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Towering Presence Pack (LE)

SAVE ON THIS PACK instead of getting each of these separately.

Save with this PACK which includes Lady Taïpahn, Queen Taïpahnand Avatar of Taïpahn.Use the drop-down menu to select the Fantasy or the Science-Fiction version of Lady Taïpahn.

Pack includes:

  • Lady Taïpahn, (your choice of the Fantasy or Science-Fiction version).

  • Queen Taïpahn, Mistress of Slither:
    "Effortlessly slithering through the battlefield among her victims’ corpses, Queen Taïpahn glides toward victory with disturbing grace. Her infernal beauty strikes awe into the most hardened hearts as her venomous and fragrant touch makes the flesh of her enemies wither and shrivel and die. What a demented yet glorious sight....".
    Standing 11cm tall, the insanely beautiful and deadly Queen Taïpahn is a terrifying demonic princess.

  • The Avatar of Taïpahn:
    “All Lust Elves are able to shape shift in a way or another. When they conjure the vastness of their immense powers, the Houses' Lords and Mistresses reveal themselves in their true demonic and gigantic size. In that form, they are called Avatar as they embody the full supernatural essence of the Lust Elves.".
    And get this: she is 233mm tall!!! That's nearly 9.2 inches!

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is about 32mm Heroic: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Comes with 1 x 25mm + 1 x 50mm round bases. There is no base for the Avatar: minimum base size would be 90mm.

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