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Raid our Vaults and Name your Price

Raging Heroes' treasure vaults have been broken into! Raid our webshop and get the deal of your life! But hurry up, enforcers are closing in and this won't last. So put everything you can in your cart, then make an offer to our negotiators and see what deal you can get!

  1. Grab what you want:
    Loot the webshop. Put all the things you want in your cart (except already discounted Packs and Boxes - those are locked and secured in a special chamber)

  2. Identify yourself:
    Proceed to checkout and go through all the checkout steps, then stop when you are asked to pay (you don't need to leave this page open once you are done)

  3. State your demands:
    Once this is done, you are ready to negotiate.
    Fill the form below and click SUBMIT to make us an offer we can't refuse on how much you would like to pay. Negotiators only care about the big stuff, so make sure YOUR OFFER IS ABOVE 200€ (US$230 / 175£). Offers below that won't be considered, we don't negotiate with amateurs ;)

  4. Negotiators are standing by:
    Our negotiators will review your offer and we'll quickly get back to you. If it is approved, we'll send you a link back to your cart and a personalized discount code valid for a day.


  • Special Packs and Character/Heroine Boxes are already discounted so they are NOT part of this offer. The Mantis TGG2 are also excluded, as they have their own special offer
  • All Troops and Command Groups ARE part of this offer.
  • Your original cart MUST be over 200€ / US$230 / 175£
  • We'll do everything we can to answer to your offer promptly.