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Paladin Force Pack (SotO – F)

SAVE ON THIS PACK instead of getting each of these separately.

Pack contains 36 minis: 10 Holy Blades All-Stars + 10 Consecrated Sisters + 10 New Angels + 6 Mounted Knights. 

It includes the Holy Blades All-Stars COMMAND Group featuring these 5 outstanding models:

And the Holy Blades All-Stars Troops featuring these 5 fierce Paladins:

The new version of the Angels Command Group and the Angels Troops:

  • These models are all different from the old version:
    - New scale: this new version is 32 mm.
    - More Details: each mini has more details, including an updated armor and clothing.
    - New wings: better details and bigger size.
    - New spears: more detailed and beautiful.

  • 5 Consecrated Sisters - COMMAND Group: 5 Multiparts Troopers, All-Different, include 1 Champion, 1 Banner, 1 Musician (includes 5 helmeted heads, 5 hooded heads, 1 extra torso, 1 Extra Sword, and 1 extra arm).

    5 Consecrated Sisters - TROOPS:5 Multiparts Troopers, All-Different (includes 5 helmeted heads, 5 hooded heads, and 1 extra weapon).

    3 Mounted Knights - COMMAND Group:3 Multiparts Mounted Knights, All-Different, including 1 Champion, 1 Banner, 1 Musician, and 3 life-like Horses

    3 Mounted Knights - TROOPS:3 Multiparts Mounted Knights, All-Different - Ball-joint assembly for customization, and 3 life-like Horses.

    Finely crafted in resin. The scale is 30-32mm scale: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 10 x 25mm round bases  + 10 x 30mm round bases + 6 rectangular cavalry bases (25x50mm).

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