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Kabal Assault Packs (VE - SF)

3 Variants: Scroll to CHOOSE your Pack

This pack includes our brand new heroine Anakriah and New Version 2021 Skaarlys and Skinners.

Prepare the your Void Elves raid with one of our variant :

  • Variant A with 48 Models :Skaarlys + Anakriah + Skinners + Blood Vestal SF + Hunters + Executrix + Stingray SF
  • Variant B with 42 Models: Skaarlys + Anakriah + Skinners + Blood Vestal SF + Hunters + Executrix
  • Variant C with 22 Models: Skaarlys + Anakriah + Skinners + Blood Vestal SF

Packs feature:

  • Anakriah the Dissectrix :
    Anakriah is our all-new void elves heroine, she's dark and twisted in the most gruesome way as she relishes in torturing her victims. A true alchemist that can alter victims body parts and shape them at will to later use them as assets on the battlefield.


  • Skaarlys :
    She used to be a metal miniature but she is now available for the first time in resin!
    The new 2021 version is even more fabulous: her outfit and weapons have been reworked and polished for a striking end result. 
    She's still customizable and can either carry a fan or a pistol on her right arm and a whip or a sword on her left arm.


  • All New Skinners Command Group and Troops:
    The Skinners have been one of our best-selling units since we’ve launched them. But they always felt a little bit frail to us so the design team revamped them to look even better. They are now more imposing, while still retaining their deadly elegance. At 35 mm high, they are on par with the current market standard size and scale. They are recut, with less parts they are so easier to build!! These 10 Skinners are all different from each other:
    • Including one champion
    • 10 helmeted heads and 2 additional special rifles
    • easy to assemble


  • Blood Vestals Command Group and Troops:
    This is the TGG2 Edition of the Sci-Fi Blood Vestals Troopers.
    These 10 Multiparts Models are all different from each other.
    All parts are swappable, with ball-joint assembly for infinite customization.
    Box includes 1 Champion, 3 Weapon Specialist, 10 bare heads and 5 heads with gazmask.


  • Hunters Command Group and Troops :
    10 Multipart swappable with ball-joint models.
    In Hunters mind, the first line is the real battlefield. They are prepared to killed anyone on their way with elegance and accuracy.


  • Executrix Command Group and Troops :
    10 Multipart swappable with ball-joint models.
    They fall on their enemies with brutality and blood lust, one look is enough for petrified with fear the bravest heroes in the universe.


Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 30-35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 10x25mm (Hunters, Executrix, Blood Vestals, Skinners) round bases, 1x30mm (Anakriah, Skaarlys) round bases and 6x40mm (Stingray) round bases.