Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh, Fantasy version (LE - F) - Raging Heroes

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Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh, Fantasy version (LE - F)

Fantasy version: Standing 90mm tall, stunning demonic princess Yscarloth is a striking miniature. The part that actually touches the ground is 70mm long by 50mm wide, so she will fit perfectly on a 100mmx50mm base.  From leftmost to rightmost tentacle/hand, she spans 120mm wide...

"Between magic and darkness, beauty and horror, from the Lust Elves twisted minds, where physical boundaries are none, a princess is rising. Yscarloth, the Harvester Of Flesh is graciously yet lethally parading on the battlefield. Her hunger for life is never satiated. And those who fall for her are forever prisoners of her unholy embrace."

Note: no base is provided for this model

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 30mm Heroic scale: they will fit very well in all popular miniature wargames.

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