Our 10 Blood Vestals now on Preorder

posted March 23, 2012

We are proud to announce that our 10 Blood Vestals are now available for pre-order!

Limited Introductory Offer
By popular demand, we have EXTENDED our special low launch price reserved for an additional 100 Blood Vestals boxes and 25 Command Group boxes.
We extended it because several people wrote to us and said that had missed the opportunity because they had not connexion over the weekend, so we thought it would be nice to take that into account and extend it to the workweek...

The Command Group box contains 1 Heroine, 1 Musician and 1 Standard Bearer as well as 2 additional Warriors.

The Blood Vestals box contains 5 more different Warriors. 

Together, the Blood VestalsCommand Group total up 10 different characters.
They are 28mm scale and an excellent fit with most major Fantasy games.
Each Blood Vestal is a one-part metal cast.

Thank you for your feedback!
We not only worked non-stop this entire week to finalize our Blood Vestals and have them available for pre-order this weekend, but we also spent much time reading all your comments on our blog and on other forums, and have taken them to heart. Several topics were recurrent, so we've specifically addressed them below.

Proportions and scale
After your massive feedback asking for 28-30mm scale minis, we have scaled our Vestals accordingly.
Many were also concerned about proportions and the head size, and we worked hard on this as well to get the best possible balance between true scale and heroic proportions so that the minis can make a good fit with the minis you already own, and we are pretty happy with what we've achieved on this.

We feel they will now fit extremely well with the industry's Fantasy games.

Based on some of your comments, we have carefully selected which Vestals would go into the command Group, and which would be in the Troops box.

We chose the more dynamic poses for the Troops.
You'll also notice that several of the characters in the Troops box have their arms and weapons away from their body. This gives you the option of slightly bending them or even replace weapons to create new poses.
And three of the five Vestals have a pose that is more of a profile view. This allows you to have them looking to the right, the left, or straight ahead, depending how you position them on their base.

As for the two soldiers in the Command Group, they have more hieratic, still poses that we felt worked well to add charisma to the Command Group.

Uncovered breasts
We were completely taken by surprise by the strong reactions this topic generated, particularly since major industry players have always and continue to produce bare-chested ladies (such as GW harpies played in Dark Elf armies).

Nevertheless, we studied several options to try and keep everyone happy. The only option that could have worked for us was to produce optional armoured caps to glue on the breasts, but then, we realized that they would have been about 1,5mm wide and pretty much unworkable. A tiny bit of greenstuff will do a much better job.

It is now certain that we will produce a science-fiction version of this unit. We will soon post an online questionnaire on our blog to get a more precise feedback in terms of equipment and accessories for them.
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  • when will they ship?

    Posted by tom on April 21, 2012

  • These models are lovely, just gotta wait for payday :(

    I’m surprised you’ve decided to make these in metal, according to reliable rumour sources GW already have Witch Elves made in plastic, awaiting for the release end 2012-2013.

    Personally I’d rather buy plastic over metal any day however have you considered making these in resin?

    Posted by Chris on April 03, 2012

  • Fantastic work!Every dark elf general needs a proper regiment of these deadly lasses.

    Posted by David on March 31, 2012

  • Looking forward to the Sci-Fi versions for the Dark Eldar players. The sooner you get the ball rolling on that one the better!

    Posted by Pete on March 27, 2012

  • Please make de SF versions the same style so we can mix’n match.

    Posted by Frits Kuijlman on March 27, 2012

  • @Kal: Done!
    Limited Launch Deal is now EXTENDED !
    You were right, we should have thought about people logging in from work.

    Posted by Raging Heroes on March 27, 2012

  • So, does it mean that you’re planning more miniatures for us perverts? :) maybe special version of 7 sins?

    Posted by Helbrass on March 26, 2012

  • wow. I log in on Friday evening to see if the pre -order special has started. No it hasnt. I log in first thing on Monday moring and its over already. Colour me disappointed. Ah well no reason to order anything now until. April.

    Posted by Kal on March 26, 2012

  • Just ordered my 6 boxes last night! Great stuff and I noticed you put Australian prices up too!! Thanks for that. Looking forward to these turning up!!

    Posted by Gareth Pannan on March 26, 2012

  • Fantastic!
    Just ordered my first 8 boxes (+ Ivanka for my IG).

    Thanks for listening to our suggestions.

    The result has definitive raised the bar for the competition. AoW might compete with multipart plastic ones – and GW by releasing the official plastic choice – but I find it hard to believe that they could ever best you at the sculpt, especially since multipart will also mean some restrictions in pose (although Felix, Jes and Juan might surprise me).

    As of today the Blood Vestals reigns supreme among the Witch Elves of Naggaroth.

    Posted by Magnus aka kendoka on March 25, 2012

  • @David: No worries, it won’t be random.
    What you see on the image is what you will get in each box.

    Posted by Raging Heroes on March 25, 2012

  • I’ve been waiting to order these since the 20th and by gosh is that an easy way to blow a wad of cash.

    May I ask, with the command boxed set, are the normal witch elves random or will they be the ones features in the photograph? The reason I ask is i’d hate to think i’d only be getting one version of the vestal you put up as a teaser.

    Very happy with all these and I hope they are a big hit for you as a company. I can’t wait to get my brush around them now and see what the kit is capable of.

    Posted by David on March 25, 2012

  • Thank you also for the feedback to our feedback.

    I am very much looking forward to the Sci-Fi version. I’m still holding out for sculpted bras on the ‘Not-Wyches’ but if the actual models are as good as the images posted then your company has done a great job.

    Posted by Zoatibix on March 25, 2012

  • Ordered one box of each!

    Posted by Zoatibix on March 25, 2012

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