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Tvůj vozík je prázdný

Jsi tu nový?

Welcome in the Raging Heroes Tribe!

Je tu hodně co absorbovat, takže jsme si mysleli, že z vašeho života budeme trochu snadnější a poskytneme vám přehled o našem rozsahu a možná odpovíme na některé z vašich otázek.


What to do with Raging Heroes minis?

Raging Heroes minis are 30mm collectible resin (and sometime metal) miniatures. They are perfect to use in your favorite wargame, role playing game or for painting and collecting.

They make some awesome alternative characters and troops to give your army an unique personality.


How do they compare in size with other brands?

Raging Heroes minis fit just right with most current wargames, here is an image for size comparison.



I see a lot of images of 3D sculpts on your site. Do the minis look the same as the 3D images?

Když jsme založili zuřící hrdiny, hledali jsme 2 roky po celém světě, abychom našli ty pravé 3D tiskárny, aby 3D tisky dokonale reprodukovaly všechny vyřezávané detaily. You can judge for yourself on the image below, what you see on the 3D image is exactly what you get as a miniature.



Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide in just a few days. Our shipping is fast, reliable and cheap. As an example, if you live in the US, you’ll get your parcel in 5 to 8 days. We ship hundred of parcels every week.




Who are these characters and how to find my way in the shop?

95% of our models belong to our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG) range. The TGG are the most badass female warriors you can think of. There are several armies / factions in the TGG range, available in Sci-Fi or Fantasy.


  • The Kurganova’s Shock Troops (KST) are inspired by 20 century soviets and have a very contemporary feel and are also reminiscent from movies like Starship Troopers. They also use cyber-shamanic magic and many of them can turn into werewolves.


  • The Iron Empire (IE) troops and characters are inspired by Prussian / German from the early and mid 20th century. They are the crazy "nazi zombies from outer-space", elegant and evil looking. They field a lot of cybernetised zombies and use Egyptian themed necromancy.


  • The Jailbirds (JB) are inspired by 80’s movies characters like Rambo, Aliens’ Vasquez and Mad Max. Big mouthed and super badass, they are very colourful characters with a more american vibe.


These 3 armies are perfect for you if you are looking for Imperial Guard style type of troops and leaders. But they are also full of interesting characters that can be used in a wide variety of armies and roles.

 But now, let's move to more gothic stuff...


  • The Dark Elves (DE) are, well… Dark Elves :) But we probably have the most beautiful female dark elves you've ever seen.



  • The Lust Elves, for Sci-fi a Fantazie, are the most seductive and twisted pleasure demon creatures you can think of. There is nothing comparable on the market!


To learn more about the TGG, go here.

We also have a few Vampires, Wood Elves, Imperial Knights, Chaos Demons and an Orc. And we also have a few 45mm scale minis ;)



Here is the kind of things our clients do with our miniatures - Here, a Sestry věčného milosrdenství armáda.


Do you have a game?

Our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy game has been in the works for several years now and it will soon launch on Kickstarter. We are also working on several other game project taking place in the TGG universe or in some other settings.


Check out the community

We have nearly 49 000 fans on Facebook AND we have a super friendly closed Painting Group that keeps on growing every day. Click to learn more about the Raging Heroes Community,


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