This model has been replaced with an updated version of the Manticore with a new rider from TGG2: Lady Kashala

A formidable beast for your evil army.
Box includes the complete Manticore, a scenic base, and the Dark Elf Kahn-Urkan rider (with separate legs for versatility).

The Manticore can be customised with our Shedu/Sphinx Head, sold separately for 6,50 Euros, or bundled with the Manticore (see drop-down menu above when purchasing).

Since 2012: The cast now features locators for easier assembly, and a slightly larger rider than before, to better scale with your gaming armies.

Orange image shows the 3D-printed resin master. Black and white images show 3D renders. Actual casts are exactly the same, thanks to the sophisticated 3D printing technology we now use. Other images show the cast miniature.

· 28mm scale
· Fits on a 40mm base (sculpted resin base included, plastic 40mm base not included)
· 140mm high with 170mm wingspan
· Separate rider's legs: Kahn-Urkan's legs and torso are separate to allow you to only use the legs if you so do wish and fit whatever torso you see fit.
· The rider is completely separate from the Manticore so you can choose to go riderless if you wish
· NOTE: The additional Lamassu head featured in the video above is not currently available in compliance with GW's demand.

Complete your army with Heroic Kahn-Urkan, a great general for Dark Elves, Vampire and Chaotic armies, or go all out with Legendary Kahn-Urkan as a fantastic demon or god avatar.

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Collections: - Fantasy, Complete Collection

Category: Monster

Army: Dark Elves (DE)

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