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Towering Might Pack (LE - F/SF)

SAVE ON THIS PACK instead of getting each of these separately.

Save with this PACK which includes Avatar of Taïpahnand Avatar of Shaah.

Pack includes:

    • The Avatar of Taïpahn:"All Lust Elves are able to shape shift in a way or another. When they conjure the vastness of their immense powers, the Houses' Lords and Mistresses reveal themselves in their true demonic and gigantic size. In that form, they are called Avatar as they embody the full supernatural essence of the Lust Elves."
      And get this: she is 233mm tall!!! That's nearly 9.2 inches!

    • The Avatar of Shaah: "Towering over the battlefield, radiating hypnotic scents and irresistible auras of lascivious seduction, the Avatar of Shaah mesmerises her enemies and entrances her followers." 
      As she majestically walks into the fray, it feels like the apocalypse would be the most beautiful thing you could ever witness… Take note: From floor to highest point: 200mm!!!

Finely crafted in resin. No base is provided for either Avatar: Shah will fit on a 130mm oval base and Taïpahn on a 90mm base.

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