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Eurianne and the Sacred Knights Packs (Sisters - F)

3 Variants: Scroll to CHOOSE your Pack

This pack includes our all-new Sister Eurianne des Greant, the leader of the Sacred Lancers!

Choose your variant :
  • A: Eurianne + Sacred Lancers + Holy Blades + New Angels
  • B: Eurianne + Sacred Lancers + Holy Blades
  • C: Eurianne + Sacred Lancers
Packs feature:

  • Our Brand new Sister Eurianne des Greant on Hippalectryon is the leader of our Sacred Lancers. With her winged stallion Hippalectryon, she flies over the battlefield and strikes attacks from the air with speed and efficiency, leading her companions into victory.

  • The new Sacred Lancers Command Group and the Troops:
    These brand new Sacred Lancers are an improved version of our former Mounted Knights:
    - New Size: this new version is 35 mm(the previous version was 30).
    - Horse Design: improved design for a more realistic result!
    - Models Recuts: less parts so easier to build!!
    - New Bases: Biggers models mean more space, now these models are on 50mm bases!

  • The outstanding Holy Blades Command Group and Troops

  • The new version of the Angels Command Group and the Angels Troops: These models are all different from the old version:
    - New scale: this new version is 32 mm.
    - More Details: each mini has more details, including an updated armor and clothing.
    - New wings: better details and bigger size.
    - New spears: more detailed and beautiful.

  • Finely crafted in resin. Scale is about 30-35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Includes 10 x 25mm round bases (Holy Blades); 10 x 30mm round bases (Angels); 7 x 50mm round Bases (Eurianne and Sacred Lancers).

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