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Minions Pack - Easter 2019 Limited (Sisters - F/SF)

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SPECIAL DEAL when you purchase this box instead of each mini individually. Grab it now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the only pack to get Kwapek & Egg: all other Easter Packs feature Kwapek & Dragon.

While "Kwapek & Dragon" won the community vote for the Easter Collector Miniature 2019, a lot of you also wanted "Kwapek & Egg": that's why we decided to release it as well, but ONLY in this Easter Minions Pack. This way you can get both collector Kwapeks!

In this pack :

  • All 7 Minions. Loosely inspired by the paintings of  Hieronymus Bosh, these gorgeously designed little Demon Familiars do the Sisters's bidding. They are called Babush, Beedle, Kapok, Krudle, Kwapek, Otto, and Nope
  • Kwapek & Egg - Easter 2019 Limited Edition *** ONLY IN THIS PACK! ***

These minis are finely crafted in resin, except otherwise noted. Scale is 30mm Heroic: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 8 x 25 mm round bases.

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