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RAPID Fire Packs (SoEM - SF)

SAVE with these Packs featuring the Revengers!

Choose your Pack :
  • A: Revengers + New Exemplar Sisters + Leariah St Clair + Excelsiel the Immaculate
  • B: Revengers + New Exemplar Sisters
  • C: Revengers + Leariah St Clair + Excelsiel the Immaculate

The models:

    • The unbelievable Revengers:
      - 1 Captain with Chainsword
      - 2 Support Cherubins for better damages
      And mix 4 heavy Sisters with your favourite weapons:
      - 1 Heavy Fusion Gun
      - 2 Heavy Submachine Guns 
      - 3 Heavy Flamethrowers

    • The new version of the Exemplars Command and Troop:
      These models are all different from the old version:
      - New Heads and Faces: Reworked sculpts for each trooper.
      - New Size: this new version is 35 mm(previous version was 30).
      - More Details: each mini has more details, including an updated armor and clothing.
      - Bulkier: The models are bulkier and larger than the previous version.
      - Easier to build: After reading your feedback, we decided to attach the legs and torso to make the assembling faster and easier!
      - And one all-new Cherubin: We've added one exclusive brand new Cherubin for this box!
      Read more details about all the upgrades in this post.

    • Leariah St Clair, Arch Canoness.

Finely crafted in resin. The Scale is 35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 1 x 30mm round bases (Leariah or Excelsiel), 11 x 30mm round bases (Exemplar Sisters), 7 x 30mm round bases (Revengers).

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