75mm Best Seller Heroines Box (Mixed - F/SF) - Raging Heroes

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75mm Best Seller Heroines Box (Mixed - F/SF)

The best package to collect and paint miniatures - SPECIAL LAUNCH DEAL!!!

75 mm is a perfect size!

In this perfect package, you'll find:

- Snegurochka Tall 75mm (LotF - F)
Coming from our Heroes Infinite (3D printables) collection "Land of the Frost", she is one of our most popular and demanded models to paint.

- Esperanza Espinosa Tall 75mm (DoC - SF)
She is the unshakable leader of the Command Group for the All-Stars Daughters of the Crucible

- Shiveryah Tall 75mm (DE - F)
Introducing Shiveryah in 75mm, a beautiful Dark Elf miniature.

Our pieces are perfect for painting and collecting from the biggest to the smallest size. This collection is a paradise for painters and collectors alike—it's the best gathering of our finest 75 mm pieces.

Finely crafted in resin.