Here's a short list of messages and comments regarding Raging Heroes. We'll update this regularly.

Thanks for doing what no other company has done. Li (Facebook)

These models are so incredibly awesome it almost hurts.Daniel (Twitter)

These minis and concepts are so far ahead of whatever there is on the market . Ornery Rzym – (Facebook

Every time I think I cannot be more amazed... I am proven incorrect. James Wappel (Blog)

Fantastic! Beautiful! - Daniel (Facebook)

Holy Throne that looks awesome!! Must... Resist... Impulse... buying.... - Lord Harra (DakkaDakka forum)

THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Period. Adrian (Facebook)  


Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG) miniatures available now! Meet some Jailbirds

December 15, 2014

Just in time for the Holiday Season, the first of the much anticipated TGG figurines (from the highly successful Raging Heroes' Kickstarter) are finally available. Today we're introducing you to a few members of the Jailbirds Family: One-shot Blondie, Yoko The Psycho, Mad-Nurse Bernadette and their mascot Harry The Hippo! These are the first 3 heroines of this army released in our webstore. And there's even more good news: a brand new website to welcome the TGG. See you there, and stay tuned for other releases! Continue Reading →

World Premiere! TGG public release on December 10!

November 29, 2014

The wait is over! You'll be able to buy the first minis from our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter on Dec 10!Pre-order your minis starting on December 5.   We know that you guys were just waiting for this: we're finally releasing for public sale the 13 first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy models. We will reveal the names and models going for public release starting tomorrow, and every day after that. So stay tuned and be ready next week, as you'll be able to order some TGG for the first time in History on December 5!If you ask our customer service and social media management what is the most frequent question we receive every day, it's simple: "When... Continue Reading →


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