The von Königsmark Limited Edition Box


Save almost 3 Euros when purchasing the 3 von Königsmark sisters,
and on top of that, get three exclusive bonuses:
• Walter, their Renaissance dog,
• a crossbow for Gretchen,
• a war hammer for Brunhilde.

Don't miss out! Limited Edition! Only 1000 available!

35,95€ (~ US$47 / £29 / AU$46 / CDN$46)

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See each von Königsmark separately:
• And check out their descendants for SF: Malinka, Ivanka and Olga Kurganova.


• 28mm scale
• Fit into a regular unit on square 20mm bases (included)
• White metal
• Each von Königsmark sister has her own motto written on the back of her coats.
   For more info: Gretchen / Hildegard / Brunhilde

You can download a larger image of the Ltd Ed.


Designed by Benoit Guerville, Mireille Frenette and Jean-Romain Barrau. Sculpted by Benoit Guerville and Jean-Romain Barrau.