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noviembre 27, 2023 5 Leer mínimo

Hey there, fellow gaming aficionados! If you've been searching for the ultimate addition to your tabletop army, prepare to be enchanted by the Dark Elves collection from Raging Heroes. Whether you're a painter, collector, or strategist, this lineup promises to ignite your imagination with high-quality gaming miniatures. Dive into a world where elegance meets ferocity, right here on ragingingheroes.com.

When we started to work on our Dark Elf army in 2013, our goal was ambitious. We aimed to create something of extreme refinement and elegance. Yet, we wanted to infuse it with a sense of extreme evil. I always focus strongly on contrast when working on characters. This tension between opposites creates an instantly captivating effect.

To achieve this, I gathered references from many different backgrounds, as I always do. A key element of the Raging Heroes design philosophy is to go beyond usual fantasy archetypes and tropes. We incorporate elements from diverse areas. These include pop culture, traditional paintings from ancient masters, high fashion design, haute couture, and architecture.

For the Dark Elves, I chose glamorous elements of Gothic fashion. This approach ensures that each character has a unique elegance. It transcends what is usually found in other miniature brands' productions. We delved deeply into each character's design, focusing on their clothing and overall look. We aimed to give them a feel as if they were coming out of a movie. My references included underground fashion, Japanese rock bands, and anime. I also drew from Scandinavian fairy tale illustrations from the 19th century.

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The mix of these diverse elements had a specific goal. We wanted to make you instantly fall in love with these characters. At the same time, we wanted to evoke a feeling that you should not approach them. Creating this tension is crucial for a faction like the Dark Elves. This approach is also something I've used with other evil characters, like the Lust Elves.

Our Dark Elf range is extensive. It offers everything needed to build a rich army. There are also unique pieces, like the insane Altar of the Succubi. This piece was designed to feel like something from a fantasy Hollywood blockbuster. I believe no miniature brand has produced such a crazy war machine. It features a flock of harpies gathering around a giant pool of blood. They are ready to devour the poor slave that a dark elf priestess is sacrificing. Meanwhile, many slaves push this gigantic, doom-gathering contraption across the battlefields.

The Dark Elves have always been a favorite of mine. It's surprising how hard it is to find distinctive Dark Elf characters in the miniature market. With this in mind, we developed something unique, beautiful, and terrifying so that you can create a very special army that will definitely stand above the rest.

Exploring the Dark Elves collection

Let’s start our exploration of the Dark Elf army with Malpheria, the Dark Elf Queen. Dynamic and elegant, she carries an aura of royal grace. She exemplifies the detailed artistry we put into our miniature sculpts, especially within the Dark Elves range.

Malpheria appeals to both painters and gamers in different ways. For painters, her intricate details offer a canvas for skill and creativity. For gamers, her commanding presence on the battlefield is unmistakable. More than a model, she's a crafted piece of art. In your collection, Malpheria is destined to shine as a standout piece.

Next, let's explore Shiveryah, a best-selling beauty available in two sizes. Shiveryah

has become a phenomenon. Available not just as an incredibly popular regular size wargaming miniature, she can also be had as a stunning 75mm collector's piece. Shiveryah embodies the attitude and spirit of our miniatures. Her design, rich in both aesthetics and strategic value, makes her an essential addition for enthusiasts.

The Blood Vestals are all about elegance and ferocity in our Dark Elf collection. It’s been said that these figures are a masterpiece of attitude and grace. Their design showcases what it means to be a Dark Elf – dangerous yet stunning. They offer a dream canvas for painters and an exciting addition for gamers, showcasing the best of fantasy miniature painting.

Recently re-designed, Lady Darkryss stands as the epitome of Dark Elf nobility. Her refined and formidable presence redefines the Dark Elf aesthetic. Exquisite and unapologetic, Lady Darkryss is a gem in our collection, exemplifying our dedication to detailed miniature sculpts.

Kaelith, the Dark Elf King, marks a bold new direction in our narrative. His introduction expands the depth of the Dark Elves' story, offering a fresh perspective. Kaelith symbolizes our commitment to creating varied and powerful characters, fusing strength and artistic expression.

Beauty in Wickedness

Our Harpies and Hellions bring a unique blend of beauty and wickedness. These

miniatures are more than just figures; they are the essence of the Dark Elves, captured in artistic form. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of dark allure to their army.

Our Blood Seekers and Nagalith Archers build upon the classic Blood Vestals and offer choices for both spear and bow enthusiasts. And our Vestal Riders add grace to combat readiness. As epitomes of strategy game miniatures, they bring richness, dynamism and lethal beauty to any battle.

Asharah and Varanith bring monstrous might to our Dark Elves. Asharah, the warrior sorceress on a Pegasus, alongside Varanith, the Draahk Rider Captain, offer a wild, reptilian edge to your army. These pieces are perfect for strategy game enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and strength.

For those drawn to darker fantasy, Arkiish and the Manticore with Lady Kashala are essential. They add majesty to the sinister beauty of our Dark Elves army.

The Altar of the Succubi stands as an outstanding centerpiece of power and narrative. Featuring a Priestess, Harpies, and Blood Vestals, it represents the artistic depth of our Dark Elves. This is the ultimate show piece, perfect for collectors seeking a focal point that blends high-quality gaming miniatures with a compelling story.

Quality and Choice

Our customers often express their appreciation for the detailed sculpts and quality of our miniatures. From collectible sci-fi figurines to fantasy heroes, our range is celebrated for craftsmanship and customer service. We are proud to deliver miniatures that resonate with our community's passion.

Our diverse universe covers both fantasy and sci-fi realms. And we often create a Fantasy counterpart to our Sci-Fi models, and vice-versa! So whether you're a fan of Dark Elves or their Sci-fi counterparts, the Void Elves, we’ve got you covered! These collectible sci-fi figurines and fantasy heroes offer unparalleled diversity and creativity for your tabletop gaming collectibles.

PS/ If you want to see a bit more, take a walk through the Dark Elves collection with Benoit, Raging Heroes' Co-founder and Creative Director

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