Here's a short list of messages and comments regarding Raging Heroes miniatures:

Thanks for doing what no other company has done. – Li (Facebook)
These models are so incredibly awesome it almost hurts. – Daniel (Twitter)
These minis and concepts are so far ahead of whatever there is on the market. – Ornery Rzym (Facebook)
The TGG figures are a joy to paint every time. The brushes love to touch them! – James Wappel (Painter) (Blog)
Fantastic! Beautiful! – Daniel (Facebook)
Holy Throne that looks awesome!! – Lord Harra (DakkaDakka forum)
THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Period. – Adrian (Facebook)  


TGG2 - UPDATE #27 – Bonus Unlock + Production Update + Sculpting Workshop + Drink Mats + Angels' Weaponry...

August 06, 2015

We know how you are all eagerly awaiting the monthly Update, and it may seem like we're taking a cruel pleasure in making you linger for a few extra days before releasing this. And on top of this, this Update comes with very few images! We are really sorry about that... The truth is that the summer months are always a bit hard on the planning and scheduling. A big part of the creative team is currently on holidays, and 2 of our sculptors, Andrea and Francesca, just welcomed Gino, their very first baby, last Thursday! Nevertheless, a lot of work has been accomplished in July. The only thing missing are the images to share with you. That's because preparing... Continue Reading →

TGG1 - UPDATE #109 – Production Update + New Painted Minis + Artbook News + FAQ + Address Changes + Assembling Nepharya + ...

August 05, 2015

Dear TGG backer, with this 109th Update, the shore is in sight and we are nearing the conclusion of this first adventure together... Next month's Update should bring you the news that the last few remaining minis have been manufactured and shipped, but with this Update, already, the bulk of Rewards Selection have been shipped out to backers. If you got everything but are still waiting for the Digital Artbook, please scroll down below to the Artbook section. Don't forget that you can always keep an eye on the status of the production on this page. We update it whenever we get new stuff in, and note the date it was last modified as well. Scroll down to Wave 3: everything... Continue Reading →


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