WINTER PACK - Jailbirds : Daughters of Anarchy - Raging Heroes

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WINTER PACK - Jailbirds : Daughters of Anarchy

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What's in the pack:

NOTE: Please note that all rider's heads and arms use the same customisable ball-joint assembly system as the other TGG minis (e.g. troops, bikers, etc.) so with these packs you can easily create a highly customised unique biker gang for your army! Add in a command or troops box and you've got almost endless options!

All the minis are in resin. 30mm scale. No bases are provided for the Warbikes and Trikes models. Bikes will fit on a 60mm elliptical base. Trikes will be more comfortable on a 70mm base. 

Most of the equipment the Jailbirds use is scavenged from the battlefield, or looted during raids on enemy caches and stores. But when it comes to bikes, the Jailbirds trust no one but themselves! Over time, they've developed their own highly customised models, with each one carefully set up for its owner.

These amazing machines tend to be pretty wild on the battlefield. With the biker girls blazing down an enemy's flanks leaving havoc and chaos in their wake, they distract their foes just long enough for the heavily armed trikes to roll up and mow down anyone left standing!

(We nicknamed them the Rambettes.) They were the ones that started it all. They are a bunch of low-life bad-ass big-attitude girls who all ended up in planetary prison held by the Kurganov government. In the game, they will be used as small penitentiary contingents led by the Kurganova Shock Troops, or as a full autonomous faction (because, as you can easily imagine, many of them have escaped captivity).
They are commando-style units with nothing to lose, and they specialise in acquiring enemy equipment for their own purposes.