the Check Out page, in Billing Details, enter your own details
• In Shipping Detailspaste the name and address of your Drop Ship Location(please use Copy and Paste to avoid errors)
• In Shipping Method, choose Drop Ship Waves
There must be at least 3 backers picking up their reward at the same Drop Ship location to be valid. If there are less than 3 backers, we'll have to cancel this Drop Ship location. We'll keep you informed if this happens.

Personal Wave Shipping
 (cost: standard TGG Shipping Fee+ $14.85 per wave)
• When you are on the Check Out page, in Shipping Method, check either Personal Wave Shipping – 2 waves or Personal Wave Shipping – 3 waves

• In Order Confirmation, first pay with your Store Credit, then click on Proceed to Payment to cover the cost of the additional waves.

Note: You CANNOT use your Store Credit to pay for additional waves beyond your original shipping fee. If you do, we will NOT be able to process your Pledge. You mustProceed to Payment and pay for the cost of the additional waves.

If your case is not covered here, please get in touch with me via private messages or via email (ragingheroes at


Well, there you have it. I hope it was not too tedious to read. Do you think you'll be using Standard Shipping, Drop Ship Wave, or Wave Shipping or Personal Wave Shipping?

On an unrelated topic, we had this week a good working session together with our 2 foundries. We had a very long three-way conversation. It was very enlightening for everybody as it was the first time we had the opportunity to review all together the entire production process from sculpting to packaging, rather than on one-on-one sessions. And we all discovered a few more ways to make everybody's job more efficient so that we can get the TGG out faster to you!

Sharing our three points in view, it became obvious that we are all pushing the boundaries of what can be done in miniature-making. We are all very excited about this as the results are already quite top-notch.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that at the mould-making stage, the masters used to make a production moulds have to bear up to 5 tons of pressure?

Written on May 13, 2014
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